Every 2019 MLB Draft Pick Playing In The College World Series

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For plenty of college baseball players, there are two dreams: 1) reach the College World Series in Omaha, then 2) get drafted by an MLB organization. 

Sixty players arriving at the 2019 College World Series this week can now say both dreams were realized this month. 

Listed below are 2019 MLB Draft picks listed by team who will play in the College World Series. Some fun facts and figures…

Vanderbilt has the most draft picks (13). Florida State has the least (4). The breakdown is as follows: 

  • Vanderbilt (13)
  • Mississippi State (11)
  • Louisville (8)
  • Arkansas (7)
  • Texas Tech (7)
  • Auburn (5)
  • Michigan (5)
  • Florida State (4)

The highest pick is Vanderbilt’s J.J. Bleday (fourth overall to the Marlins). The lowest is Louisville RHP Shay Smiddy, who went in the 36th round to Tampa Bay. 

There are three first rounders: Bleday, Texas Tech’s Josh Jung (Rangers, 8th overall) and Mississippi State’s Ethan Small (Brewers, 28th overall). 

Thirty-three of the 60 players drafted are pitchers. The breakdown by position looks like this: 

  • RHP (21)
  • LHP (12)
  • OF (9)
  • SS (5)
  • 1B (4)
  • C (4)
  • 3B (3)
  • 2B (2)

The Brewers and Marlins each drafted the most players set to make College World Series appearances, taking five each. 

The breakdown by team looks like this: 

Arizona Diamondbacks 3
Atlanta Braves 1
Baltimore Orioles 0
Boston Red Sox 2
Chicago Cubs 1
Chicago White Sox 1
Cincinnati Reds 2
Cleveland Indians 0
Colorado Rockies 4
Detroit Tigers 4
Houston Astros 2
Kansas City Royals 3
Los Angeles Angels 1
Los Angeles Dodgers 1
Miami Marlins 5
Milwaukee Brewers 5
Minnesota Twins 2
New York Mets 2
New York Yankees 1
Oakland A’s 2
Philadelphia Phillies 0
Pittsburgh Pirates 4
San Diego Padres 1
San Francisco Giants 3
Seattle Mariners 2
St. Louis Cardinals 1
Tampa Bay Rays 3
Texas Rangers 1
Toronto Blue Jays 1
Washington Nationals 2


Below are the team-by-team picks. 


Dominic Fletcher, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks (2s round, Pick 75)
Isaiah Campbell, RHP, Seattle Mariners (2s round, Pick 76)
Matt Cronin, LHP, Washington Nationals (4th round, Pick 123)
Jack Kenley, SS, Detroit Tigers (8th round, Pick 232)
Jacob Kostyshock, RHP, Detroit Tigers (8th round, Pick 249)
Cody Scroggins, RHP, Boston Red Sox (9th round, Pick 287)
Zack Plunkett, RHP, LA Dodgers (20th round, pick 611)


Will Holland, SS, Minnesota Twins (5th round, Pick 149)
Davis Daniel, RHP, LA Angels (7th round, Pick 211)
Eduoard Julien, 2B, Minnesota Twins (18th round, Pick 539)
Jack Owen, LHP, St. Louis Cardinals (21st round, Pick 635)
Elliott Anderson, LHP, KC Royals (23rd round, Pick 679)

Florida State

Drew Mendoza, 3B, Washington Nationals (3rd round, Pick 94)
J.C. Flowers, RHP, Pittsburgh Pirates (4th round, Pick 124)
Drew Parrish, LHP, Kansas City Royals (8th round, Pick 229)
Mike Salvatore, SS, Seattle Mariners (9th round, Pick 276)


Logan Wyatt, 1B, San Francisco Giants (2nd round, Pick 51)
Michael McAvene, RHP, Chicago Cubs (3rd round, Pick 103)
Tyler Fitzgerald, SS, San Francisco Giants (4th round, Pick 116)
Nick Bennett, LHP, Milwaukee Brewers (6th round, Pick 193)
Bryan Hoeing, RHP, Miami Marlins (7th round, Pick 201)
Jake Snider, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates (20th round, Pick 604)
Drew Campbell, OF, Atlanta Braves (23rd round, Pick 697)
Shay Smiddy, RHP, Tampa Bay Rays (36th round, Pick 1088)


Tommy Henry, LHP, Arizona Diamondbacks (2s round, Pick 74)
Karl Kauffmann, RHP, Colorado Rockies (2s round, Pick 77)
Jordan Brewer, OF, Houston Astros (3rd round, Pick 106)
Jack Weisenburger, RHP, Oakland Athletics (20th round, Pick 614)
Jimmy Kerr, 3B, Detroit Tigers (33rd round, Pick 982)

Mississippi State

Ethan Small, LHP, Milwaukee Brewers (1st Round, Pick 28)
Jake Mangum, OF, NY Mets (4th round, Pick 118)
Colby White, RHP, Tampa Bay Rays (6th round, Pick 188)
Trysten Barlow, LHP, Colorado Rockies (16th round, Pick 489)
Dustin Skelton, C, Miami Marlins (18th round, Pick 531)
Jared Liebelt, RHP, Arizona Diamondbacks (20th round, Pick 602)
Keegan James, RHP, Colorado Rockies (25th round, Pick 759)
Marshall Gilbert, C, Pittsburgh Pirates (29th round, Pick 874)
Peyton Plumlee, RHP, Houston Astros (31st round, Pick 946)
Cole Gordon, RHP, NY Mets (32nd round, Pick 958)
Tanner Allen, 1B, Colorado Rockies (34th round, Pick 1029)

Texas Tech

Josh Jung, 3B, Texas Rangers (1st round, Pick 8)
Gabe Holt, 2B, Milwaukee Brewers (7th round, Pick 223)
Caleb Killian, RHP, San Francisco Giants (8th round, Pick 236)
Taylor Floyd, RHP, Milwaukee Brewers (10th round, Pick 313)
John McMillon, OF, Detroit Tigers (11th round, Pick 322)
Caleb Freeman, RHP, Chicago White Sox (15th round, Pick 440)
Cameron Warren, 1B, Cincinnati Reds (22nd round, Pick 654)


J.J. Bleday, OF, Miami Marlins (1st round, Pick 4)
Drake Fellows, RHP, San Diego Padres (6th round, Pick 173)
Philip Clarke, C, Toronto Blue Jays (9th round, Pick 267)
Ethan Paul, SS, Pittsburgh Pirates (9th round, Pick 274)
Steve Scott, OF, Boston Red Sox (10th round, Pick 317)
Zach King, LHP, Miami Marlins (13th round, Pick 381)
Jackson Gillis, LHP, Milwaukee Brewers (13th round, Pick 403)
Joe Gobillot, LHP, Tampa Bay Rays (16th round, Pick 488)
A.J. Franklin, LHP, KC Royals (17th round, Pick 499)
Patrick Raby, RHP, Cincinnati Reds (17th round, Pick 504)
Pat DeMarco, OF, NY Yankees (17th round, Pick 525)
Ty Duvall, C, Oakland Athletics (25th round, Pick 764)
Julian Infante, 1B, Miami Marlins (36th round, Pick 1071)

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