Fantasy Podcast: 10 Breakout Hitting Prospects You Need To Roster


Image credit: Adrian Del Castillo (John Williamson/Four Seam Images)

The Baseball America Fantasy Podcast is back this week with a jam-packed show covering 10 must-add prospects in dynasty leagues with strong Roboscout scores and statcast data.

Time Stamps

(0:00-4:00) Intro
(4:00-6:30) Acuna
(6:30-8:30) James Wood
(8:30-13:30) Angel Genoa, SS
(13:30-18:00) Adrian Del Castillo
(18:00-22:00) Alex Freeland
(22:00-25:00) Agustin Ramirez
(25:00-28:00) Matthew Lugo
(28:00-32:00) Dalton Rushing
(32:00-35:00) Samuel Zavala
(35:00-38:00) Brailer Guerrero
(38:00-42:00) Javier Sanoja
(42:00-45:00) Franyerber Montilla

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