How Important Is Bat Speed For MLB Hitters?


Image credit: Giancarlo Stanton has the highest average bat speed in the majors in 2023. (Photo by Bob Kupbens/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Over the past two decades, the rise of technology has allowed baseball to quantify the previously unquantifiable. First, it was fastball velocity for every MLB pitch. Then it was spin rate and pitch movement. Then came exit velocities, sprint speed and arm strength.

Now, it’s bat speed.

This season, MLB has begun measuring the bat speed for every big league hitter on every swing, which means we can start to discern just how important and effective bat speed is for a hitter.

For years, teams have used sensors placed on the knob of the bat to measure bat speed and a variety of other metrics. Previously those sensors were not allowed in MLB games. Now, the league is using its visual tracking suite of high-speed cameras to measure in-game bat speed.

As has been true with many of the other metrics that have been added to Statcast, bat speed is something that has been long evaluated by scouts. With that in mind, we begin this study with a pretty strong foundation of what to expect. Bat speed, much like fastball velocity, is something where more is almost always better, but blazing bat speed alone doesn’t guarantee a hitter success.

Gary Sheffield is often cited by longtime scouts as having some of the best bat speed of the past 40 years. His bat was so fast that he deliberately added length to his swing with a bat point and waggle to keep from being too fast. That bat speed helped him produce a batting title, 509 home runs and a Hall of Fame case.

But Lastings Milledge, the Mets’ 2003 first-round pick, was noted for his exceptional bat speed when he was coming through the minors. His MLB career lasted just 433 games.

So how does that scouting wisdom hold up?

New MLB Bat Speed Data Only One Piece Of The Puzzle

Bat speed is extremely valuable. But when it comes to big league hitters, it’s just one of multiple foundational aspects of hitting.

Fastest Average Bat Speeds

Here is the list of the 25 fastest average bat speeds for MLB hitters (minimum 70 plate appearances).

PlayerAvg Bat SpeedAvg Exit VeloAVGOBPSLG
Giancarlo Stanton77.
Franchy Cordero74.591.
Mike Trout73.891.9.263.367.490
Joey Gallo73.793.177.301.440
Elly De La Cruz73.791.
Ronald Acuña Jr.73.694.8.336.417.584
Aaron Judge73.597.3.261.394.600
Sam Hillard73.392.
Yordan Alvarez73.293.3.301.415.588
Byron Buxton7391.
Jake Bauers 72.990.
Riley Greene72.991.6.288.349.447
Shohei Ohtani 72.894.4.304.412.654
Luis Robert Jr.72.888.9.270.323.553
Pete Alonso 72.789.8.224.329.530
Riley Adams 72.789.9.273.331.476
Matt Wallner72.690.5.218.345.467
Triston Casas 72.691.4.262.364.488
Julio Rodriguez72.693.2.283.339.495
Christian Walker 72.587.9.266.340.509
Daulton Varsho 72.587.
Brett Baty72.589.
Oscar Colas 72.588.
Manny Machado72.490.7.251.315.448
Matt Olson72.494.6.277.384.603

The top of the list is unsurprising. Giancarlo Stanton has been hitting tape-measure home runs for more than a decade. He has the second-highest average exit velocity (93.9 mph) of the Statcast era (2015-present). He’s topped only by Aaron Judge (95.6 mph average exit velocity), who also cracks the top 10 for bat speed.

As you can see, having a fast bat generally leads to significant power. The top three home run hitters in 2023 are among the top 25 in average bat speed.

But it’s also apparent that massive bat speed doesn’t guarantee a slugger can hit. Three of the four fastest average bat speeds in 2023 have batting averages of .200 or below. The median batting average for the top 25 is .251, just above the MLB average of .249. The median .329 on-base percentage is eight points above the .321 MLB average. But the .476 median slugging percentage is 50 points above the league average of .416.

Slowest Average Bat Speeds

What about at the other end of the scale? Here are the 25 lowest average bat speeds.

PlayerAvg Bat SpeedAvg Exit VeloAVGOBPSLG
Nolan Schanuel59.785.270.418.286
Luis Arraez60.588.1.349.391.448
Steven Kwan61.
Nicky Lopez61.
Tony Kemp61.886.6.215.310.308
Hanser Alberto62.384.
Nick Madrigal62.386.5.265.314.356
Whit Merrifield62.485.281.324.396
Josh Donaldson62.592.
Luis Urias 62.584.3.179.319.291
Geraldo Perdomo 62.585.3.261.366.381
Joey Wiemer62.689.
Travis Jankowski62.785.3.266.354.336
Tucker Barnhart 62.887.202.285.257
Myles Straw 62.986.
Christian Vazquez63.
Mark Mathias
Nick Allen
Curt Casali
Connor Capel 63.386.4.260.372.329
Anthony Rendon 63.590.1.236.361.318
Luis Guillorme63.686.238.304.347
Alex Call63.686.8.196.302.295
Dominic Smith 63.786.260.330.347
Johan Rojas63.786.7.243.306.333

The adage continues to hold true: As a hitter, you’d rather have bat speed than not. If you don’t, there are still ways to succeed, it’s just going to be a tougher path, and power will likely not be a part of your game.

