Kyle Glaser MLB Trade Deadline Preview Chat

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Kyle Glaser: Hey everyone, Happy Monday. It was definitely an interesting Sunday, and there’s a lot more to come. Let’s get started

Joey (Queens): 

    If the Met’s are really going for it now, they should go get Trout. Would Ronny Mauricio, Andes Giminez and Syndergaard get it done? Or would the Mets have to throw in Edwin Diaz too?

Kyle Glaser: Here I thought the extension would finally end the speculation the Angels would ever move Trout. Apparently I was wrong. The answer is no, that would not get it done. It would have be something absolutely, overwhelmingly jaw-dropping for the Angels to ever trade Trout – something at a level no team would ever actually part with because it would probably cripple them.

Jim (KC): 

    What’s the maddest you’ve ever been on a baseball field? Could you imagine throwing a ball over the wall like Bauer??!?!

Kyle Glaser: Well, I got ejected for the first time in my life earlier this year (I still play in a Sunday men’s wood bat league). I was pitching, the strike zone got so bad at one point I told the ump he should be ashamed of himself and it kind of escalated – I’m not proud of it, but it happened. Truthfully, in the heat of competition and being upset, what Bauer did doesn’t completely shock me. There’s a little more self-control that needs to be there – which he openly acknowledged – but most competitive people have at some point been mad enough they could at least conceive of doing something like that, even if they didn’t. Not the best look, but he owned up to it, which is important.

Old Timer (Raleigh): 

    Is the Thor to the A’s trade rumors much ado about nothing? I can’t see the A’s mortgaging the future on a pitcher with some question marks. Thoughts? Thanks.

Kyle Glaser: The A’s have the pieces to potentially do it if they wanted. At the same time, what isn’t getting mentioned enough is Syndergaard’s ERA has been rising for three straight years, to go with his increasingly concerning injury track record. The trend line is not going in the direction you want (kind of like Archer a year ago). Any team giving up a haul has to believe they can fix Thor, and guys you think you can fix aren’t the guys you should give up a haul for. It’s an interesting conundrum I’ll be curious to see shake out.

Bill (The Big A): 

    Where are the trades? I was promised trades

Kyle Glaser: Stay tuned over the next 48 hours. They’re about to come hard and fast.

Daniel (Hayward): 

    Did the Mets corner the market on SP or did they shoot themselves in the foot in trading Thor/Wheeler by getting a good deal for Stroman?

Kyle Glaser: A little bit of both. They got an excellent pitcher without giving up a Top 100 prospect, which is a trade you can’t pass up. They also just made it difficult to argue they should get anything close to multiple Top 100 prospects back for Thor given they didn’t give up even one for Stroman, who while older and signed for one less year, has been the vastly superior pitcher to Syndergaard in the context of current performance.

Hoon (Seoul, Korea): 

    Are the Giants going to trade Bumgarner, Will Smith, and others eventually?

Kyle Glaser: It really just depends on the quality of the offers they get. If the best they get for Bumgarner is something akin to the Cole Hamels package a year ago, the right call would absolutely be to keep him and go for it. There is no reason to punt on the season for something as inconsequential as that return. If they get something like the Darvish offer from two years ago – a nearly big league ready Top 100 position player prospect and two interesting lower level prospects – they should probably make the deal. Same for Smith – it just depends on the quality of the offer they get. Given they’re both rentals and teams have become less willing than ever to trade any prospect worth acquiring for a rental, there’s at least a 50 percent chance they both stay put.

Steve (Ohio): 

    I haven’t heard many firm rumors around Puig – the Indians seem like a perfect fit though. He gets traded, right?

Kyle Glaser: I’m wondering why the Indians haven’t acquired Corey Dickerson already. That’s the obvious one.

Steve (Detroit): 

    Why wouldn’t the Tigers trade Boyd when his value is at his highest? Keeping him is a risk for injury, (ala Fulmer) and Tigers aren’t ready to win for at least 3 years.

Kyle Glaser: Again, it just depends on the offer they get. If it’s a good offer, sure, don’t shy away. But it’s not irrational to see Mize and Manning on the way, Fulmer coming back and Turnbull continuing to grow and add Boyd to it and use that rotation as an anchor to grow with over the next three years. Should they hold onto Boyd for dear life and not trade him under any circumstances? No. But arguing they should just trade him because his value is highest isn’t correct either. The offer has to be right.

santiago (Baltimore): 

    What are realistic returns for Mychal Givens?

Kyle Glaser: An interesting guy or two in a team’s Top 30. Like their Nos. 19 and 27 prospects, or something to that effect. Nothing elite, but some pieces who could maybe help or grow into more down the road.

Neil Huntington (Pittsburgh): 

    What should I get from the Dodgers for Felipe Vazquez?

Kyle Glaser: Keibert Ruiz and one or two of their many interesting guys in the 15-30 range of their system.

Rob (Seattle): 

    If the Padres packaged a few of the guys that likely don’t have a long term fit with the team like France, Naylor, maybe Austin Allen and Margevicius, could they get back a pretty decent rotation arm? Definitely not Thor but a 2-3 WAR guy with 2+ years of control left? Do other teams knowing the Pads have a 40 man crunch devalue these guys for leverage in consolidation type trades?

Kyle Glaser: Opposing teams don’t value France, Allen or Margevicius much, independent of future 40-man roster considerations facing the Padres. Naylor would be the one to bring back something decent.

Rob (Seattle): 

    It’s been suggested by some pundits that Urias isn’t enough of a headliner in a deal for Thor or other top flight talent. That’s insane, right? He’s a near unanimous top 30 prospect even if he isn’t the sexiest profile. Expect the Padres hold onto him?

