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Arizona Fall League Prospect Report — October 18, 2021

Spencer Torkelson Billmitchell
Spencer Torkelson (Photo by Bill Mitchell)

Michael Toglia, 1B, Rockies — The slugging Rockies first baseman already made himself known on a national stage this season when swatted a Futures Game home run in front of his future home fans at Coors Field. Now he's started his Fall League campaign on a strong note. He collected a home run in each of Salt River's two weekend games, joining Lars Nootbaar (Cardinals) and Ivan Johnson (Reds) as the only players in the AFL with multiple home runs through the first four days.

Curtis Mead, 3B, Rays — After the Rays acquired him from the Phillies in 2019, Mead had one of the breakout campaigns of this past season. The Australian showed hittability at both Class A levels as well as a brief cameo in Triple-A. Mead went 2-for-8 over the weekend, including his first home run of the Fall League. He's 3-for-12 so far in the AFL with a double as well as the home run.

Joey Wiemer, OF, Brewers — Wiemer is one of the most intriguing players in the Fall League. He's tooled out as all heck, including big-time power, a strong throwing arm and excellent speed. He showed off all of his gifts on Saturday. He hit a home run that left the bat at 108 mph that went an estimated 386 feet the opposite way. He also racked up an outfield assist with a game-best throw measured at 88.6 mph. He also clocked in with a game-best sprint speed of 29.8 feet per second on his other hit of the day, a single. He should be a wildly entertaining player so long as he's in the AFL.

Spencer Torkelson, 1B/3B, Tigers — Simply put, the dude has delivered. The 2020 No. 1 overall pick started his AFL season 7 for his first 14 with a doubles and four walks over the first week. He had the fourth- and fifth-hardest balls of the game on Saturday's game, with singles clocked at 108 and 109 mph off the bat. Torkelson is just one of many stars on an absolutely loaded Salt River team that also includes Michael Toglia, Joey Wiemer and ...

Brett Baty, 3B, Mets — Like Torkelson, Baty has started his AFL season on fire. He's gone an identical 7-for-14, although he's added a pair of doubles and a triple to his ledger. The three-bagger, smoked at 110 mph off the bat, came in his last game of the week, a rout of Mesa that had to be called early because the teams ran out of pitching. Baty greatly boosted his stock with a strong 2021 season; a strong AFL could propel him further into the game's elite prospects.