Of the bottom 25, the median batting average is .232, the median on-base percentage is .314 and the median slugging percentage is .329. All three are below MLB averages. Having a slow bat and struggling to hit often go hand in hand.

But the bottom 25 also includes some of the best pure hitters in baseball. Marlins second baseman Luis Arraez is an example of how a hitter can succeed with a slower bat. Arraez has the second slowest average bat speed in the majors, and he’s going to win a second straight batting title. Steven Kwan’s numbers have regressed this season, but he’s a productive hitter with below-average power. The same can be said for Whit Merrifield.

These are average bat speed readings, so this also in some ways measures how often hitters truly let loose in their swings versus using a more controlled swing to emphasize contact ability.

The hitters at the bottom of the bat speed rankings as a rule seem to focus more on contact. The average strikeout rate for the bottom 25 in bat speed is 22.9%. The average strikeout rate for the top 25 in average bat speed is 25.5%. Of the top 10 in the majors in lowest strikeout rate, Ronald Acuña is the only one whose average bat speed is above the median of 68.1 mph.

What you don’t find at the bottom of the bat speed rankings is significant power. No hitter among this bottom 25 has hit 15 home runs this season. The Top 25 average a home run every 18.9 plate appearances. The bottom 25 average one every 74.1 .

Which Stats Correlate To Bat Speed

We can also run correlations to see how average bat speed correlates to a variety of statistics. They following are ranked in order of correlation. A 1.0 correlation means two data points have a perfect correlation, while a -1.0 value would indicate they are perfectly negatively correlation.

Strongly Correlated

Maximum exit velocity (.749)

Moderately Correlated

Expected Weighted On-Base Average On Contact (.621)

Average exit velocity (.577)

Home Run Rate (.505)

Expected Slugging (.503)

Isolated Power (.501)

Home Runs (.462)

Strikeouts (.433)

Slugging Percentage (.405)

Total Bases (.305)

On-Base Percentage (.025) and Batting Average (.058) showed very weak correlations to average bat speed.

Once there is more data, other avenues can be explored. A player who increases his bat speed significantly from one season to the next is likely demonstrating the potential for added power. Similarly, seeing how aging players’ bat speed deteriorates over multiple seasons will be a useful study, especially when comparing it to how that player performs offensively.

Scatter plots can help show the relationships between various metrics. When it comes to average exit velocity and bat speed, there is a clear relationship. Most players with higher average bat speeds also post higher average exit velocities. Of course, there are outliers.

But when it comes to weighted on-base average (wOBA) a stat that tries to measure the entirety of a player’s offensive contributions, looking at it and average bat speed shows much less of a relationship.

It’s possible that, much like exit velocity, a measurement of the 90th percentile bat speed may be more useful than an average. We do not have that to study, but looking at maximum bat speed gives us an indication of how, for some players, the ability to get to faster bat speed when needed provides power.

Here’s a look at how average bat speed and home runs per plate appearance compare:

Maximum Bat Speed

So far, we’ve been focused on average bat speed, but we also need to examine maximum bat speed. A hitter who swings in a very controlled manner in some counts but gives their “A swing” in advantageous counts might show up more for maximum bat speed than average bat speed. While the median average bat speed in the majors this year is 68.1 mph, the median maximum bat speed is 80.8 mph.

And here’s a similar scatter plot to the previous one, but looking at maximum bat speed vs. home runs per plate appearance. Josh Donaldson’s home run rate goes from a massive outlier when looking at average bat speed to more normal when comparing to maximum bat speed. Nelson Velazquez is the slugger sitting at a hard-to-fathom home run every 10 plate appearances at the 78 mph avg bat speed mark.

