Franklin’s Newest Batting Glove Gets Customization Treatment

Franklin’s newest batting glove, the Powerstrap, has taken one more step into the mainstream with the addition of the glove in Franklin’s online customization site.

“The ultimate step forward is adding it to our custom site,” said Aaron Stahl, Franklin spokesperson. “We had one major league player notice it the day it went live and he created a couple of different designs and purchased 20 (pairs). It was pretty wild.”

The Powerstrap design took batting gloves beyond the Pro Classic and the CFX Pro, the most common glove used by Franklin players in Major League Baseball, by redesigning the strap to eliminate any bulk around the opening on the pinkie side of the glove. With designers working directly with MLB ballplayers such as Jose Altuve and Dustin Pedroia, the Powerstrap still comes with the tight-fitting design pro ballplayers expect, but with a full triangle strap that continues the full length of the back of the hand. “When you pull down against the wristband, you are able to get a perfect fit,” Stahl said. “It lines up with the entire backside of your hand.”

As with any of Franklin’s pro-level gloves, the Powerstrap gets made with a single piece of Pittard sheepskin leather in Franklin’s patented tri-curve technology. Using Pittard ensures durability and comfort, Stahl said, and the single piece eliminates stitching that tends to break down quickly. The buy-in from the pro level proves a necessity for Franklin. “We don’t bring anything out on the higher-end that isn’t field tested or major league approved,” Stahl said. “The Powerstrap is a nice technical step forward for the batting glove.”

With the rise of the Powerstrap in the Franklin family, it was time to give it the online customization tool already enjoyed by the Pro Classic and CFX Pro. “As we see this take off and gain more support from the major league level it warranted us making sure those options and the customization people see on the field were in this model as well,” Stahl said. “Really, all of the gloves you see on TV now, you are almost able to recreate every single one from the comfort of your home.”

Franklin has seen the buzz around the Powerstrap grow, creating a collaboration with the Academy store in Texas to carry a special-edition Altuve MVP glove. And with consumers really pushing for more full-color options in their batting gloves, the new Powerstrap customization includes five full-color chrome options, something new for the line. “There is more variety in the Powerstrap in terms of color,” Stahl said. “The Powerstrap is something we are really excited about.”

The customization allows consumers to really embrace the full-color options including with chrome. More importantly for Franklin, though, the addition of the Powerstrap shows the growth of the company’s latest in batting glove fit and feel.

Tim Newcomb covers gear and business for Baseball America. Follow him on Twitter at @tdnewcomb.

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