Junior Caminero Goes First In 2023 Lidom Draft


Image credit: Junior Caminero (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

Rays third baseman Junior Caminero has been one of the breakout stars of the 2023 MiLB season, which was apparent once again on Sept. 13.

Caminero, who ranks fifth on the current Baseball America Top 100 Prospects list, was the No. 1 pick of the 2023 Liga Dominicana draft.

The other Top 100 prospect to be drafted was Red Sox outfielder Miguel Bleis (#73 on the BA Top 100), who missed most of the year after having shoulder surgery and was drafted in the third round.

Other notable prospects who heard their names called include:

– Dodgers catching prospect Thayron Liranzo, who slugged 24 doubles and 24 home runs in just 94 games with Low-A Rancho Cucamonga

-Orioles catching prospect Samuel Basallo, who spent all of 2022 in the Florida Complex League but raced from Low-A to Double-A this season, clubbing 25 doubles and 20 home runs in 111 games entering play Wednesday.

– Cubs shortstop Jefferson Rojas, who was jumped to Low-A Myrtle Beach after just one game in the Arizona Complex League. He hit 14 doubles and seven home runs in 70 games.

– Astros outfielder Luis Baez, Orioles lefthander Luis De Leon and Red Sox righthander Yordanny Monegro, all of whom made this year’s list of the 20 best prospects in the Florida Complex League.

Round 1
Leones — Junior Caminero (Rays)
Toros — Thayron Liranzo (Dodgers)
Estrellas — Jansel Luis (D-backs)
Gigantes — Carlos Jorge (Reds)
Aguilas — Rafael Morel (Cubs)
Licey — Samuel Basallo (Orioles)

Round 2
Leones — Hector Rodriguez (Mets)
Toros — Onil Perez (Giants)
Estrellas — Christian Cerda (D-backs)
Gigantes — Agustin Ramirez (Yankees)
Aguilas — Angel Genao (Guardians)
Licey — Luis Baez (Astros)

Round 3
Leones — Josue De Paula (Dodgers)
Toros — Allan Castro (Red Sox)
Estrellas — Miguel Bleis (Red Sox)
Gigantes — Jefferson Rojas (Cubs)
Aguilas — Jose Devers (Guardians)
Licey — Cristian Hernandez (Cubs)

Round 4
Leones — Luis De Leon (Orioles)
Toros — Stalin Polanco (Pirates)
Estrellas — Christopher Familia (Yankees)
Gigantes — Enmanuel Terrero (Pirates)
Aguilas — Wilfredo Lara (Mets)
Licey — Michael Arias (Cubs)

Round 5
Leones — Yordany De Los Santos (Pirates)
Toros — Rayne Doncon (Dodgers)
Estrellas — Ricardo Yan (D-backs)
Gigantes — Benony Robles (Dodgers)
Aguilas — Lizandro Rodriguez (Royals)
Licey — Yordanny Monegro (Red Sox)

Round 6
Leones — Yoniel Curet (Rays)
Toros — Jhancarlos Lara (Braves)
Estrellas — Deivy Cruz (Orioles)
Gigantes — Jose Corniell (Rangers)
Aguilas — Jose Fleury (Astros)
Tigres — Juan Nuñez (Orioles)

Round 7
Leones — Sauryn Lao (Dodgers)
Toros — Aneuris Rosario (American Association)
Estrellas — Felipe De La Cruz (Mets)
Gigantes — Luis Velasquez (Yankees)
Aguilas — Leandro Lopez (Rangers)
Tigres — Armando Vasquez (D-backs)

Round 8
Leones — Joel Hurtado (Angels)
Toros — Patricio Aquino (Brewers)
Estrellas — Henry Baez (Padres)
Gigantes — Walbert Ureña (Angels)
Aguilas — Edwin Nuñez (Cardinals)
Tigres — Maxwell Romero Jr. (Nationals)

Round 9
Leones — Francis Peña (Padres)
Toros — Denzer Guzman (Angels)
Estrellas — Jerming Rosario (Dodgers)
Gigantes — Wilkin Ramos (Mets)
Aguilas — Jhon Garcia (Red Sox)
Tigres — Adrian Rodriguez (Rangers)

Round 10
Leones — Gerlin Rosario (Rays)
Toros — Yerlin Rodriguez (Brewers)
Estrellas — Hancel Rincon (Cardinals)
Gigantes — Victor Acosta (Reds)
Aguilas — Juan Benjamin (Guardians)
Tigres — Jordy Vargas (Rockies)

Round 11
Leones — Emmanuel Reyes (Royals)
Toros — Brayner Sanchez (Orioles)
Estrellas — Maick Collado (Guardians)
Gigantes — Alberto Pacheco (Rockies)
Aguilas — Roy Garcia (Cardinals)
Tigres — Edgar Portes (Orioles)

Round 12
Leones — Alimber Santa (Astros)
Toros — Bryan Magdaleno (Rangers)
Estrellas — Yovanny Cruz (Cubs)
Gigantes — Marino Santy (Cubs)
Aguilas — Layonel Ovalles (Mets)
Tigres — Reynaldo Yean (Dodgers)

Round 13
Leones — Yeison Morrobel (Rangers)
Toros — Luis Torres (Angels)
Estrellas — Cristopher Barete (Rays)
Gigantes — Yaqui Rivera (Orioles)
Aguilas —Nelson Medina (Yankees)
Tigres — Felix Cepeda (Red Sox)

Round 14
Leones — Jarlin Susana (Nationals)
Toros — Stanley Consuegra (Mets)
Estrellas — Armando Cruz (Nationals)
Gigantes — Jordany Ventura (Mets)
Aguilas —Chris Brito (Atlantic League)
Tigres — Ariel Almonte (Reds)

Round 15
Leones — Ambioris Tavarez (Braves)
Toros — Leoni De La Cruz (Atlantic League)
Estrellas — Anderdson Rojas (D-backs)
Gigantes — Jorge Juan (Athletics)
Aguilas — Jorge Bautista (Braves)
Tigres — Dante Mendoza (Pirates)

Round 16
Leones — Yorlin Calderon (Yankees)
Toros — Manuel Mercedes (Giants)
Estrellas — Listher Sosa (D-backs)
Gigantes — Yosy Galan (Rangers)
Aguilas —Albertson Asigen (Red Sox)
Tigres — Luis R. Rodriguez (Mets)

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