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Baseball America Prospect Report – August 14, 2018

Monday's Stars

Ronald Acuna, OF, Braves and Juan Soto, OF, Nationals. Acuna homered to lead off the first game of yesterday's doubleheader for the Braves and then homered again to lead off the nightcap. In the process, the 20-year-old became the youngest player in MLB history to homer in four consecutive games. He now has 17 home runs with the Braves, third most on the team despite the fact that he's played only 66 games. Not to be forgotten, Soto also homered yesterday for his 15th home run of the season.

At this point, the National League Rookie of the Year race still looks like Soto's to lose, although Acuna is trying to put together a very strong finishing kick. Marlins outfielder/third baseman Brian Anderson (.279/.359/.407) has played more games than either, but he trails far behind in slugging percentage. Giants righthander Dereck Rodriguez (6-1, 2.25) has a solid case himself. He's been a very effective starter for the Giants since June rolled around.

But when comparing Acuna and Soto, offensively there's no comparison. Acuna is having the kind of season that we expect from a 20-year-old prospect: plenty of power, few walks and a lot of highlights. What Soto is doing is unheard of from a 19-year-old. He's about 40 plate appearances away from qualifying for leaderboards, but if he keeps up his current pace, he'll rank fourth in the majors in on-base percentage when he does. His .421 on-base percentage trails only Mike Trout, Mookie Betts and Joey Votto, arguably the three best hitters in baseball right now. Votto, Trout, Aaron Judge, Bryce Harper, Miguel Cabrera, Paul Goldschmidt, Shin-Soo Choo and Jose Bautista are the only players who have topped a .421 OBP in any season this decade.

His .547 slugging percentage is excellent and his .246 isolated power is exceptional for a rookie. But Soto's walk rate (17.1 percent) and his OBP are a cut above anything Acuna is doing. When the season is over, Soto will likely have posted the best-ever on-base percentage by a teenager, with the most walks and with the third or fourth most home runs ever hit in a season by a teenager.

In a normal year, Acuna would have a very strong case to be the NL Rookie of the Year. This year, Acuna's superior defense will be hard-pressed to make up for giving up nearly 70 points in on-base percentage and history.

Touki Toussaint, RHP, Braves. Toussaint had an excellent MLB debut, as he mowed down the Marlins lineup for six innings, allowing two hits and two walks on his way to allowing one run. He struck out four.

Sean Reid-Foley, RHP, Blue Jays. Reid-Foley's MLB debut was a little rockier. He worked five innings, allowing six hits, three walks and three runs while striking out three.

Kyle Isbel, CF, Royals. The Royals third-round pick out of UNLV has gotten off to a great start with low Class A Lexington. Isbel went 3-for-4 yesterday with a double. a home run, a walk and a stolen base. He's now hitting .325/.400/.506 with 11 steals in 12 tries over 22 games. Overall, he has 23 steals in 27 attempts in 47 games as a pro.

Austin Beck, OF, Athletics. Beck has steadily improved this season and is on pace to finish the year with a very respectable if unspectacular first full season as a pro. Beck went 3-for-4 yesterday with his 26th double and fourth triple of the season. He is now hitting .292/.332/.383 for low Class A Beloit. His lack of home run pop (one home run in 103 games) is surprising, but Beck has hit for average and has shown steady improvement.

