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Future Projection Episode 90: The BA 500 & International Reviews

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Image credit: Walker Janek (Brian Westerholt/Four Seam Images)

Ben and Carlos talk through two significant pillars of content that hit the site this week: the annual BA 500 for the 2024 class and our international reviews that give you all the information you need as the DSL season gets underway.

The two talk briefly about the Field of 64 and the NCAA Tournament that kicks off this weekend. Ben asks how much the tournament games can move the needle for scouting departments and the two also talk about whether or not high-pressure or clutch performances in these games bring additional value for reports or projecting a player.

After that, the two get into the BA 500 update and talk through the class, particularly the weaknesses of this year’s prep demographic. Who are the high school players we are actually confident in being selected in the first round? And what profiles are we confident in for that 10-30 range period? There are fewer options than a typical draft class.

The two also talk through a switch-pitcher on the rise and a handful of up-arrow high school arms before getting into Ben’s international reviews. He talks about the process of putting them together this year and then mentions a few lower bonus players who are trending in the right direction. Ben praises the Rockies for identifying and signing pitching talent from the international market and then dives into a few tooled up, exciting prospects to know about.

The show ends with a few notable prospect promotions and a Phillies-oriented Aidan Miller/Mick Abel debate.

Time Stamps

(2:00) Ben’s international review process
(9:00) How much do the tournament games matter for draft stock
(12:30) Makeup and performance in high-pressure games
(15:00) Favorites for the NCAA tournament
(21:00) Draft talk/HS risks
(28:00) HS players we are confident in first round
(30:00) Where do teams pivot this year?
(35:00) Christian Moore
(39:00) Walker Janek
(41:00) Jurrangelo Cijntje
(43:00) Up-arrow HS players
(49:00) Kash Mayfield vs. Cam Caminiti
(54:00) International Reviews
(1:00:00) Lower $$ signs who are trending up
(1:05:30) International pitchers to know
(1:10:00) Rockies doing a nice job IDing INT pitching
(1:16:00) A Blue Jays offensive shortstop to know
(1:17:30) A Yankees international slugger to know
(1:20:00) A Rockies speed demon to know
(1:24:00) A Phillies catcher with a cannon
(1:30:00) Spencer Schwellenbach
(1:35:00) Noble Meyer & Thomas White
(1:45:00) Luke Keaschall
(1:50:00) Aidan Miller vs. Mick Abel

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