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Arizona Fall Prospect League Report — November 1, 2021

Nelson Velazquez Billmitchell
Nelson Velazquez (Photo by Bill Mitchell)

Nelson Velazquez, OF, Cubs — Velazquez had an excellent weekend in the AFL, which is in line with the way he's performed for the first three weeks of the fall. His 12 total bases on Friday and Saturday were tops on the circuit, and his line included a double and two more home runs in an overall 5-for-8 effort. Velazquez's 42 total bases are the tops in the league by a wide margin. His five AFL homers place him in a four-way tie for the league lead, along with Jeter Downs, Lars Nootbaar and ...

Seuly Matias, OF, Royals — After a year in which Nick Pratto and MJ Melendez went through career renaissances, might Matias be next? The book on Matias has long been that he can crush balls to the deepest realms of any park, but he doesn't connect often enough for it to be usable in the long run. In the AFL, he's been feasting. Matias over the weekend went 4-for-9 with two homers, his fourth and fifth of the Fall League. Over the first half, he's slashing .261/.352/.609, albeit with 19 strikeouts, second most in the league behind Brett Baty.

Elijah Dunham, OF, Yankees — It appears the Yankees may have gotten a steal by plucking Dunham from the undrafted free agent pool in 2020. The Indiana alum had a solid debut season split between both Class A levels, and has put several cherries on top of his year in the AFL. Dunham went 4-for-6 over the weekend and has been an on-base machine in the first half of the Fall League. Overall, he's slashing .395/.540/.711 and is one of seven players in the league with 10 or more walks.

Cole Henry, RHP, Nationals — Henry's year was marred by injuries, but he's making up for lost time in the Fall League. In a year when the pitching has been subpar at best, the Louisiana State alum has been outstanding. In his latest turn, Henry whiffed six over four one-hit innings. His 24 strikeouts are the most in the AFL, three above Rangers righthander Owen White. After his season was interrupted, Henry has used the first half of the Fall League as a fine rebound point.


ARIAFLDominic Canzone, RF4112.3042B (2),
ARIAFLBuddy Kennedy, 3B3110.1182B (1), BB (2),
ATLAFLDrew Lugbauer, C4322.4212 BB (7),
BOSAFLTriston Casas, 3B5120.304
BOSAFLChristian Koss, SS4010.222
BOSAFLKole Cottam, C3000.192BB (4),
CHCAFLNelson Velazquez, LF4333.423
HR (5), BB (11), E (3),
CHCAFLAndy Weber, SS4320.3413B (3), BB (12),
CLEAFLJose Tena, SS3230.414BB (5), SB (1),
CLEAFLMike Amditis, C3000.107BB (3), E (2),
COLAFLEzequiel Tovar, SS1000.167
COLAFLMichael Toglia, 1B4000.279SB (1),
CWSAFLYolbert Sanchez, SS2111.2312 BB (4),
HOUAFLKorey Lee, C3110.344BB (6),
HOUAFLGrae Kessinger, SS3001.257BB (3),
KCAFLSeuly Matias, OF5233.261HR (5),
KCAFLNathan Eaton, 2B2110.4392 BB (3),
LAAAFLJeremiah Jackson, SS2200.167BB (2), E (1),
LAAAFLOrlando Martinez, RF4000.195
LADAFLJames Outman, CF4111.276HR (3),
LADAFLJacob Amaya, SS4021.2612B (1),
MIAAFLTroy Johnston, OF3012.250
2 BB (7), CS (1),
MIAAFLKameron Misner, OF3212.1952B (3), 2 BB (9),
MILAFLDavid Hamilton, SS3011.333SB (1),
MILAFLJoe Gray, OF4000.033
MINAFLMichael Helman, 2B4000.214
NYMAFLBrett Baty, 3B3001.234
NYMAFLWilmer Reyes, SS4110.216
NYMAFLCarlos Cortes, 2B4010.2502B (2), E (2),
NYMAFLHayden Senger, C4120.238
NYYAFLAustin Wells, C4100.306BB (8),
NYYAFLAndres Chaparro, 3B4011.2502B (3),
NYYAFLElijah Dunham, OF2012.395
2B (4), 2 BB (10),
OAKAFLJonah Bride, 3B5000.212
OAKAFLLogan Davidson, SS5000.242
PHIAFLLogan O'Hoppe, C6130.300CS (1),
PHIAFLSimon Muzziotti, CF1212.270
4 BB (8), CS (1), E (1),
PHIAFLBryson Stott, SS4235.409BB (12),
PITAFLNick Gonzales, SS5333.3483B (1), BB (7),
SDAFLEguy Rosario, 2B4111.270BB (3),
SEAAFLZach DeLoach, CF6110.111
SEAAFLJose Caballero, IF5111.250
SEAAFLCade Marlowe, LF4211.2092B (3), 2 BB (8),
SFAFLHunter Bishop, OF5132.2733 2B (5),
SFAFLMarco Luciano, SS4012.205
SFAFLWill Wilson, SS5000.167
STLAFLJuan Yepez, 1B3000.311BB (7),
STLAFLLars Nootbaar, RF4000.341BB (9),
TEXAFLJustin Foscue, 2B3100.2112 BB (8), SB (1),
TORAFLGabriel Moreno, C4211.3552B (4), BB (7),
TORAFLSpencer Horwitz, 1B5333.4052B (2), HR (1),
TORAFLLeonardo Jimenez, 2B3001.190
WASAFLDrew Millas, C3100.167BB (4),
WASAFLDonovan Casey, RF5111.208HR (2),
WASAFLJackson Cluff, SS4100.344
BB (7), SB (3), E (1),