ARIAAABrito, Socrates LF4120.328CS (3)
ARIAAAClarke, Taylor P3000.214
ARIAAACron, Kevin PH1000.330
ARIAAAQuerecuto, Juniel 2B4010.320
ARIAAAVargas, Ildemaro SS4230.3053B (10)
ARIAAAWalker, Christian 1B4110.305
ARIRKennedy, Buddy 3B5011.337
ARIRRobinson, Kristian CF3210.272BB (16), CS (5)
ARIRThomas, Alek CF4000.381BB (6)
ARISSMcCarthy, Jake CF5020.2872B (9)
ARISSRose, Joey 3B4000.217
ARISSYerzy, Andy C3011.3022B (9), BB (19)
ATLAAAJackson, Alex C3101.217BB (10)
ATLAAAPeterson, Dustin LF4110.275
ATLAAARiley, Austin 3B4000.284
ATLHiAContreras, William C3121.3752B (4), BB (4)
ATLHiAJenista, Greyson RF3010.273BB (1)
ATLHiAWaters, Drew CF5010.226
ATLLoALugbauer, Drew C5121.237
ATLLoARamos, Jeffrey DH4010.244BB (23)
ATLMAJAcuna, Ronald LF5232.282HR (17)
BALLoAEncarnacion, Jean Carlos PR0000.293
BALLoAGrenier, Cadyn SS4210.167CS (2)
BOSHiAChatham, C.J. SS4132.307CS (3)
BOSHiANetzer, Brett 2B4111.286
BOSLoASuarez, Kervin CF4000.253
CHCLoAAmaya, Miguel C4110.2702B (21)
CHCLoAHerron, Jimmy LF3011.236SB (1)
CHCRRoederer, Cole CF4021.278CS (4)
CHCSSSierra, Jonathan RF4110.2502B (11), BB (18)
CHCSSVelazquez, Nelson CF3100.240BB (19), SB (9)
CHCSSWeber, Andy 2B5110.370BB (5)
CINAAAStephens, Jackson P0000.500
CINHiAIsabel, Ibandel RF4010.267
CINHiARodriguez, Alfredo SS3001.200
CINHiAStephenson, Tyler C3000.264BB (39)
CINLoADowns, Jeter SS2100.258BB (43)
CINLoAIndia, Jonathan 3B4000.209
CINMAJErvin, Phillip RF3010.295SB (2)
CINRRuiz, Victor C4120.3232B (3)
CINRSiani, Mike PH1000.331
CINRSpillane, Bren RF4000.244
CLEAAABradley, Bobby 1B4010.209
CLEAAAChang, Yu SS4000.255
CLEAAAMercado, Oscar CF3000.161BB (5)
CLELoABenson, Will DH3000.164
CLELoAGonzalez, Oscar RF4010.2952B (23)
CLEMAJAllen, Greg CF5110.232SB (9)
CLEMAJGonzalez, Erik PH1000.299
CLERGonzalez, Marcos SS3000.349
CLERKwan, Steven CF1000.000BB (3)
CLERNaylor, Noah DH4010.305
CLERRodriguez, Johnathan RF-CF4221.2963B (3)
COLAAAFuentes, Josh 3B5001.318
COLAAAPatterson, Jordan 1B4120.277
COLRLavigne, Grant 1B4000.364
COLRMontano, Daniel DH3121.287HR (3), BB (12)
CWSAAAJimenez, Eloy LF4113.362HR (11)
CWSAAAZavala, Seby C4110.2522B (7)
CWSLoAWalker, Steele CF4010.184SB (1)
CWSRDelgado, Lency SS3000.236SB (4)
CWSRPolo, Tito CF2111.417HR (3), 2 BB (5), SB (3)
CWSRSosa, Lenyn SS5114.3053B (2)
DETAAAlcantara, Sergio DH2100.2852 BB (33)
DETAACameron, Daz CF4100.291
DETAACastro, Willi SS3121.262BB (31), SB (14)
DETAAParedes, Isaac 3B3011.303
DETAAALugo, Dawel 3B2000.269BB (9)
DETAAAStewart, Christin LF2000.249BB (52)
DETHiAHill, Derek CF3112.2313B (2), BB (26)
DETLoAClemens, Kody 2B4020.2992B (10)
DETLoAMorgan, Joey DH3110.2303B (1)
DETMAJReyes, Victor CF3211.226BB (3)
DETRKing, Jose SS4011.320BB (2), SB (5)
DETRLiniak, Kingston CF4010.217
DETRMeadows, Parker CF5010.2863B (1)
HOUAAAAlvarez, Yordan LF4011.2292B (3)
HOUAAADavis, J.D. RF3000.335
HOUAAAStraw, Myles CF4110.2512B (7)
HOULoASierra, Miguelangel 2B3000.223BB (24)
KCAAADewees, Donnie LF4111.2392B (8)
KCAAAGallagher, Cam DH5122.2622B (13)
