ATEC Updates Popular M3X Training Machines 

The ATEC MX3 Training Machine has received an update. The 2.0 version, one for baseball and one for softball, adds a new micro-adjustment knob for a quicker and more precise adjustment, whether used during batting or defensive drills, and a host of other tweaks.  

ATEC, part of the Wilson family of brands and the official training equipment of Major League Baseball, had grown popular with the M3X machines that could transition from offensive to defensive drills in a matter of minutes. The company claims this feature makes them the only machine baseball and softball coaches need. The upgrades build off that versatility.  

“I’m a huge fan of the ATEC M3X machines and am excited to start using the new 2.0 version. I even requested to have the first ones off the assembly line,” said Link Jarrett, Florida State head baseball coach. “The M3X 2.0 machines are great because they’re easy to use and extremely versatile. It’s simple to transition from BP to defensive drills, including ground balls and fly balls. They help us efficiently manage all the drills we need to do to help our players improve and stay on top of their game.”? 

M3X 2.0 Baseball and Softball Training Machines, with a retail price of $3,500, can be adjusted to throw varying pitch speeds,?with maximum velocities of 95-plus mph for baseball and 70-plus mph for softball. The?new?micro-adjustment knob allows for more precise on-the-fly adjustments?to quickly?switch?from ground?balls?to?fly balls during defensive drills?and?change?pitch types and locations during batting practice.? 

“Building off the tremendous success of the M3X machine, the M3X 2.0 has been upgraded with higher top-end speeds, faster breaking balls and more control over pitch location,” said Todd Heinemann, ATEC consumer relations manager. “We have been working with Rapsodo to provide in-depth spin rates on every possible pitch so coaches will be able to find the exact pitch they want to throw for any ability level. The M3X 2.0 also has a smaller footprint and is much lighter than the larger machines on the market, so it has all the power and functionality a coach will ever need.”? 

The new knob allows for quicker and more precise adjustments than previously, both in batting practice and during defensive drills. The?M3X 2.0’s re-engineered?steel wheel guards?improve?durability, while the redesigned high-definition ball chute has an adjusted angle to provide a more?unobstructed view of the ball?both at the plate and in the field.?The elevation pro handle improves?elevation?range on fly balls without?the need to?manually?tilt?the machine.?? 

The? speed control dial allows coaches to change pitch types seamlessly, with no more than eight seconds?needed to change pitches.?Compatible with leather, foam and dimpled balls, M3X 2.0 machines have a?five-year limited warranty for frame and non-moving parts and a?two-year limited warranty on moving parts.? 

Tim Newcomb covers gear and business for Baseball America. Follow him on Twitter at @tdnewcomb.  

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