MyCharge Provides Power When You Need It Most

Here at Baseball America, we know a lot about power. Whether it’s the bats of Giancarlo Stanton or Bryce Harper or Aaron Judge, or the big fastballs of Aroldis Chapman, Thyago Vieira or Zack Burdi, we know power. More than knowing power, we need power. For our phones, our iPads and our video cameras. Sometimes, though, when we’re on our second or third games of the day, we need a little boost.

That’s where the MyCharge RUGGEDPOWER+ comes in handy. Lightweight and portable, the MyCharge provides a quick, convenient bolt of juice for all of our portable gadgets through its pair of USB ports. Phone down to its last few bits of battery? Plug it into the MyCharge for a few minutes and you’ll have enough juice to last the rest of the day. In the sixth inning of your third game of the day and your camera is running out of battery? The MyCharge has your back.

To refuel the MyCharge, use the 2.4A output cord provided and simply plug it in to any outlet that can accommodate a USB port. The MyCharge provides three times the power to most devices, and its hard rubber shell means it’s resistant to dirt, water and shock.

Personally, I’ve used the MyCharge several times this season when I needed to recharge my phone after hours of tweeting, browsing the Internet and taking video of players to post on social media. If long days on a field are in your immediate future, the MyCharge RUGGEDPOWER+ might be just the device for you.

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