Here are the 10 fastest maximum bat speeds:

PlayerAvg Bat SpeedMax Bat SpeedAvg Exit Velo
Kyle Schwarber71.585.092.3
Julio Rodriguez72.685.093.2
Pete Alonso 72.784.989.8
Marcell Ozuna 71.984.991.9
Francisco Alvarez 70.284.989.6
James Outman 70.984.988
Ryan Jeffers 70.184.990.4
Michael Massey 68.784.988.9
Giancarlo Stanton77.284.893.4
Austin Riley 72.484.892.2

And here are the bottom 10 as far as maximum bat speed:

PlayerAvg Bat SpeedMax Bat SpeedAvg Exit Velo
Luis Arraez60.569.888.1
Nolan Schanuel59.770.285
Jason Delay64.671.383
Curt Casali63.271.485.1
Nick Madrigal62.371.786.5
Luis Guillorme63.671.886
Hanser Alberto62.372.684.3
Sal Frelick63.972.785.1
Tony Kemp61.872.986.6
Garrett Stubbs63.872.983.4

Comparing Average And Max Bat Speed Differences

Here’s a look at the players who have the biggest differences between their average bat speed and their maximum bat speed.

PlayerAvg Bat SpeedMax Bat SpeedDifferenceAvg Exit VeloAVGOBPSLG
Robbie Grossman 64.384.720.488.6.232.324.386
Joey Wiemer62.682.419.889.
Dominic Smith63.783.419.786.260.330.347
TJ Friedl64.884.419.686.6.270.338.439
Andrew Benintendi 64.283.819.686.6.269.332.368
Ha-Seong Kim64.884.
Nick Fortes64.683.418.888.204.261.287
Elvis Andrus65.884.418.687.3.251.311.353
Santiago Espinal 65.183.718.687.239.304.321
Jake McCarthy64.983.418.585.6.245.325.331
DJ LeMahieu64.983.218.389.6.237.320.393
Mauricio Dubon66.784.818.
Alan Trejo66.284.318.
Jake Cronenworth65.683.517.987.4.229.312.378
Jose Caballero65.383.217.983.1.223.350.316
Josh Donaldson Josh62.580.217.792.
Andruw Monasterio 64.381.817.588.6.267.341.364
Trent Grisham67.184.517.490.5.205.318.364
Keibert Ruiz64.181.517.487.4.254.308.409
Corey Dickerson66.984.217.388.

Here are the players with the least difference between their average and maximum bat speeds.

PlayerAvg Bat SpeedMax Bat SpeedDifferenceAvg Exit VeloAVGOBPSLG
Michael Toglia72.
Sam Haggerty67.173.66.586.234.338.328
Jason Delay64.671.36.783.257.319.358
Carson Kelly67.474.26.886.
A.J. Pollock69.6777.489.
Giancarlo Stanton
Patrick Bailey67.3757.789.2.248.304.390
Jake Rogers67.475.37.990.
Franchy Cordero 74.582.5891.
Eric Hosmer 70.578.5885.
Brayan Rocchio 65.773.
Nelson Velazquez 69.9788.
Dairon Blanco69.577.
Alfonso Rivas
Luis Guillorme63.671.
Kevin Smith69.
Jose Barrero 67.775.
Curt Casali63.
Osleivis Basabe 67.7768.386.7.234.300.344
Endy Rodriguez 66.875.18.388.

There are no clear and discernible patterns I can find among hitters whose average and maximum bat speeds are significantly different or those who have the smallest differences. Because maximum bat speed is a one-time event, it’s probably less valuable as information than a look at 90th-percentile bat speed, but since we do not have that data, that’s just a guess for now.

There are so many other avenues we could explore, but here’s one other interesting tidbit. With switch-hitters, we can drill down to look at their average bat speed from either side of the plate. Braves second baseman Ozzie Albies has long had an extremely noticeable split between his righthanded swing and his lefthanded swing. For his career, he has a .247/.308/.442 slash line against righthanders and a .336/.363/.568 slash line against lefties.

A Switch-Hitter Snapshot

So what do the bat speed measurements show? Is Albies able to swing faster as a righthanded hitter than he can as a lefthanded hitter?

PlayerSideAvg Bat SpeedMax Bat SpeedAvg Exit Velocity

The answer is yes and no. Albies does show higher average bat speed from the right side, but his max bat speed is higher from the left side, and his exit velocity is basically the same from both sides.

Bat Speed For All MLB Hitters

Here are the average and maximum bat speeds for every MLB hitter with 70 or more plate appearances so far this season. All stats included are as of the end of games on Sept. 10.