KCAAAHernandez, Elier RF4111.3612B (7)
KCAAALopez, Nicky SS4010.285BB (20)
KCLoAIsbel, Kyle CF4132.3252B (7), HR (2), BB (10), SB (11)
KCLoAMatias, Seuly RF4010.231
KCLoAMelendez, M.J. C4020.246
KCLoAPratto, Nick 1B4010.259
KCMAJO'Hearn, Ryan DH2113.160HR (2), BB (5)
KCMAJPhillips, Brett CF2110.250BB (3)
LAAAAAThaiss, Matt 1B4000.276
LAAHiAMarsh, Brandon CF4120.2513B (6), BB (42)
LAAHiATodd, Jonah LF4100.206BB (48)
LAALoAHunter, Torii CF4000.252
LAALoAMenendez, Kiki 1B4000.233
LAALoARivas, Leonardo SS4000.233
LAAMAJFletcher, David 2B4001.250
LAAMAJOhtani, Shohei PH0100.271BB (24)
LAAREnglish, William DH5000.172
LAARMaitan, Kevin 3B5230.2492 2B (8)
LAARSoto, Livan SS5121.297
LAARWilliams, Nonie LF5121.1883B (5)
LADAAAFarmer, Kyle SS4221.2962B (24), BB (12)
LADAAALocastro, Tim CF2111.302BB (24), SB (15)
LADAAARios, Edwin 3B4221.3042B (18), BB (16)
LADAAASmith, Will C4012.0912B (1)
LADAAAVerdugo, Alex RF5110.339
LADLoAMann, Devin 1B4022.2483B (1)
MIAAAALee, Braxton CF5110.2212B (3)
MIAAAAPeters, Dillon P2000.176
MIAHiABird, Corey LF4110.231
MIAHiABrigman, Bryson SS5121.2652B (1)
MIAHiAMahan, Riley 2B4121.2462B (18)
MIAHiANelson, James 3B4000.225
MIAHiAPompey, Tristan CF3112.5292B (3), BB (4)
MIALoABanfield, Will C3110.200BB (1)
MIALoAJohnson, Osiris SS4020.2732B (1), CS (1)
MIALoAJones, Thomas LF4000.218
MIALoAScott, Connor CF4010.263
MIALoASoto, Isael RF4010.228
MIALoATorres, Chris DH4010.395
MIAMAJAnderson, Brian RF4000.279
MIAMAJGonzalez, Merandy P2000.250
MIAMAJLopez, Pablo P2000.154
MIAMAJSierra, Magneuris CF3000.167
MIARFortes, Nick C5121.250
MIARMarinez, Ynmanol SS5010.200
MILLoAHarrison, K.J. DH5221.217BB (34)
MILLoAHenry, Payton C2201.251BB (32)
MILLoALutz, Tristen RF6111.245SB (6)
MILLoAMcClanahan, Chad 1B4223.154HR (1), BB (3)
MILRBello, Micah LF3000.248
MILRGray, Joe CF2000.191BB (17)
MILRTurang, Brice SS3100.3172 BB (9)
MINAAAGordon, Nick SS4000.206
MINAAAWade, LaMonte LF3000.246BB (31)
MINHiABlankenhorn, Travis 2B3111.241BB (32)
MINHiAKirilloff, Alex RF4110.3702B (19)
MINHiALewis, Royce SS4011.316
MINHiAMiranda, Jose 3B3000.194
MINLoABaddoo, Akil CF3000.241BB (69)
MINLoABechtold, Andrew 3B3000.219
MINLoAJeffers, Ryan C4000.300
MINLoALarnach, Trevor RF4000.269
MINLoAMaciel, Gabriel DH3010.280SB (16)
MINLoAPearson, Jacob LF4000.257
MINRCelestino, Gilberto CF2100.3202 BB (3), SB (6)
MINRSeverino, Yunior SS4111.274HR (5)
NYMAAAAlonso, Peter 1B3000.249BB (25)
NYMHiABrodey, Quinn LF3010.243
NYMHiACarpio, Luis SS3111.220HR (12), BB (39)
NYMHiALindsay, Desmond CF4000.204
NYMHiASanchez, Ali C4010.283
NYMRHernandez, Adrian CF4010.273
NYMRKelenic, Jarred CF5121.213
NYMRVientos, Mark 3B2000.3022 BB (25)
NYYHiACastillo, Diego 2B5121.264
NYYHiAGilliam, Isiah RF5112.2662B (19)
NYYLoACabrera, Oswaldo 2B4000.228
NYYLoAGarcia, Dermis DH3012.2232B (13), BB (28)
NYYMAJAndujar, Miguel 3B4112.292HR (18)
NYYMAJTorres, Gleyber 2B4000.261
NYYRSeigler, Anthony C3110.2432 BB (8)
OAKAAABarreto, Franklin 2B3222.2452B (14), BB (35), SB (5)
OAKAAABoyd, B.J. RF4011.267