Kyle Glaser: Well if the Mets are truly asking for guys at the Kirilloff/Lewis level as reported, then it’s correct that Urias isn’t enough to be the headliner in their eyes. But in the end, expect the Padres to hold onto him. They need Urias (and his on-base skills) if they legitimately want to contend next year, although he’s got some things to work on. Just with the way their organization lines up and their desired timeline to competitiveness, trading him doesn’t fit.

Sad Ranger (TX): 

    I’m so bummed. Does the Stroman move ruin the return for Minor? Does being left handed give Minor more value?

Kyle Glaser: So, keep in mind the Blue Jays didn’t get completely hosed here. The deal is understandable from both sides. The Mets got one of the best starters on the market without giving up any of the prospects at the very top of their system, while the Blue Jays needed young arms and got two very good ones, even if they aren’t Top 100 at this exact moment in time. If the Rangers similarly get two very good pitching prospects for Minor, it wouldn’t be a bad deal.

Rob (Seattle): 

    In your mind do the Padres have enough in Lamet, Qaunt, Lauer, Luchessi, Paddack, Allen and soon Gore to hold pat for SP at the deadline and have a strong rotation in the coming years?

Kyle Glaser: Gore, Paddack, Lamet, Lucchesi, Quantrill/Lauer wouldn’t be a bad rotation, but it wouldn’t be playoff caliber in 2020. You’re also assuming perfect health for Gore and three Tommy John recoverees (Paddack, Lamet, Quantrill), never a guarantee. Adding a frontline SP would help get the Padres there sooner, whether they make that addition at the trade deadline or in the coming offseason. That’s the reasoning and isn’t faulty.

Daniel cohen (Tampa): 

    Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for the Yankees or another NL teams to try for Caleb Smith? 4 years of control- fully healthy 11k per 9 wouldn’t cost Yankees Garcia- Miami would take Frazier andujar and prospect. Same goes for teams looking for pen help. Trevor Richards wouldn’t cost as much as Lopez he can pitch a few innings in playoffs in addition to relief wrk. These guys cost nothing for 4 years. Seems more logical then higher priced rentals for a year or two. Thoughts?

Kyle Glaser: Frazier, Andujar and a prospect would be a lot to part with for Smith, but I get what you’re getting at. Yes, the Marlins have some really interesting young major league pitchers they could deal, although they also want to build with and around those guys. It would be an interesting well for teams to draw from.

Aaron (Cincinnati, Ohio): 

    With how Yasiel Puig has been playing of late, what kind of prospects do you think he could bring back in a deal for the Reds? Thank you for your time.

Kyle Glaser: JD Martinez brought back Sergio Alcantara, Dawel Lugo and Jose King….and that was at a time teams were willing to pay higher prospect costs for big leaguers (and rentals) than they are now. Puig isn’t bringing the Reds back much unless Nick Krall plays the greatest game of poker ever and leverages teams against each other to epic proportions.

CJ (Houston): 

    Are the Astros too protective of their prospects?

Kyle Glaser: No more than any other team. Teams are clutching their prospects right now more than ever before. On the whole, it has gotten overprotective and a smart team will take advantage of it.

Derek Parker (Maryland): 

    Why does it seem RPs probably are the position that will have the highest number of turnover the next 2 days? Low cost for a big difference possibly or what?

Kyle Glaser: There’s more of them on the market than any other position and it’s cheaper to bring in relief help than acquire a big-time starter

Rick M (Walnut Creek): 

    Can the Giants top the Jays return for Stroman in a MadBum deal?

Kyle Glaser: No because Stroman is under contract for a year and a half and Bumgarner is a free agent at the end of the year.

Matt (Va): 

    What kind of return could you see Dylan Bundy and/or Trey Mancini bringing the Orioles?

Kyle Glaser: Bundy wouldn’t bring back much. Kevin Gausman brought them back very little last year as a better pitcher with the same amount of years of control left at the time. It’ll be something, but not much. Mancini is a really good player and would make a great addition to a lot of clubs, but with how much teams de-value righthanded corner power bats, I’m not sure the Orioles get an offer convincing enough to trade him. He’s worthy of a very, very good package, but I’m not sure they get it, and if they don’t, they shouldn’t move him.

Adam (Atlanta): 

    What would it cost for the Braves to get Syndergaard?

Kyle Glaser: Given the Mets’ reported asks – and especially because they’re in the same division – Cristian Pache and Ian Anderson would seem to be the starting point, which would very, very hefty given where Syndergaard is actually at as a pitcher right now. If the two teams were to strike a deal I don’t think it would actually settle there, but Braves fans shouldn’t delude themselves into thinking they could get Syndergaard cheap. It would be very costly.

Pat D (Napa): 

    Giants need another run producer to help their chances for wild card spot does Puig or someone like Mancini make sense ?

Kyle Glaser: That would certainly be wild if the Giants turned around and began buying – especially if they got Puig and put him and Bumgarner in the same clubhouse. That’d be epic. But anyway, Puig would make more sense just because they could probably acquire him without giving up any prospects that would significantly hurt their future outlook. Mancini would be more costly and it certainly doesn’t make sense for the Giants right now to trade a whole lot from their system.

Matthew (Toronto): 

    Any guesses as to what level of prospect Eric Sogard would have netted?

Kyle Glaser: Not really. Obviously won’t be a haul or anything, maybe two semi-interesting lower level guys. We shall see in due time.

Kyle Glaser: Alright everyone, looks like that’ll do it for today. Thanks for chatting, and enjoy the next few days

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