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How Rapsodo Data Can Help Identify Prominent Pitchers, Hitters In 2021 MLB Draft

Today’s Tech In Baseball podcast has a draft theme. Baseball America executive editor JJ Cooper talks with Rapsodo’s Analytics Manager Nicholas Rossini. The pair discuss how data can help decipher which pitchers and hitters have traits that will transfer well from high school and college baseball to the pros.

After explaining what Rapsodo tracks and how RapScores work, Rossini dives into the data to explain why some top-rated and some lesser-ranked draft prospects could stand out. 

Near the top of the draft, Miami (Ohio)’s Sam Bachman is a pitcher whose stuff jumps off the spreadsheet. It’s the quality of Bachman’s fastball and slider that stands out. Bachman ranks 14th on the BA 500.

He’s far from the only notable prospect to stand out. The entire podcast can be listened to here:


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You will notice RapScore’s included in this year’s BA 500 draft rankings. Eighty-five percent of Baseball America’s Top 500 MLB prospects use Rapsodo data for player development and evaluation. In collaboration with Driveline Baseball, Rapsodo developed RapScore as a standard scale for scouting and recruiting. Utilizing the principles of the 20-80 scale and the verified data collected by Rapsodo’s technology, RapScore provides a quantifiable way to compare athletes of all ages. Players that complete a Rapsodo Certified Assessment receive a RapScore and are listed on the Rapsodo National Player Database.

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