We were going in today and we knew that we had six kids who could pitch,” coach Mike Petty said. “Jack Jasiak threw a complete game the first game and then the next game went 11 innings, but we only had to throw two guys. Delucia threw 99 pitches in eight innings. And then Nesbitt came in and shut the door.”

Both the Canes and FTB were down to their final arms in the championship game, and both teams had to resort to pitching players whose futures are solidly in the batter’s box, not on the mound. Without Delucia’s effort in the semi-finals, the Canes might have had to go to position players earlier, and the first place trophy might never have been there’s to claim.

Because of that, Delucia was named the World Championship’s Most Valuable Pitcher.

“Ninety-nine pitches is a lot,” Delucia said. “I don’t usually do that. But it was one of those things where you felt it and you have to keep going . . . Friday was a rough day, (I started) off really bad. Walking the first batter, beaming the second, walking the third. So coming back, bouncing back to this was a really good outing.

It was absolutely amazing. I’ve never been here, never played in a tournament like this. Truly a blessing to win this.”

Petty echoed those comments shortly after a few sleep deprived, yet animated Canes players showered him with a Gatorade cooler full of cold, ice water.

“It’s great. It’s awesome,” he said. “I think, obviously the kids are amazing, and we’re going to be very strong next year with the older group, I mean that speaks for itself. It’s just our organization. Our General Manager, Dan Gitzen, he probably works 80 hours a week, working his tail off, getting players. And then obviously my brother (Jeff Petty) owns it. It’s incredible what he’s built, to have players with heart like this and attitude like this.

“There were tons of kids here who were obviously prospects. Like you saw, we were playing last night, and there was nothing on us all week. Because we’re younger. But not everyone can have heart, and we get to choose that. And these guys have that.”