Justin Coleman Top MLB Prospects Chat (7/3/19)

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Justin Coleman: Ok everyone, let’s chat!

Bob (Durham): 

    Who are some prospects that haven’t gotten a lot of love this season, but you think could have big second halves?

Justin Coleman: I think Trent Grisham falls into this category. He has a draft pedigree and is quite physical, with his power really starting to show. He knows the strike zone and is trending positive. In a very stacked Rays system, I feel as though Vidal Brujan can get overlooked from time to time. Really toolsy, on-base machine and plus-plus type of speed. Still think there can be more power in the tank from him as well.

Doug (Toronto): 

    What MLB players will fetch the best realistic return at the deadline?

Justin Coleman: I’m probably going with Mad-Bum and Zack Wheeler. Good pitching is usually premium in the marketplace, but once again, its all a question of supply and demand. Who decides to go for it? Any new injuries pop up over the coming weeks? Those are questions that will obviously dictate a lot.

Jarred (Jersey): 

    What’s up with Jazz Chisholm this year?

Justin Coleman: Very good question– just looked at the numbers. Pitching in the upper minors is an adjustment, and he is still showing power. He has had some highish strikeout numbers in the past, but the rate is much higher this year. I will be curious to see how his second half plays out and if he is able to make the adjustments necessary to produce more contact.

Ken (Lakewood CA): 

    Love the prospect chats. Thanks. I’ve been following 2 catching prospects – Andrew Knizner (STL) & Austin Allen (SD). Both are in AAA, have made brief appearances for their big league teams and appear to be bat first type catchers. You guys at BA talk with scouts and organization folks. Are either of these two projected to be full time MLB catchers at some point according to BA sources? Thanks.

Justin Coleman: I think both can be big leaguers, I think it depends upon the future role. Allen hit well in AAA, but I don’t think thats a future full time backstop (possibly a backup, offense over defense type). Knizer moves well enough back there and his arm plays, but its the bat that I think holds more value for him moving forward. Not a lot of pop but uses the whole field.

Old Timer (Raleigh NC): 

    Should I believe in Jorge Mateo’s performance or is that performance more a product of AAA Las Vegas and the superball? Thanks.

Justin Coleman: Mateo is a great athlete, and is taking a more polished approach to how he plays this year. Not as many little mistakes in the field and is letting the game come to him. The maturity is helping him produce. Of course the PCL is an offensive-oriented league, but the adjustments Mateo is making should land him on Oakland’s roster sooner rather than later.

V (Canada): 

    Do you think nate pearson can sneak into the top 10

Justin Coleman: Top 10 for the Jays? Sure. Top 10 in the minors? Prettttty close, but no.

Don (St Louis): 

    Is Elehuris Montero ever coming back?

Justin Coleman: I’m not too worried about him. That’s a big jump– bat should come around over time, just a question of if he sticks at 3B or needs to move to 1B.

Brad (NJ): 

    What can you tell me about a few other lesser known SP, like Connor Menez, and Aaron Ashby?

Justin Coleman: Ashby is fun. I think his approach is a bit different this year– going after guys with his heater more often, not trying to trick guys with secondary stuff early. He is filling up the zone consistently, hence the success he has had.

Travis (Omak, WA): 

    What is Jake Frayley’s ceiling in the majors?

Justin Coleman: Well, his swing changes have allowed him to just hit..and hit…and hit some more. Is he going to hit lefties better down the road? We will see… I think the ceiling is a solid ML outfielder, but time will tell.

Travis (Omak, WA): 

    How worried should I be that Kyle Lewis never reaches his potential? Still seems to have too much swing and miss without enough power to make up for it.

Justin Coleman: He did deal with some injury stuff last season. Now he is getting consistent reps and hitting the ball with very good exit velos. Still think there is time to get around to his power that he showed as an amateur.

Wander Franco #1 fan (Wander Franco (unincorporated)): 

    When does Franco make his MLB debut? After debuting in 2019, when does he win his first MVP? After winning his first MVP in 2020, how many does he eventually win? After winning 24 MVP awards, will he receive 100% of the Hall of Fame vote in 2050? Thanks, expectations are slightly low

Justin Coleman: Wow… talk about low expectations here. Probably wins like 30 MVPS. They will rename the HOF after him as well, just an FYI. You are also light on his HOF voting– I think he gets 204.5% of the vote, and thats just being fair. Best guess for debut: 2021.

Tom (Augusta,GA): 

    Why does Taylor Trammell keep falling in the top 100 rankings?

Justin Coleman: I think this is just a context thing. Making the adjustment in AA, power is still developing. He has made some strides defensively as well.

Santiago (Maryland): 

    Hey, who do you believe have the highest ceilings in the Orioles farm system? Has Yusniel Díaz’s profile changed much?