OAKAAAFowler, Dustin CF4220.3602B (11), BB (8)
OAKAAAMateo, Jorge SS3100.229BB (26), SB (21)
OAKAAANeuse, Sheldon 3B4000.258
OAKLoAAllen, Nick SS5221.2262 2B (13)
OAKLoAArmenteros, Lazaro LF3100.2762 BB (27)
OAKLoABeck, Austin CF4233.2922B (26), 3B (4), BB (25)
OAKMAJLaureano, Ramon PR-CF0000.250
PHIAAACozens, Dylan RF3001.243
PHIHiABrito, Daniel 2B2012.2333B (1), BB (1)
PHIHiAMoniak, Mickey CF4010.264
PHILoAMuzziotti, Simon CF5001.257
PHILoAOrtiz, Jhailyn RF4120.225BB (26)
PITLoACruz, Oneil SS4100.286BB (34), SB (11)
PITLoAMitchell, Calvin PH-LF-RF1011.280
PITLoASanchez, Lolo CF3121.238BB (35), CS (11)
PITRMartin, Mason 1B3000.253BB (36)
PITRUselton, Conner RF4010.2362B (2)
SDAAAMejia, Francisco C4121.302HR (2)
SDAAAUrias, Luis 2B3012.271
SDLoAArias, Gabriel DH4000.230
SDLoAMiller, Owen SS3001.360
SDLoARosario, Jeisson CF4220.280
SDLoARuiz, Esteury 2B2010.246CS (9)
SDSSEdwards, Xavier 2B3200.1332 BB (7), SB (2)
SDSSLittle, Grant LF4020.2562B (6), SB (8)
SDSSWilliams-Sutton, Dwanya RF4001.247BB (8)
SEALoAAdams, Johnny SS3010.2222B (17)
SEALoARosa, Joseph DH4010.217
SEARIzturis, Cesar SS4010.2502B (5)
SEARRodriguez, Julio RF3111.313BB (30)
SEARRosario, Ronald RF3000.158
SEASSRaleigh, Cal C5030.2862B (6)
SFAAAGomez, Miguel 2B3010.261
SFAAAHerb, Tyler P2000.143
SFAAAShaw, Chris LF4000.266
SFHiAFabian, Sandro RF3111.2082B (19)
SFLoAGonzalez, Jacob 3B4010.233
SFLoARamos, Heliot DH3012.2433B (5), BB (32)
SFLoAZiegler, Malique CF4020.2642B (8)
SFMAJDuggar, Steven CF4120.2732 SB (4)
SFMAJSlater, Austin 1B3100.286
SFSSBart, Joey C4000.320
STLAAAArozarena, Randy LF4021.2262B (14)
STLAAAEdman, Tommy SS4020.500
STLAAAGreene, Conner P0000.500
STLAAAKelly, Carson C4120.287
STLAAASosa, Edmundo 2B3000.258
STLAAAWilliams, Justin RF4010.2862B (3)
STLHiACapel, Conner CF4001.200BB (4)
STLHiACarlson, Dylan RF5210.2423B (3)
STLLoABaker, Luken DH4120.2972B (6)
STLLoAGorman, Nolan 3B3012.333
STLMAJBader, Harrison CF4110.2752B (10)
STLMAJGarcia, Adolis RF0000.091
STLRGil, Mateo SS3010.245
STLRMachado, Jonathan CF4010.283SB (8)
TBAAACiuffo, Nick C4000.257
TBAAAMeadows, Austin RF4100.290
TBHiABrujan, Vidal 2B3121.464HR (1), BB (8)
TBHiAPalacios, Jermaine SS4000.254
TBLoAHernandez, Ronaldo C4121.286
TBRFranco, Wander SS3110.367BB (18)
TBRMcCarthy, Joe LF2000.000BB (1)
TBRWitherspoon, Grant CF4112.213HR (2)
TEXAAAIbanez, Andy 3B4000.286
TEXAAARobinson, Drew CF2213.310HR (9), 2 BB (24), SB (5)
TEXLoAGonzalez, Pedro RF4010.235CS (4)
TEXLoAReed, Tyreque 1B4000.258
TEXLoAThompson, Bubba CF4232.279HR (6), SB (25)
TEXLoAWhatley, Matt DH3110.182BB (1)
TEXMAJCalhoun, Willie LF2010.275BB (5)
TEXMAJGuzman, Ronald 1B4121.246HR (13)
TEXMAJTocci, Carlos PR-LF1000.174
TEXREasley, Jayce SS6221.333
TEXRGarcia, David C5011.247
TEXROrnelas, Jonathan 3B3430.3052B (9), 3B (3), BB (19)
TEXRRodriguez, Keyber SS2100.2412 BB (22)
TORAAAAlford, Anthony CF5111.224SB (14)
TORAAAMcGuire, Reese C4221.2392B (7)
TORAAAMcKinney, Billy DH4123.2243B (7), HR (14), BB (26)
TORAAATellez, Rowdy 1B4100.274BB (34)