Prospect Report: Christopher Morel, Nelson Velazquez Go Yard For Cubs

Velazquez and Morel had multi-hit games and Jose Barrero added two hits.


ARIAFLShumpei Yoshikawa, RHP3110304.22
BALAFLLogan Gillaspie, RHP1.27663115.00L (0-1)
BALAFLConner Loeprich, RHP3.14334410.00
BALAFLNick Vespi, LHP2000023.12
BOSAFLConnor Seabold, RHP4333346.08L (1-2)
CINAFLEddy Demurias, RHP1.1100003.86
CLEAFLAaron Pinto, RHP11001013.50
COLAFLJake Bird, RHP1100121.69
CWSAFLMcKinley Moore, RHP1000017.20
DETAFLWilmer Flores, RHP33442110.13L (0-2)
HOUAFLChad Donato, RHP3.1633039.72
HOUAFLAngel Macuare, RHP1.2011114.50
KCAFLMitchell Ellis, RHP0.1200004.50
KCAFLStephen Woods, RHP1100201.29
LAAAFLNathan Burns, RHP1000011.80Sv (1)
LAAAFLZach Linginfelter, RHP1.1100013.52W (1-1)
LADAFLJeff Belge, LHP0.20000215.43
MIAAFLJosh Simpson, LHP1233218.22
MILAFLTaylor Floyd, RHP1000121.59
MINAFLCody Laweryson, RHP1.1200001.00
OAKAFLBryce Conley, RHP1344206.75
PHIAFLHans Crouse, RHP4344457.36
SEAAFLLuis Curvelo, RHP14441212.71
SEAAFLDevin Sweet, RHP1000013.38
SEAAFLJuan Then, RHP3455239.28W (1-2)
SFAFLGregory Santos, RHP1000022.35
SFAFLR.J. Dabovich, RHP1010211.35
SFAFLCole Waites, RHP0.21443027.00
TEXAFLEudrys Manon, RHP0.23330010.13
TEXAFLSpencer Mraz, RHP0.2000007.71Sv (2)
WASAFLCole Henry, RHP4211063.75W (1-0)
WASAFLEvan Lee, LHP1100107.94
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