“I usually have more power to left-center field, especially when I get a pitch up in the zone like I did (Saturday),” Acton said. “Really my approach is always just trying to stay closed and make sure I don’t open too much so I can track the ball and hit it where it’s pitched.”

That approach — and subsequent ability to make hard contact to all parts of the field — is what separates Acton from his peers in Palmer’s eyes. And it is those qualities that has made Palmer such a believer in Acton’s future potential — regardless of where he ends up defensively.

“You see a lot of power guys at his age and they’re very pull-happy,” Palmer said. “That works for them, but Cory is not that type of hitter. That’s why I think he’ll always hit for a high average, no matter what level he plays, because he does such a good job of using the whole field. And he’s going to give you some power, as well. You can see that just by the way he drives the ball into both gaps so well.”