TORHiAAdams, Riley C2100.236BB (41)
TORHiASmith, Kevin SS3000.281BB (20)
TORLoANoda, Ryan RF4210.259BB (92)
TORRDanner, Hagen DH4331.3242B (8), BB (15)
TORRGroshans, Jordan SS5011.331
TORRHiraldo, Miguel 3B3010.333BB (1), 2 SB (2)
TORSSBec, Chris C4120.2392B (6)
TORSSConine, Griffin RF4100.259
TORSSContreras, Mc Gregory LF4011.256CS (2)
WASAAJohnson, Daniel RF4000.275
WASAAKieboom, Carter SS4110.2542B (11)
WASAARead, Raudy C4011.319
WASAAWard, Drew 1B4000.231
WASAAAMarmolejos, Jose 1B3000.254BB (33)
WASAAARobles, Victor CF4010.243
WASAAASeverino, Pedro C3000.202BB (3)
WASAAAStevenson, Andrew LF4020.210SB (12)
WASMAJSoto, Juan LF2212.301HR (15), BB (53)
ARIAAAClarke, Taylor7.0400124.07W (12-7)
ARISSTabor, Matt5.0100133.66
ATLAAAWright, Kyle7.0100182.89W (2-1)
ATLHiAYnoa, Huascar6.0100279.00W (1-2)
ATLMAJToussaint, Touki6.0211241.50W (1-0)
BALLoAHanifee, Brenan5.0843063.02
BOSHiAFeltman, Durbin1.0000030.00Sv (1)
BOSRScherff, Alex3.0200121.80
CHCSSRoberts, Ethan0.1233115.87
CINAAAHerget, Jimmy1.0111023.18
CINAAARainey, Tanner0.2332122.40
CINAAAStephens, Jackson2.0000034.30
CLELoAScott, Adam2.0211033.86L (0-1)
COLRBird, Jake1.2200013.18
COLRRolison, Ryan3.0211232.25
COLSSNikorak, Mike1.0100133.00
CWSAAAHamilton, Ian1.0000021.86
CWSAAAStephens, Jordan5.0875444.43L (3-5)
CWSRBurdi, Zack1.0000034.91
CWSRStiever, Jonathan2.0200143.91
DETAABaez, Sandy1.0000005.64Sv (1)
DETAABurrows, Beau5.0733154.05
DETHiACastro, Anthony5.0522353.20W (7-3)
HOUAAADeetz, Dean2.0100140.84
HOUAAAFerrell, Riley1.0000116.87
HOURRodriguez, Elian2.0222305.21L (1-2)
KCAAAStaumont, Josh2.0222123.18L (1-4)
KCLoADel Rosario, Yefry6.0200153.98W (4-5)
KCMAJKeller, Brad7.0411243.40W (5-5)
LAAAAAAlmonte, Miguel0.2222008.04
LAALoASoriano, Jose3.1322425.08L (0-6)
MIAAAAPeters, Dillon7.0822076.26W (4-7)
MIAHiAGuzman, Jorge4.2344443.81
MIAMAJGonzalez, Merandy4.2833035.73L (2-1)
MIAMAJLopez, Pablo5.1665254.79L (2-3)
MILLoAHerrera, Carlos2.0100125.04Sv (1)
MINAAADe Jong, Chase5.2522254.80L (0-2)
NYMAAAConlon, P.J.4.2533137.02L (3-8)
NYYHiAGarcia, Rony5.0844114.09
NYYLoAVargas, Alexander3.0200024.27
OAKAAANaile, James7.0755224.64
PHIAAADe Los Santos, Enyel6.0633132.62W (10-4)
PHILoAHoward, Spencer6.0411083.90W (8-7)
PITRAshcraft, Braxton4.0300023.00
SDLoAThompson, Mason4.0100034.71
SEAAAARumbelow, Nick2.1200011.88Sv (2)
SEARBenitez, Jorge5.0510174.37W (2-2)
SEASSHoffman, Nolan1.0221113.65L (0-3)
SEASSPlassmeyer, Michael2.0000042.41
SFAAAHerb, Tyler6.0722195.03L (1-6)
SFLoADoval, Camilo1.0000013.48Sv (7)
SFSSWong, Jake3.0100042.45
STLAAAGreene, Conner0.2000113.34
STLMAJHudson, Dakota0.2000010.90W (3-0)
STLRRoberts, Griffin1.0000014.15
TBAAAPoche, Colin1.1111011.05
TBHiAMcKay, Brendan5.0622243.12
TBRMcClanahan, Shane1.0100020.00
TBRPeguero, Joel2.0111129.78
TORAAAWaguespack, Jacob5.0455335.01W (5-6)
TORMAJReid-Foley, Sean5.0633335.40L (0-1)
WASAACrowe, Wil5.0544234.09L (0-2)
Juan Soto (Photo By Michael Reaves Getty Images)

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