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Future Projection Ep. 37: Outfield Prospects, All-Americans & Best Tools

Ben and Carlos talk through some of the best outfield prospects in baseball, starting briefly with James Wood (Nationals) and Jordan Walker (Cardinals) before getting into some players further down the board, like Emmanuel Rodriguez (Twins), George Valera (Guardians), Elijah Green (Nationals), Alec Burleson (Cardinals), Joey Wiemer (Brewers), Chase DeLauter (Guardians) and Spencer Jones (Yankees).After that, the two discuss the outfield talent of the 2023 draft class, with in-depth conversations about players like Enrique Bradfield (Vanderbilt), Dillon Head (Ill.), Johnny Farmelo (Va.) and Kendall George (Texas).

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The two also discuss the unique case of Arizona high school outfielder and elite football prospect Duce Robinson, and how MLB scouting departments might be thinking about him as a baseball talent.After that, we break down our preseason college and high school All-Americans, discuss the picks that caught us by surprise and Carlos tries to see how well Ben can guess how the industry voted for the best tools in the high school class.Finally the two talk about various body types and mobilities and how that impacts how we view and talk about players.

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