PlayerAvg Bat SpeedMax Bat SpeedAvg Exit VeloAVGOBPSLG
Stanton, Giancarlo77.284.893.
Cordero, Franchy74.582.591.
Trout, Mike73.883.491.9.263.367.490
Gallo, Joey73.783.893.177.301.440
De La Cruz, Elly73.784.891.
Acuña Jr., Ronald73.684.694.8.336.417.584
Judge, Aaron73.582.
Hillard, Sam73.383.892.
Alvarez, Yordan73.284.493.3.301.415.588
Buxton, Byron7384.791.
Bauers, Jake72.982.690.
Greene, Riley72.984.791.6.288.349.447
Ohtani, Shohei72.884.694.4.304.412.654
Robert Jr., Luis72.884.788.9.270.323.553
Alonso, Pete72.784.989.8.224.329.530
Adams, Riley72.781.889.9.273.331.476
Wallner, Matt72.68390.5.218.345.467
Casas, Triston72.684.391.4.262.364.488
Rodríguez, Julio72.68593.2.283.339.495
Walker, Christian72.584.687.9.266.340.509
Varsho, Daulton72.583.987.
Baty, Brett72.582.689.
Colás, Oscar72.584.488.
Machado, Manny72.483.490.7.251.315.448
Olson, Matt72.484.694.6.277.384.603
Riley, Austin72.484.892.2.275.336.506
Harper, Bryce72.38391.1.294.392.475
Soler, Jorge72.384.791.240.329.513
Burger, Jake72.382.491.5.239.301.519
Contreras, William72.
Wisdom, Patrick72.283.992.
Montero, Elehuris72.281.588.233.281.390
Mountcastle, Ryan72.282.491.5.271.323.456
Toglia, Michael72.278.490.
Raley, Luke72.282.591.250.333.488
Mervis, Matt72.
Henderson, Gunnar72.
Cron, C.J.
Ozuna, Marcell71.984.991.9.268.340.532
Zunino, Mike71.980.885.
Báez, Javier71.983.
Garrett, Stone71.981.691.1.269.343.457
Gonzalez, Romy71.983.
Morel, Christopher71.982.991.9.248.312.497
Walker, Jordan71.984.
Gorman, Nolan71.881.891.2.236.325.480
Sánchez, Jesús71.684.490.3.269.338.481
Langeliers, Shea71.683.690.
Harris II, Michael71.684.891.291.333.460
Arias, Gabriel71.684.690.
Realmuto, J.T.71.58389.7.252.314.461
Schwarber, Kyle71.58592.3.198.347.483
Cooper, Garrett71.484.589.1.256.300.420
Raleigh, Cal71.483.989.6.235.314.472
Lowe, Nathaniel71.482.789.9.279.375.435
Moncada, Yoán71.383.
Chapman, Matt71.284.493.5.248.338.431
Butler, Lawrence71.
Murphy, Sean71.184.791.5.270.381.510
Witt Jr., Bobby71.182.590.7.272.312.494
Duran, Jarren71.18289.9.295.346.482
Schoop, Jonathan7181.989.
Santander, Anthony7184.790.3.263.336.495
Dozier, Hunter718484.
Diaz, Yainer7180.490.6.283.307.535
Jiménez, Eloy70.983.891.2.272.320.438
Larnach, Trevor70.980.
Outman, James70.984.988.253.363.437
Abreu, José70.881.989.238.298.366
Guerrero Jr., Vladimir70.884.692.6.267.344.435
Pham, Tommy70.782.892.9.261.328.464
Correa, Carlos70.784.390.5.230.312.404
Siri, Jose70.782.688.
Lowe, Josh70.782.
Moniak, Mickey70.782.788.7.280.307.490
Torkelson, Spencer70.782.392.1.234.319.449
Cruz, Nelson70.683.792.
Heyward, Jason70.679.787.6.271.351.484
Perez, Salvador70.681.
Yelich, Christian70.681.991.7.274.363.435
Sosa, Edmundo70.679.
McMahon, Ryan70.684.490.8.245.327.444
Bart, Joey70.681.885.
Hosmer, Eric70.578.585.
Díaz, Elias70.582.388.2.268.314.421
Renfroe, Hunter70.583.788.3.239.302.428
Mateo, Jorge70.580.887.
Brown, Seth70.580.
Soderstrom, Tyler70.581.388.
Grichuk, Randal70.48189.8.269.323.457
Joe, Connor70.483.688.7.238.333.417
McKenna, Ryan70.480.291.254.316.361
Duran, Ezequiel70.481.990.3.277.325.446
Tovar, Ezequiel70.384.688.
Doyle, Brenton70.383.388.
Tellez, Rowdy70.284.589.
