Fantasy Podcast: Roboscout, News And Complex Ball

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Image credit: Evan Carter (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)

This week on the Baseball America Fantasy Podcast, hosts Dylan White and Geoff Pontes run through the week of news, injury updates and the stories impacting fantasy baseball before diving into this week’s Roboscout update.

Time Stamps

(0-2:00) Open
(2:00-4:00) Friedl
(4:00-6:00) Bryan Woo
(6:00 -12:00) Kjerstad and the next Orioles player up
(12:00 – 16:00) Evan Carter injury
(16:00-18:00) Jasson Domiguez 
(18:00 – 20:00) Austin Riley 
(20:00 – 22:30) Jung Hoo Lee injury 
(22:30 – 24:00) Joendry Vargas
(24:00-38:00) Roboscout Discussion

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