Future Projection Episode 74: Everything You Need To Know About The 2024 International Class

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Image credit: Jackson Chourio (Mike Janes/Four Seam Images)

Today’s episode is spent entirely on international prospects, as we are just days away from January 15. In this episode, Carlos grills Ben on all things international:

Who are the top prospects to know? What’s the current state of the international signing system? What are the pros and cons of signing day coming in January compared to July? Which teams are doing the best on the international market? Which teams have taken significant steps forward on this front in the last five years or so? 

Ben answers all those questions and more. The two talk about the developmental challenges that international prospects face, both before and after signing with their pro teams. How do the changes to the minor league system post-covid still impact international players? Will any players in the 2024 international class be immediate candidates for the top 100? And who are other, low-level international prospects you should be keeping an eye on?

It’s a fairly wide-ranging and thorough discussion on the international market and if you need a primer on this year’s class and all things international prospects—this is the episode for you.

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