Better Know A Broadcaster: Adam Marco

What Is Your Name?

Adam Marco

Which Team Do You Work For?

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders

Which Other Baseball Teams Have You Broadcasted For?

Williamsport Crosscutters (2007-Short-Season- Phillies), Oklahoma City RedHawks (2008-09- Triple-A, Rangers), and the West Virginia Power (2010-17- Low-A, Pirates)

What Other Sports Have You Broadcasted?

Basketball, field hockey, football, hockey, lacrosse, soccer and wrestling

Who Is Your Favorite MLB Broadcaster Of All Time?

Totally biased take for someone from Pittsburgh … Lanny Fraterre or Greg Brown of the Pirates. I don’t recall listening to Bob Prince as a precursor to that duo, though I’m sure I did when I was young. I love their enthusiasm for the game and the city. I was a Jack Buck fan and I think Joe Buck does a phenomenal job. I also believe I do a solid Will Ferrell doing Harry Caray impression, so perhaps Harry Caray in on the list too.

Where Is Your Favorite Road City?

Tough call, but probably Indianapolis in the International League and Greenville (S.C.) in the SAL.

What Is Your Career Highlight?

Getting in the business, perhaps? I left a full-time job in radio at the age of 27 to be a promotions intern with Williamsport. I have learned so much from so many people, and have come to respect the variety of talents it takes to run a Minor League franchise. After 13 seasons, it is tough to pinpoint a “highlight” other than the moment I got in to this “living the dream” world.

What Unseen Parts Of The Job Do You Feel People Should Know About?

Others have mentioned several “unseen” aspects—media relations, sales, tarp, etc. Broadcasters also serving as the de facto team historian and record keeper, regardless of tenure. Currently, I’m leading the RailRiders’ promotional efforts, which is a fun way to stay creative during the offseason.

One of my favorite behind-the-scenes tasks, however, was a school assembly program in West Virginia. We created a health initiative based on a 5-2-1-0 program. I wrote the script and have it ingrained in my memory- Five servings of fruit and vegetables daily, two hours or less of screen time daily, one hour of physical activity daily and zero sugar-sweetened beverages.

I would travel with the mascot and one other person to schools within 90 minutes of Charleston, putting on this free half-hour school assembly program. It was built like a game show, making it unique everywhere we went. Broadcasters are often the team’s emcee during the offseason, and that was truly a rewarding use of time.

What’s Your Best Story From The Road?

Just one? Too tough… In 2007 Warner Fusselle was the Brooklyn Cyclones’ broadcaster. He warned me that I needed an umbrella because it would rain for at least one half-inning per game (Keyspan Park had (has?) an open-air (outdoor really) press box).

In 2015, a broadcast intern took a road trip for me … but left the broadcast gear at home. I had to haul up I-79 from Charleston to Hagerstown in time for a 4:45 doubleheader pregame show. I got there in time to get him on the air and almost just did the games while making him sit and watch me silently, but he felt bad enough as it was. I think he still owes me a book report on TED Talks (his “punishment” for forgetting).

How about the bus ride after the “eclipse” game a few years ago? The only time I have ever been on a bus that broke down. Took four hours to get from Greenville to Charlotte (should take less than two) and then the bus broke down going north in I-77. We had to get hotels rooms at 1 a.m. because the bus was not getting us home. I think the whole ride took 20 hours from door-to-door (those instances are rare and things happen).

If anyone knows me, however, they know I’m a foodie. Some broadcasters take their per diem, spend a little and save a lot. While I do occasionally do that, I also like to make sure that I’m experiencing the best that each city has to offer. Whether it was a season-long quest for the best barbecue (Lexington, KY) or sandwich (Zunzi’s in Savannah, GA) or wings in Buffalo (Duff’s by a mile), I want to find the food experience where the local cuisine shines. I used to write a blog, switched to tweets and am now waiting anxiously for the return of #MinorLeagueKerouac.

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