Cincinnati Reds 2020 Top 10 MLB Prospects Chat

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Justin Coleman: Hey everyone, let’s discuss some Reds baseball! I look forward to answering your questions. Now, let’s get goin’…

Zak (Boston):

     How do you compare Lodolo to Mike Leake? Leake made the rotation out of his first spring training, but does Lodolo have any shot of doing the same?

Justin Coleman: Near a zero percent chance of that happening. I get where you are coming from, and even with his eye-popping control numbers, I still think Lodolo will get plenty of other assignments in the minors. I don’t think there is much need to rush him, especially with the step forward that the Reds’ staff took this year at the big league level.

G4 (Milwaukee):

     Vladimir Gutierrez has both the best curve and best change in the system but failed to crack a mediocre top 10, not all that surprising following his poor season at AAA. But with two plus pitches, is next-level upside realistically within reach?

Justin Coleman: You make a good point about Vlad. The guy has stuff, it was just a tough year for him. Triple-A was obviously a tough environment on all pitchers this year, not just Vlad. Considering he has stuff and is in the upper minors, I expect he will iron things out at some point. Struggle can help a player adapt and adjust, which is important to figure out before you move on to face the best competition in the game.

Leo K (NYC):

     Do you think the progress Stephenson showed in Arizona this fall impacted the Reds decision to not to pursue Grandal?

Justin Coleman: I don’t think these two are related all that much. Stephenson is a solid ball player, but Grandal currently provides “now” impact on both sides of the ball. Stephenson’s hit tool is coming around a bit more, which is a good sign. As you know, it comes down to cost acquisition with regards to any free agent…

KB (NY):

     Reece Hinds top 100 in the near future?

Justin Coleman: Not for me. Super athletic kid with big time power– very raw like plenty of other prep bats. Don’t think he is all that close to the Top 100 list at this point. Let’s say his hit tool comes along significantly over the coming season or two, then maybe you could spell out a case…

KB (NY):

     Tyler Callihan showed impressive numbers, particularly in total bases in his pro debut. Is it his fielding that kept him out of the top 10 prospects?

Justin Coleman: The bat is pretty legit and should be what carries him throughout his career. The positional questions did come up, but the other guys on the list are pretty solid as well. Not out of the question that he is a top 10 guy for them sometime towards the end of next season.

JVD (Indy):

     What do you make of Jose Siri’s chance to be a contributor at the MLB level? He seems to flash superstar tools and potential but then fall off for weeks at a time.

Justin Coleman: Consistency is usually the issue with Siri. Lots of tools there– extremely athletic, plays aggressive. Struggled in the upper minors this year… I think he can still contribute, sure. Would be really exciting to see what kind of player we are talking about if everything clicks for him.

Rick (Stafford, Virginia):

     What is India’s ceiling? Do you feel he’s been a disappointment thus far considering his high draft status & the fact he was drafted out of an elite college program?

Justin Coleman: I don’t think he has been a disappointment exactly. He is a pretty quality all-around type of player. I do feel like there is more pop left in his offensive game. If he gets to it a bit more, I think it’s a sure thing that he is at least a ML regular or even better. His feel for the game helps him to be solid when he moves around defensively. This type of versatility should help him get more at-bats down the road.

Wesley (Raleigh, North Carolina):

     Do you believe Hunter Greene winds up in the pen when it’s all said & done or do you still project him as a top of the rotation arm?

Justin Coleman: I still think he has every chance to be a front of the rotation arm. They will take it slow with him and rightfully so. If he can’t navigate his way through the lineup 3 or 4 times then it’s easy to discuss moving him to the pen, especially with the big time power stuff he has.

Dan (Ohio):

     Would Taylor Trammell have been the No. 1 prospect if he remained in the system?

Justin Coleman: This is a fun question. I would lean no at this point, although he would still be top 2 or top 3 just from a glance.

Karl of Delaware (Georgetown, Delaware):

     Pick a ‘sleeper’ from way down in the minors – from a short season team.

Justin Coleman: Francis Peguero is interesting… Two-pitch guy, signed in 2017. The stuff isn’t great but he is an advanced strike thrower with feel to hit the zone with his fastball. Danny Lantigua has some tools. He has power and could play a solid RF in the future thanks to a strong arm and good foot speed.

Justin (USA):

     Kyle Boddy seemed pretty excited to add Tejay Antone to the 40-man roster this offseason based on some of his comments. The production seems alright, but not super exciting. Am I missing something?

Justin Coleman: I like Antone myself as well– four pitch guy; aggressive on the mound. Good control.. it will be fun to see what this upcoming season has in store for him.

Frank (Dayton):

     The Reds were finally allowed to spend internationally again, and signed several high dollar players. What can you tell me about them?

Justin Coleman: Michel Triana is fun– has power in his swing, good around 1B. It will be interesting to see how aggressive they are with him.

Buff (Snowy Colorado):

     Worried about India — poor AFL performance, no real carrying tool. Does he still project as a major part of the Reds’ future, or as a complementary piece at best?

Justin Coleman: I still think he will be a big leaguer. Solid guy or better? Sure. Super-Star? Doubtful at the moment.

Andrew (Cincinnati):

     The Reds seem to like college pitchers who are near big league ready but don’t have much room to improve, does this apply to Lodolo, or does he have any areas where he can make a jump in?

Justin Coleman: I think he is advanced, I don’t think there is much question about that. When it comes to guys that just join an org, I think you want to continue with pitch refinement etc. before being super aggressive and pushing him through the minors. I’m curious to see how he opens the 2020 season– if he has similar success etc. The ceiling is really good for Lodolo, so it will be exciting to watch him progress.

Stephen (Phoenix):

     Is Mike Siani’s 50 fielding grade accurate? I`m no scout, but I think it’s at least a 60.

Justin Coleman: I was thinking more 50-55 from the info I received, but I can see why you’d think it is a 60. He is really athletic and pretty quality in CF with good foot speed.

Justin Coleman: Thanks for sending in the questions everyone… As always, had a blast. Take care! Cheers, JC

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