Kissimmee Picks Fire Frogs

After moving from Brevard County to Kissimmee, the team formerly known as the Manatees obviously needed a new name and identity.

On Wednesday night, they got both.

Presenting, the Florida Fire Frogs.

Besides the new name, the Fire Frogs have a new affiliate as well. After 12 years with the Brewers, the team signed a four-year Player Development Contract on Sept. 16. The Braves, whose high Class A affiliate played the past two seasons in the Carolina League, now have their high Class A club and spring training complex within 20 miles of one another. The Braves train at the Wide World of Sports on the campus of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla.

The name was chosen from a group of six finalists voted on earlier in the year. To refresh your memory, the choices and the rationales behind them went like this:

Dragonflies: Known for their resilience and fighting spirit, a name among the likes of these prehistoric Florida insects falls in line with other wacky names in Minor League Baseball.

Toucans: The Florida Toucans celebrate the area’s tropical climate that the world “flocks” to (more than 66 million visitors a year in fact!). Imagine steel drum bands, tropical shirts, and an umbrella in your favorite ballpark drink.

Mud Kickers: In a nod to Osceola’s strong heritage, the Mud Kickers will help preserve two great American traditions—baseball and rodeo. Saddle up, and let’s play ball!

Fire Frogs: Going head-to-head with our “coqui” is not for the faint of heart. These fiery frogs are sure to bring the Florida heat to the opposition and will be sure to leave our fans hopping for more.

Sorcerers: The Florida Sorcerers speak to the region’s strong entertainment industry. Fans can expect an enchanted ballpark where the mystical forces of good and evil come to life.

Rodeo Clowns: The Rodeo Clowns commemorate the world famous Silver Spurs Rodeo. So grab your hat and boots and join the team for an experience more fun than a barrel of Rodeo Clowns.

The Fire Frogs will begin their first season in the Florida State League on April 6 against the Daytona Tortugas at Osceola County Stadium.

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