Vientos, Mark70.28293.
Lewis, Royce70.283.790.314.365.530
Marte, Noelvi70.281.392.4.254.329.381
Alvarez, Francisco70.284.989.
Encarnacion-Strand, Christian70.281.590.4.260.316.405
Voit, Luke70.
Diaz, Jordan70.180.590.
Jeffers, Ryan70.184.990.4.270.370.461
Belt, Brandon7083.488.6.252.371.473
Slater, Austin7080.890.7.248.328.379
Hernández, Teoscar7083.
Kelenic, Jarred7081.791.6.252.320.439
Jung, Josh7082.992.1.274.323.489
Garcia, Adolis69.981.992.2.244.322.494
Taylor, Michael A.69.982.787.
Wallach, Chad69.981.888.
Bell, Josh69.980.389.8.245.324.420
Margot, Manuel69.979.387.8.249.300.354
Gonzalez, Oscar69.983.888.
Jones, Nolan69.981.690.5.281.363.521
Rooker, Brent69.981.691.6.240.325.458
Velázquez, Nelson69.97890.5.243.300.613
Martinez, J.D.69.883.993.3.262.312.557
Devers, Rafael69.881.993.272.343.505
Naylor, Bo69.882.
Bethancourt, Christian69.779.688.
Fraley, Jake69.782.285.267.349.469
Adames, Willy69.781.387.
Díaz, Yandy69.783.893.4.320.401.502
Tatis Jr., Fernando69.780.992.1.257.321.455
Suwinski, Jack69.782.291.210.333.452
Pollock, A.J.69.67789.
Sheets, Gavin69.679.
Bohm, Alec69.681.589.7.277.332.434
Walsh, Jared69.679.883.
Marsh, Brandon69.683.591.2.289.381.462
Waters, Drew69.683.
Arenado, Nolan69.579.688.8.270.318.472
Conforto, Michael69.58389.1.251.343.405
Blanco, Dairon69.577.687.2.238.310.429
Goldschmidt, Paul69.478.491.3.273.366.450
Motter, Taylor69.480.387.171.232.211
Caratini, Victor69.480.891.6.247.327.368
Nimmo, Brandon69.481.491.9.262.354.452
Dixon, Brandon69.478.987.203.244.329
Duvall, Adam69.380.889.260.321.557
O’Neill, Tyler69.380.389.5.242.324.426
Maldonado, Martín69.28188.
Higashioka, Kyle69.28290.
Sánchez, Gary69.283.690.
Haase, Eric69.279.987.
Davis, J.D.69.279.791.3.252.326.418
Thaiss, Matt69.280.688.6.219.323.348
Wong, Connor69.28489.5.254.309.420
Castellanos, Nick69.181.688.9.270.308.456
Kepler, Max69.180.792.1.247.315.471
Ramírez, Harold69.
Arroyo, Christian69.
O’Hearn, Ryan69.18292.3.305.338.509
Clemens, Kody69.177.690.
Soto, Juan69.183.693.256.398.481
Smith, Kevin69.177.388.
Peguero, Liover69.
Yoshida, Masataka69.183.589.1.293.345.458
Peralta, David6979.
Contreras, William6982.491.4.281.356.452
Drury, Brandon6981.
Smith, Pavin6979.689.8.184.314.321
Knizner, Andrew6978.989.
McCutchen, Andrew68.984.789.6.256.378.397
Garcia, Avisail68.980.
Muncy, Max68.983.891.6.208.333.489
Marte, Ketel68.98491.275.356.482
Stewart, D.J.68.979.692.9.264.342.632
Naylor, Josh68.982.689.304.347.496
Peña, Jeremy68.982.987.9.261.321.388
Suzuki, Seiya68.982.691.3.276.345.467
McCormick, Chas68.978.787.9.288.368.520
Fry, David68.981.388.9.244.313.422
Haniger, Mitch68.880.590.
Myers, Wil68.878.
Happ, Ian68.880.689.6.241.357.414
Taveras, Leody68.882.790.1.268.308.423
Amaya, Miguel68.880.588.1.217.345.383
Sabol, Blake68.882.
Franco, Wander68.884.789.4.281.344.475
Longoria, Evan68.782.592.
Pillar, Kevin68.777.587.
Castro, Willi68.781.386.4.258.336.401
Freeman, Tyler68.780.586.241.299.345
Massey, Michael68.784.988.
d’Arnaud, Travis68.683.490.
Hernández, Enrique68.68188.236.293.355
Seager, Corey68.683.293.9.336.398.652
Crawford, J.P.68.678.388.9.264.381.426
De La Cruz, Bryan68.680.
