MLB Trade Central 2001

The deadline for trades without waivers arrived at 4 p.m. Eastern on July 31. But Trade Central will stay open for business, analyzing any waiver deals that transpire afterward.

August 6 • Acevedo changes addresses again
Marlins get RHP Juan Acevedo, Colorado
Rockies get SS Josue Espada, Colorado Springs (AAA)
August 2 • Cards, Padres swap costly veterans
Padres get OF Ray Lankford, St. Louis
Cardinals get RHP Woody Williams, San Diego
July 31 • Giants make another bullpen move
Giants get LHP Jason Christiansen, St. Louis
Cardinals get RHP Kevin Joseph, Fresno (AAA)
player to be named or cash
July 31 • Dodgers add another reliever
Dodgers get RHP Mike Trombley, Baltimore
Orioles get RHP Kris Foster, Las Vegas (AAA)
C Geronimo Gil, Las Vegas (AAA)
July 31 • Urbina reinforces Red Sox bullpen
Red Sox get RHP Ugueth Urbina, Montreal
Expos get RHP Tomo Ohka, Pawtucket (AAA)
LHP Rich Rundles, Augusta (A)
July 31 • Dodgers make minor bullpen upgrade
Dodgers get LHP Terry Mulholland, Pittsburgh
Pirates get RHP Mike Fetters, Los Angeles
LHP Adrian Burnside, Jacksonville (AA)
July 31 • Braves opt for shortstop insurance
Braves get SS Rey Sanchez, Kansas City
Royals get RHP Brad Voyles, Greenville (AA)
2B Alejandro Machado, Macon (A)
July 31 • Astros nab Williams for bullpen depth
Astros get RHP Mike Williams, Pittsburgh
Pirates get RHP Tony McKnight, New Orleans (AAA)
July 31 • Astros win Astacio sweepstakes
Astros get RHP Pedro Astacio, Colorado
Rockies get RHP Scott Elarton, Houston
player to be named
July 31 • Indians think Bradley has game
Indians get OF Milton Bradley, Ottawa (AAA)
Expos get RHP Zach Day, Buffalo (AAA)
July 30 • Twins sacrifice offense for pitching
Twins get RHP Rick Reed, Mets
Mets get OF Matt Lawton, Minnesota
July 30 • Hitchcock returns to Yankees
Yankees get LHP Sterling Hitchcock, San Diego
Padres get RHP Brett Jodie, Columbus (AAA)
OF Darren Blakely, Tampa (A)
July 30 • Cubs deal again, add Weathers to pen
Cubs get RHP David Weathers, Milwaukee
RHP Roberto Miniel, Beloit (A)
Brewers get RHP Ruben Quevedo, Iowa (AAA)
OF Peter Zoccolillo, Daytona (A)
July 30 • Hot Giants get even stronger
Giants get RHP Jason Schmidt, Pittsburgh
OF John Vander Wal, Pittsburgh
Pirates get OF Armando Rios, San Francisco
RHP Ryan Vogelsong, Fresno (AAA)
July 28 • Twins make curious move for Jones
Twins get RHP Todd Jones, Detroit
Tigers get LHP Mark Redman, Minnesota
July 27 • Redundant players change teams
Giants get RHP Wayne Gomes, Philadelphia
Phillies get OF Felipe Crespo, San Francisco
July 27 • Bullpen additions cost Phillies Chen
Phillies get RHP Turk Wendell, Mets
LHP Dennis Cook, Mets
Mets get LHP Bruce Chen, Scranton (AAA)
LHP Adam Walker, Reading (AA)
July 27 • McGriff finally agrees to join Cubs
Cubs get 1B Fred McGriff, Tampa Bay
Devil Rays get RHP Manny Aybar, Iowa (AAA)
SS Jason Smith, Iowa (AAA)
July 26 • Baldwin replenishes Dodgers staff
Dodgers get RHP James Baldwin, White Sox
White Sox get LHP Onan Masaoka, Las Vegas (AAA)
RHP Gary Majewski, Vero Beach (A)
OF Jeff Barry, Las Vegas (AAA)
July 25 • Lopez joins Arizona rotation
Diamondbacks get RHP Albie Lopez, Tampa Bay
C Mike DiFelice, Tampa Bay
Devil Rays get LHP Nick Bierbrodt, Arizona
OF Jason Conti, Tucson (AAA)
July 25 • Athletics make major addition with Dye
Athletics get OF Jermaine Dye, Kansas City
Royals get SS Neifi Perez, Colorado
Rockies get 2B Jose Ortiz, Sacramento (AAA)
OF Mario Encarnacion, Sacramento (AAA)
LHP Todd Belitz, Sacramento (AAA)
July 24 • Big Cat heads to San Francisco
Giants get 1B Andres Galarraga, Texas
Rangers get OF Chris Magruder, Fresno (AAA)
RHP Todd Ozias, Shreveport (AA)
LHP Erasmo Ramirez, Shreveport (AA)
July 23 • Mets, Phillies swap backup backstops
Phillies get C Todd Pratt, Mets
Mets get C Gary Bennett, Philadelphia
July 20 • Cubs hope Tucker adds offense
Cubs get OF Michael Tucker, Cincinnati
Reds get RHP Ben Shaffar, Daytona (A)
RHP Chris Booker, West Tenn (AA)
July 19 • Ochoa trade creates job for Dunn
Rockies get OF Alex Ochoa, Cincinnati
Reds get 2B Todd Walker, Colorado
OF Robin Jennings, Colorado
July 10 • Padres acquire Brown from Pirates
Padres get OF Emil Brown, Pittsburgh
Pirates get RHP Shawn Camp, Mobile (AA)
OF Shawn Garrett, Lake Elsinore (A)
June 30 • Yankees bolster bullpen with Wohlers
Yankees get RHP Mark Wohlers, Cincinnati
Reds get RHP Ricardo Aramboles, Tampa (A)

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