Future Projection Episode 84: (Jackson) Holliday Season & Paul Skenes Domination

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Image credit: Jackson Holliday (Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Carlos and Ben talk about Jackson Holliday’s big league promotion and what to expect of him from the jump with the Orioles. The two debate the validity of jersey retirements but otherwise agree on many of the topics of today’s episode which includes…

The much-talked about pitcher injury epidemic. Velocity and max effort throwing certainly seems like a factor, but what about others like the pitch clock? New pitching development and pitch design? Managing workloads too critically or not critically enough? Changes to youth baseball and the velocity you’re seeing at those levels? What about shoulder injuries?

After that the two move on to the top pitching prospect in baseball, Paul Skenes who made quick work of Triple-A hitters in his first two starts of the season. They talk about how he’s looked and get into another conversation about fastball shape and why it’s not the end all be all for pitchers and also wonder about when he should be promoted to the majors.

Next the two pivot to the 2024 draft class and talk about the barrage of home runs that Wake Forest first baseman Nick Kurtz has hit in the last two weeks. Has he re-entered the 1-1 conversation and how does he stack up against fellow first baseman Jac Caglianone tool-for-tool? That leads into a conversation about the top of the draft class generally, and Ben asks about who the best pitcher in the class is after Chase Burns and Hagen Smith which leads to talk about ECU righthander Trey Yesavage. After that Ben brings up another righthander who might deserve a bit more attention in Vanderbilt righthander Bryce Cunningham.

The two close the podcast with thoughts on Boston’s contract extension of center fielder and shortstop Ceddanne Rafaela.

Time Stamps

(0:00) Jackson Holliday
(14:00) Retiring numbers
(18:00) The pitcher injury epidemic
(25:00) High school pitchers throwing harder
(33:00) Ben’s thoughts on shoulder injuries
(35:30) Is the pitch clock a factor?
(38:00) Paul Skenes and fastball shape
(49:00) When should Skenes be in the majors?
(55:00) Nick Kurtz’s home run binge
(1:05:00) Nick Kurtz vs. Jac Caglianone
(1:15:00) ECU RHP Trey Yesavage
(1:25:00) Vanderbilt RHP Bryce Cunningham
(1:30:00) The Ceddanne Rafaela contract extension

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