France, Ty68.682.887.1.249.338.367
Lowe, Brandon68.68191.2.233.332.444
Chisholm Jr., Jazz68.680.790.4.254.301.458
Melendez, MJ68.682.993.4.234.308.393
Sosa, Lenyn68.67889.
Gelof, Zack68.681.591.1.273.338.530
Cowser, Colton68.677.887.
Carroll, Corbin68.684.
Moustakas, Mike68.582.989.252.302.407
Odor, Rougned68.583.890.
Story, Trevor68.578.589.
Betts, Mookie68.583.192.5.312.410.604
Arcia, Orlando68.580.
McKinney, Billy68.577.889.1.227.320.406
Wade Jr., LaMonte68.582.387.9.251.370.404
Cabrera, Oswaldo68.578.688.
Julien, Edouard68.583.789.3.271.379.448
Julks, Corey68.583.
Matos, Luis68.576.987.3.271.330.380
Abrams, CJ68.580.586.9.250.303.415
Aguilar, Jesus68.479.
Crawford, Brandon68.47789.
Palacios, Joshua68.481.590.
Torres, Gleyber68.483.889.8.269.339.462
Nootbaar, Lars68.482.789.5.273.380.443
India, Jonathan68.48489.4.252.337.416
Bleday, JJ68.478.588.7.203.313.373
Vaughn, Andrew68.484.490.9.257.314.432
Suárez, Eugenio68.380.390.3.231.324.385
Gallagher, Cam68.382.582.
Choi, Ji-Man68.378.
Murphy, Tom68.377.
Refsnyder, Rob68.384.
Mancini, Trey68.378.
Jansen, Danny68.38388.3.228.312.474
Chang, Yu68.377.488.
Rodgers, Brendan68.380.488.
Moore, Dylan68.377.688.5.214.313.473
Arozarena, Randy68.384.891.8.254.367.421
Berti, Jon68.281.385.5.276.313.353
Tapia, Raimel68.277.386.1.230.308.338
Steer, Spencer68.27888.7.269.358.452
Davis, Henry68.283.988.4.213.306.339
Santana, Carlos68.182.889.1.232.311.409
Vogelbach, Daniel68.183.591.5.228.334.399
Turner, Trea68.18090.3.266.319.462
Chavis, Michael68.177.384.
Laureano, Ramón68.180.388.
Hayes, Ke’Bryan68.18292.7.267.308.448
Tucker, Kyle68.178.990.2.290.375.513
Meadows, Parker68.176.489.
Marte, Starling6877.988.2.248.301.324
McCann, James6881.
Thompson, Trayce6882.890.
Pederson, Joc6882.691.8.243.352.420
Garver, Mitch6883.390.8.286.387.541
Fairchild, Stuart6877.885.7.223.322.379
Thomas, Lane688488.4.282.331.484
McLain, Matt6884.789.3.290.357.507
Springer, George67.984.
Anderson, Brian67.98287.3.224.310.365
Rosario, Amed67.982.788.5.261.302.377
García, Luis67.983.688.
Polanco, Jorge67.877.488.3.260.341.461
Urías, Ramón67.884.389.4.271.335.388
Bader, Harrison67.884.886.
Peraza, Oswald67.879.
Bryant, Kris67.783.186.251.338.379
Lindor, Francisco67.783.491.4.252.332.466
Swanson, Dansby67.783.589.3.249.333.421
Benson, Will67.784.390.3.273.369.502
Reynolds, Bryan67.782.691.3.270.329.469
Edman, Tommy67.780.889.4.249.311.412
Miranda, Jose67.78387.
Hays, Austin67.781.389.7.286.333.462
Barrero, Jose67.775.987.
Basabe, Osleivis67.77686.7.234.300.344
Canzone, Dominic67.783.390.
Pérez, Carlos67.676.
Taylor, Chris67.682.386.233.326.442
Vierling, Matt67.680.588.9.270.329.380
Burleson, Alec67.680.790.
Rosario, Eddie67.580.689.1.265.319.481
Rivera, Emmanuel67.577.590.9.265.310.368
Olivares, Edward67.582.787.1.260.310.447
Bichette, Bo67.582.490.3.313.344.486
Vargas, Miguel67.584.586.8.195.305.367
Singleton, Jonathan67.47788.
Kelly, Carson67.474.
Ford, Mike67.478.589.4.227.319.500
Rogers, Jake67.475.390.
Winker, Jesse67.380.986.8.199.320.247
Ward, Taylor67.377.690.7.253.335.421
Ibáñez, Andy67.381.
Díaz, Aledmys67.376.488.
Baddoo, Akil67.382.988.2.217.305.352
