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Future Projection Episode 52: Players We Like More Than The Industry

Today Ben and Carlos talk about the potential benefits of replacing extended spring training with a full-season league in the minors, and then get into a conversation about the pros and cons of scouting history and getting fresh-eyed looks on players from others.

The two talk about players they have different history or personal experiences with and also dive into a couple prospects who they either like a lot personally, or think should get a bit more attention. Players include Mariners first baseman Tyler Locklear, D-Backs second baseman Ryan Bliss, Rockies outfielder Yanquiel Fernandez, Braves shortstop Ignacio Alvarez and White Sox righthander Jonathan Cannon.

The two also revisit the No. 1 prospect conversation and talk about upside and risk with Reds shortstop Elly De La Cruz and Orioles shortstop Jackson Holliday.

The two also talk about the draft, touch on a few players they like further down boards and also talk about recent draftees who are old for the level but still putting up impressive performances.

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