Future Projection Episode 88: Bring On The Bat Tracking Data

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Image credit: Tyler Locklear (Photo by Norm Hall/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Ben and Carlos spend a lot of time talking through Baseball Savant’s new bat tracking data and how the new information could inform or change how we evaluate players and prospects. The two talk about the importance of bat speed in general, why length of swing is important, think through bat speed vs. bat acceleration and also wonder about the complications that could arise with how bat length is calculated based on contact points. 

The two talk about how this could further inform aging curves and give more precise data about how and when players are aging, think through different types of swing distributions this data sheds light on and Ben mentions how important bat paths are and why we shouldn’t lose sight of that element. 

The two think through the various applications of this data for prospects and then move into some prospect-specific talk, starting with a pair of players to know for the upcoming 2025 international signing class: shortstop Elian Peña (linked to the Mets) and shortstop Cristopher Polanco (linked to the Blue Jays).

After that, the two talk through a number of recent top 100 additions including Mariners prospects Tyler Locklear and Jonny Farmelo, Phillies shortstop Starlyn Caba, Rockies outfielder Zac Veen and Brewers lefthander Robert Gasser. Hot performers like Red Sox shortstop Marcelo Mayer, Nationals outfielder Dylan Crews, Mariners shortstop Felnin Celesten and Twins righthander Zebby Matthews are also mentioned.

Time Stamps

(0:00) New bat speed data
(5:30) Swing length as exciting as bat speed
(10:00) Bat speed vs. acceleration
(15:00) How swing length is measured
(25:00) Bat speed aging curves
(27:30) Swing distributions
(31:00) The importance of bat paths
(37:00) Applications for prospects
(41:00) Elian Peña
(46:00) Cristopher Polanco
(50:00) International pitching development 
(55:00) Tyler Locklear
(58:00) Starlyn Caba
(1:04:00) Zac Veen, Marcelo Mayer, Roman Anthony
(1:11:00) Robert Gasser
(1:15:00) Jonny Farmelo
(1:19:00) Felnin Celesten 
(1:21:00) Dylan Crews
(1:23:00) Zebby Matthews

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