Future Projection Episode 76: Answering Your Prospect Questions

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Image credit: Coby Mayo (Mike Janes/Four Seam Images)

Ben and Carlos talk about the week’s Hall of Fame results and debate the various cases for some of the players who were on this year’s ballot before looking ahead to future candidates and looking at the surprisingly strong track record of No. 1 overall picks making the Hall of Fame. 

After that the two open up the listener mailbag and get into your prospect questions. 

Those involve plenty of topics including: are the Padres too trade-happy with their prospects? Is Coby Mayo more valuable for the Orioles as trade bait or as a member of the young hitting core? How would Samuel Basallo look as a prospect if he was being developed by another organization? Who will be the fastest pitcher to the big leagues from the 2024 draft class? Where do we stand on Mets righthander Blade Tidwell? How does Ben evaluate the Giants’ current standing in the international market? How much upside can we expect for Marlins prep pitchers Noble Meyer and Thomas White?

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