Bailey, Patrick67.37589.2.248.304.390
Busch, Michael67.375.789.
Altuve, Jose67.281.786.8.312.398.551
Bregman, Alex67.280.388.7.272.367.450
DeJong, Paul67.278.685.
Rivas III, Alfonso67.275.390.
Isbel, Kyle67.277.989.
Gurriel Jr., Lourdes67.283.889.4.257.307.473
O’Hoppe, Logan67.278.791.
Carpenter, Kerry67.276.590.3.293.354.516
Grisham, Trent67.184.590.5.205.318.364
Haggerty, Sam67.173.686.234.338.328
Kirilloff, Alex67.176.588.7.265.352.432
Castro, Rodolfo67.180.587.4.216.304.330
Rutschman, Adley67.17988.4.272.368.424
Garcia, Maikel67.180.691.8.274.322.372
Volpe, Anthony67.18388.
Pasquantino, Vinnie67.179.389.3.247.324.437
Gurriel, Yuli6777.988.7.247.305.358
Bogaerts, Xander678388.1.269.339.416
Davis, Jonathan6779.384.4.244.307.378
Estrada, Thairo6779.985.9.272.318.417
Smith, Josh H.6777.989.3.187.305.322
Short, Zack6776.
Moreno, Gabriel6780.790.279.328.412
Hensley, David6780.990.
Segura, Jean66.97988.219.277.279
Dickerson, Corey66.984.
Kiermaier, Kevin66.978.786.4.274.332.436
Ramírez, José66.982.
Perkins, Blake66.977.985.6.212.311.297
Noda, Ryan66.979.
Freeman, Freddie66.88189.9.336.415.573
Taylor, Tyrone66.880.786.
Calhoun, Willie66.880.790.7.239.309.403
Heim, Jonah66.881.489.2.261.317.439
Rodríguez, Endy66.875.
Neto, Zach66.87889.4.241.315.411
Dubón, Mauricio66.784.886.8.275.307.403
Stephenson, Tyler66.77989.4.255.333.387
Thomas, Alek66.778.788.
Wisely, Brett66.782.385.
Grandal, Yasmani66.678.
Vargas, Ildemaro66.679.
Wynns, Austin66.676.985.
Pratto, Nick66.680.288.235.321.371
Senzel, Nick66.675.587.
Williams, Alika66.674.983.
Meneses, Joey66.581.
Westburg, Jordan66.579.790.6.277.326.439
Miller, Owen66.575.986.3.261.303.371
Villar, David66.58087.
Yastrzemski, Mike66.476.590.9.248.330.468
Profar, Jurickson66.482.686.7.246.325.381
Ahmed, Nick66.478.685.
Gordon, Nick66.475.689.
Bellinger, Cody66.481.387.9.318.361.551
Meyers, Jake66.483.586.226.298.377
Brennan, Will66.481.
Gomes, Yan66.381.387.2.269.311.414
Calhoun, Kole66.377.586.231.319.365
Schmitt, Casey66.380.
Maile, Luke66.275.687.5.234.305.392
Candelario, Jeimer66.
Remilard, Zach66.277.886.1.254.304.325
Giménez, Andrés66.280.585.239.309.378
Campusano, Luis66.276.888.5.301.341.463
Trejo, Alan66.284.385.
Rizzo, Anthony66.181.990.244.328.378
Semien, Marcus66.182.388.5.281.351.475
Anderson, Tim66.18088.
Tauchman, Mike66.179.588.251.356.373
Triolo, Jared66.176.685.4.258.338.297
Rojas, Miguel6676.787.
Ramos, Henry6676.782.4.243.349.311
Velazquez, Andrew6677.487.
Hoerner, Nico6675.986.6.280.339.389
Rojas, Johan6678.
Luplow, Jordan6678.386.8.242.338.387
Solano, Donovan65.977.890.9.292.377.413
Valdez, Enmanuel65.97886.
Mastrobuoni, Miles65.975.788.
Donovan, Brendan65.978.789.3.284.365.422
Andrus, Elvis65.884.487.3.251.311.353
Wong, Kolten65.875.
Mullins, Cedric65.880.488.8.247.325.443
Maton, Nick65.876.686.
Bradley Jr., Jackie65.775.388.
McKinstry, Zach65.779.787.237.307.358
Fermin, Freddy65.774.
Brosseau, Michael65.774.981.
Rocchio, Brayan65.773.785.
Marisnick, Jake65.674.888.
Cronenworth, Jake65.683.587.4.229.312.378
Kiner-Falefa, Isiah65.675.
Carlson, Dylan65.677.789.3.219.318.333
Bride, Jonah65.674.489.170.286.205
Urshela, Gio65.576.
