Future Projection Episode 75: Breaking Down The 2024 Top 100 Prospects List

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Image credit: Andrew Painter (Mike Janes/Four Seam Images)

Ben and Carlos spend most of the episode getting into the weeds on our recently released 2024 Top 100 Prospects list. Before that conversation starts, Ben breaks down his January 15 experience and how it compared to previous years.

Padres prospect Leodalis De Vries serves as the bridge from international signing day to our Top 100, as the lone member of the 2024 class to land on the list. What makes him deserving and why is this a profile to get excited about? Ben tells you all you need to know.

2024 Top 100 Prospects

See the full Top 100 entering the 2024 season headlined by Orioles SS Jackson Holliday.

After that, the two break down the top of the list, talk about their various tier breaks, agree on philosophies about pitching prospects and injury risk and then talk about how they would line up the top pitching prospects in the game. The two then talk through the players they are higher or lower on than the Top 100 itself, including names like Andrew Painter, Robby Snelling, Ricky Tiedemann, Adael Amador, Dylan Lesko, Noah Schultz, Colt Emerson, Michael Busch, Bryce Eldridge, Jacob Wilson, Nick Frasso, Gavin Stone, Brayden Taylor, Ceddanne Rafaela, Chase Petty and more.

The two have a slight disagreement on 2023 arms Rhett Lowder and Chase Dollander, then think about some of the players who might be poised to shoot up this list in the future.

The show ends with a listener email about where Braves righthander AJ Smith-Shawver might rank if he was part of the 2024 draft class.

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