ARIAFLDominic Canzone, RF4011.375BB (2),
BALAFLRamon Rodriguez, C2010.429BB (1), E (1),
BALAFLKyle Stowers, OF1100.200BB (2),
BOSAFLTriston Casas, 3B5121.308
CHCAFLLuis Vazquez, SS3011.250
CHCAFLNelson Velazquez, LF5001.286E (1),
CHCAFLAndy Weber, SS2100.0002 BB (3),
CINAFLDrew Mount, OF4000.143
CINAFLIvan Johnson, 2B4122.300HR (2), E (1),
CLEAFLJose Tena, SS3111.2862B (1),
CLEAFLRichard Palacios, 2B5122.4002B (3),
COLAFLEzequiel Tovar, SS5121.231
COLAFLMichael Toglia, 1B3222.357HR (2), BB (3),
COLAFLRyan Vilade, LF1110.200
CWSAFLYoelkis Cespedes, OF4110.273
DETAFLSpencer Torkelson, 3B3221.500BB (4),
HOUAFLPedro Leon, OF3100.0772 BB (2),
HOUAFLGrae Kessinger, SS3111.333BB (1),
KCAFLSeuly Matias, OF4000.200
LAAAFLJeremiah Jackson, SS4001.000
LAAAFLOrlando Martinez, RF5010.385
LAAAFLAnthony Mulrine, C3000.000BB (1),
MIAAFLJJ Bleday, OF2100.2002 BB (4),
MIAAFLTroy Johnston, OF1100.5002 BB (3),
MIAAFLKameron Misner, OF3111.250BB (1),
MILAFLMario Feliciano, C4111.1432B (1),
MILAFLJoe Gray, OF5111.111SB (1),
MILAFLJoey Wiemer, OF3323.286HR (1), BB (1),
MINAFLAndrew Bechtold, 3B4010.250E (2),
MINAFLMatt Wallner, RF5123.273HR (1),
MINAFLMichael Helman, 2B4120.5002B (1),
NYMAFLWilmer Reyes, SS2100.0003 BB (3), SB (1),
NYMAFLBrett Baty, 3B3212.5003B (1), 2 BB (4),
NYYAFLAndres Chaparro, 3B4010.100
OAKAFLAustin Beck, OF2112.500BB (1),
OAKAFLJeremy Eierman, SS5000.200
PHIAFLBryson Stott, SS4011.4442B (3), BB (6),
PHIAFLLogan O'Hoppe, C3100.000BB (2), SB (1),
PHIAFLSimon Muzziotti, CF3000.000BB (2),
PITAFLNick Gonzales, SS5020.3082B (2),
PITAFLJi-Hwan Bae, SS4001.300
SDAFLEguy Rosario, 2B3010.083BB (1), CS (1),
SDAFLMatt Batten, 2B4110.375
SEAAFLCade Marlowe, LF2010.1672 BB (2),
SEAAFLZach DeLoach, CF3010.1822B (1), 2 BB (4),
SFAFLMarco Luciano, SS4110.182BB (1),
STLAFLNolan Gorman, 3B3200.300BB (2),
STLAFLBrendan Donovan, 3B4131.3332B (1),
STLAFLLars Nootbaar, RF5000.250E (1),
TBAFLCurtis Mead, 2B5110.2502B (1),
TBAFLHeriberto Hernandez, C2101.0002 BB (2),
TEXAFLSam Huff, C4000.000E (1),
TEXAFLEzequiel Duran, 2B3220.2503B (1),
WASAFLDrew Millas, C4010.143
WASAFLDonovan Casey, RF1001.100
2 BB (2), CS (1),
WASAFLJackson Cluff, SS4110.200
Michael Toglia (Photo By Jeff Speer Icon Sportswire Via Getty Images)

Prospect Report: Michael Toglia Will Not Go Quietly

Toglia homered, Edouard Julien collected two hits and more.


ATLAFLJake Higginbotham, LHP1.0200000.00
CHCAFLBrendon Little, LHP1.03222218.00
CINAFLMichael Byrne, RHP2.0100010.00
CINAFLJames Marinan, RHP4.0100120.00
COLAFLReagan Todd, LHP0.1000000.00
DETAFLWilmer Flores, RHP2.0111424.50
DETAFLZack Hess, RHP0.1100000.00
DETAFLGarrett Hill, RHP3.0200050.00W (1-0)
HOUAFLChad Donato, RHP3.0433139.00W (1-0)
HOUAFLJoe Record, RHP1.0000020.00
LAAAFLColeman Crow, RHP2.0211044.50
LAAAFLRobinson Pina, RHP2.0100100.00
LADAFLKyle Hurt, RHP1.0000010.00Sv (1)
MIAAFLJustin Evans, RHP2.0122236.00
MIAAFLJefry Yan, LHP1.0111334.50
MILAFLTaylor Floyd, RHP0.2011325.40
MILAFLJ.T. Hintzen, RHP0.20443154.00
MILAFLLun Zhao, RHP1.0011109.00
NYYAFLBlane Abeyta, RHP1.2021205.40
SDAFLJose Quezada, RHP0.22220013.50
SEAAFLDayeison Arias, RHP0.23221227.00
SEAAFLLuis Curvelo, RHP2.1322147.71
SEAAFLDevin Sweet, RHP0.10000113.50
SEAAFLJuan Then, RHP4.0222144.50L (0-1)
CHCAFLCaleb Kilian, RHP0.057710
TBAFLTrevor Brigden, RHP2.0100020.00
TBAFLCarlos Garcia, RHP1.1000220.00W (1-0)
TBAFLMatthew Peguero, RHP1.0100210.00
TBAFLCaleb Sampen, RHP2.2211213.38
TEXAFLTim Brennan, RHP1.14432020.25L (0-1)
TORAFLMichael Dominguez, RHP3.0333369.00L (0-1)
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