Carpenter, Matt65.578.987.176.322.319
Reyes, Pablo65.576.388.5.303.340.408
Rengifo, Luis65.578.889.1.264.339.444
Schneider, Jake65.575.288.8.370.511.808
Stott, Bryson65.573.888.5.290.337.434
Grissom, Vaughn65.579.386.2.280.313.347
Escobar, Eduardo65.475.986.
Harrison, Josh65.477.686.
Canha, Mark65.48088.4.263.358.399
Beaty, Matt65.475.682.3.230.347.295
Turang, Brice65.475.986.223.293.313
Smith, Will65.478.689.2.269.364.444
Gonzales, Nick65.478.686.
Nola, Austin65.373.885.
Mejía, Francisco65.378.387.
Albies, Ozzie65.382.
Kirk, Alejandro65.374.987.7.255.340.355
Caballero, José65.383.
Bae, Ji Hwan65.374.987.8.245.306.323
Blackmon, Charlie65.
Hedges, Austin65.281.987.
Barnes, Austin65.274.784.
Zavala, Seby65.281.787.
Hicks, Aaron65.180.485.8.254.344.402
Hampson, Garrett65.
Espinal, Santiago65.183.787.239.304.321
Cabrera, Miguel6576.389.3.251.314.339
Trevino, Jose6576.885.
McNeil, Jeff657986.3.265.330.358
Walls, Taylor6574.686.5.212.317.350
Votto, Joey64.978.290.201.302.471
LeMahieu, DJ64.983.
Wendle, Joey64.976.589.
Robles, Victor64.974.886.7.299.385.364
McCarthy, Jake64.983.485.6.245.325.331
Biggio, Cavan64.877.688.8.225.327.370
McGuire, Reese64.874.
Ruiz, Esteury64.87883.251.305.341
Friedl, TJ64.884.486.6.270.338.439
Kim, Ha-Seong64.88486.6.271.361.417
Nevin, Tyler64.876.
Newman, Kevin64.773.986.5.253.311.364
Fletcher, Dominic64.775.589.7.301.350.441
Flores, Wilmer64.680.986.2.289.354.535
Daza, Yonathan64.673.485.270.304.351
Duffy, Matt64.67986.254.309.312
Delay, Jason64.671.383.257.319.358
Fortes, Nick64.683.488.204.261.287
Ortega, Rafael64.47486.9.229.333.289
Brujan, Vidal64.475.685.
Marcano, Tucupita64.479.988.
Grossman, Robbie64.384.788.6.232.324.386
Cave, Jake64.37988.
Stallings, Jacob64.374.389.
Herrera, Jose64.374.
Monasterio, Andruw64.381.888.6.267.341.364
Alu, Jake64.377.
Paredes, Isaac64.377.987.255.355.506
Narvaez, Omar64.
Peterson, Jace64.277.685.8.216.308.315
Benintendi, Andrew64.283.886.6.269.332.368
Castro, Harold64.176.486.
Frazier, Adam64.17885.9.244.300.408
Ruiz, Keibert64.181.587.4.254.308.409
Verdugo, Alex6477.689.2.277.338.447
Frelick, Sal63.972.785.1.244.364.382
Marlowe, Cade63.978.
Farmer, Kyle63.876.487.8.258.316.413
Stubbs, Garrett63.872.983.
Frazier, Clint63.877.482.5.197.303.242
Turner, Justin63.78089.9.284.354.481
Smith, Dominic63.783.486.260.330.347
Rojas, Johan63.778.586.7.243.306.333
Guillorme, Luis63.671.886.238.304.347
Call, Alex63.676.786.8.196.302.295
Rendon, Anthony63.575.
Capel, Connor63.373.886.4.260.372.329
Casali, Curt63.271.485.
Mathias, Mark63.175.483.6.226.333.258
Allen, Nick63.175.684.
Vázquez, Christian637486.
Straw, Myles62.975.386.
Barnhart, Tucker62.874.387.202.285.257
Jankowski, Travis62.778.385.3.266.354.336
Wiemer, Joey62.682.489.
Donaldson, Josh62.580.
Urías, Luis62.579.
Perdomo, Geraldo62.575.385.3.261.366.381
Merrifield, Whit62.474.785.281.324.396
Alberto, Hanser62.372.684.
Madrigal, Nick62.371.786.5.265.314.356
Kemp, Tony61.872.986.6.215.310.308
Lopez, Nicky61.
Kwan, Steven6174.885.8.272.340.375
Arraez, Luis60.569.888.1.349.391.448
Schanuel, Nolan59.770.285.270.418.286

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