Justin Coleman: Mr. Rutschman has the highest ceiling, and I also think Grayson Rodriguez is making good strides. Diaz’s absolute ceiling is an above-average ML outfielder, but he has obviously had a lackluster season at AA thus far.

Old Timer (Raleigh NC): 

    What do you make of Brian Howard. Could he help the A’s this year?

Justin Coleman: Howard is a CT/SL guy that tops out near 93. He has some feel for pitching, which could allow him to help Oakland in a swingman type of role later on in the season.

Devin (NYC): 

    What is the long-term expectation for Kelenic? As a Mets fan, how sad will I be?

Justin Coleman: Probably a first division starter. Not sure if its a CF or RF profile, that is still up in the air I think.

Zak (Boston): 

    Any concerns about Jarren Duran’s struggles after getting promoted to AA?

Justin Coleman: Nope. Just an adjustment to pitching I’d say. Elite speed, good on-base guy with some easy pop. Can play CF too.

Mary (Alberta): 

    Eric Pardinho made his debut this week. What’s his prognosis for the rest of the year and what are realistic expectations for him?

Justin Coleman: I still think its a mid-rotation type of profile. So young, not many innings built up.

Michael (Highland Park): 

    What is the early ceiling looking like for a very young George Valera?

Justin Coleman: Premium corner bat. Had some injury issues last year, but really exciting player.

Matthew (Toronto): 

    Has opinion changed on Nate Pearson’s control? Also, has he improved his secondaries at all? He’s made quite a jump in the rankings, so I was wondering if that’s simply because he’s finally healthy and playing.

Justin Coleman: Throwing more strikes, healthy, premium FB velo and his SL has ticked up. That combo caused his ranking to jump.

Logan Field (Michigan): 

    Thank you for doing this! A couple questions, how far is Daz Cameron from the top 100? Is Riley Greene a top 50 prospect? Who is a sleeper prospect that could crank the top 100 later in the year? And lastly how many prospects form the draft do you expect to crank the top 100? Thanks for your time!

Justin Coleman: You are welcome, thanks for the questions. Cameron has been on the brink of the top 100 from time to time. Greene a top 50 guy off the bat? Not so sure if he is in that bucket just yet for me. Great upside, advanced bat. A player to keep track of, no question. How many draft guys will crack the top 100? The top few for sure- Rutschman, Witt Jr, Vaughn etc. Be sure to keep up with the updates! 🙂

Jimmy (San Diego, CA): 

    Is Miguel Vargas a legit dude? How high can he rise on future top 100 lists?

Justin Coleman: There is a hit tool for sure. Still really young, but doesn’t look to have the tools to stick at 3B long term. Might need to move across the diamond down the road… if he does, not sure the hit tool profiles over there.

Nick (NJ): 

    How would you rate the Mets system now with additions of Baty, Wolf, and Allan? How much better would they be with Kelenic and Dunn?

Justin Coleman: At a glance, I think it could be in the top 20 bucket. Mauricio and Kay are moving forward, Alvarez is off to a good start as is Freddy Valdez. Gimenez has hit a bit of a speed bump, though still pretty young for that league.

Rick (Walnut Creek): 

    Does Marco Luciano have Wander Franco upside?

Justin Coleman: Luciano has upside for sure… I don’t think its in the Franco territory though.

Brad (NJ): 

    thoughts on Keller? what is his upside and most likely outcomes?

Justin Coleman: I know he had been hit around in his few big league innings, but the profile is still the same: mid-rotation with a shot to be at the front of it.

jim (New Jersey): 

    Which organizations excel at talent identification and development internationally? Where does Philadelphia fall?

Justin Coleman: This is an interesting question. When I think of international development, it removes the notion of signing bonus and prospect status at time of signing. Of course the big bonus kids get the recognition, but as far as making the most of the market place and developing talent? I think Tampa and SD stick out a bit.

Logan Field (Michigan): 

    Is Jasonn Dominguez a top 100 prospect?

Justin Coleman: No. He is close I would think, but not yet.

Matt (DC): 

    Will Galvis need to be traded before we see Bichette in Toronto?

Justin Coleman: Bichette has had some injury stuff to deal with this season. No need for them to force him into the big league lineup at the moment. They can slow play it as he gets more reps at AAA (where he is performing well at, btw).

Zak (Boston): 

    With recent graduations, I’m curious to see how you’d rank these 3 players; Vlad Jr, Tatis Jr, and Wander Franco?

Justin Coleman: Thats a tough one. Hmm. If I’m starting a team, give me all three!

Justin Coleman: Alrighty everyone, thanks for the great questions! Have a Happy 4th! Till next time-Justin

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