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Arizona Fall League Prospect Report — October 15, 2021

Brett Baty Billmitchell
Brett Baty (Photo by Bill Mitchell)

Lars Nootbaar, OF, Cardinals — One of the better success stories in the Cardinals' organization, Nootbaar got significant time in the big leagues this season. He put forth five homers and a .739 OPS. He led Glendale's hit parade on Thursday with three hits, including a pair of homers, as part of the Desert Dogs' 14-hit attack.

Grae Kessinger, 3B, Astros — Another member of the Desert Dogs' dinger dudes, Kessinger slammed his first homer of the AFL in the fourth inning against Braves prospect Viktor Vodnik. The longball was part of a three-hit effort which also included two singles.

Ji-Hwan Bae, 2B, Pirates — Bae was in the middle of everything for Peoria on Thursday. The speedster hit a home run, walked three times and scored four times. Bae is recognized as a player with typical leadoff-type skills, but popped eight homers this year after not hitting any over the first 457 at-bats in the first two seasons of his career.

Brett Baty, 3B, Mets — One of the Mets' best prospects, Baty's start to the AFL has been blazing hot. In his first seven plate appearances, he was 5-for-5 with a pair of walks. He was retired twice on Thursday but still cobbled together a 2-for-4 effort with a double (his team's lone extra-base hit).

Owen White, RHP, Rangers — Though he was drafted in 2018, White did not make his professional debut until this season. Injuries and the pandemic kept him on the shelf until now, and even this year was limited by an early hand injury. On Thursday, he was matched against a Salt River lineup which featured three 2021 Futures Gamers (Spencer Torkelson, Michael Toglia and Brett Baty) and Herculean Brewers outfielder Joey Wiemer. Even with all that firepower, White threw up five zeroes. The big-armed righthander danced around a pair each of hits and walks to whiff five in his Fall League debut. White put himself back on the map this season, and he could use the AFL to become a household name.


ARIAFLCooper Hummel, OF4000.000
ATLAFLLuke Waddell, SS5010.200
ATLAFLJesse Franklin, OF4011.250
BALAFLYusniel Diaz, RF3111.3332B (1), 3 BB (3),
BALAFLKyle Stowers, OF5121.2222B (1), BB (1),
BALAFLRamon Rodriguez, C5220.400
BOSAFLTriston Casas, 3B4000.250
BOSAFLChristian Koss, SS2100.0002 BB (2),
BOSAFLKole Cottam, C4110.200
BOSAFLJeter Downs, SS2111.5003 BB (3), SB (1),
CHCAFLLuis Vazquez, SS6222.222
CHCAFLAndy Weber, SS4101.000BB (1),
CINAFLMike Siani, CF2000.000BB (1),
CINAFLDrew Mount, OF3010.3332B (1),
CINAFLIvan Johnson, 2B3111.333HR (1),
CLEAFLRichard Palacios, 2B3012.4002B (2), BB (3),
COLAFLEzequiel Tovar, SS4010.250
COLAFLWillie MacIver, C1000.000
COLAFLMichael Toglia, 1B3010.250BB (1),
COLAFLRyan Vilade, LF5010.200
CWSAFLYoelkis Cespedes, OF3010.286
DETAFLSpencer Torkelson, 3B3010.2862 BB (3),
DETAFLRyan Kreidler, 3B3000.143BB (2),
HOUAFLGrae Kessinger, SS5332.600HR (1),
KCAFLJake Means, 3B3000.167
LAAAFLAnthony Mulrine, C5000.000
LADAFLJames Outman, CF4211.200HR (1), BB (2),
LADAFLJacob Amaya, SS3223.667
HR (1), 2 BB (2), SB (1),
MIAAFLJJ Bleday, OF4124.2502B (1), 2 BB (2),
MIAAFLTroy Johnston, OF5233.600BB (1), SB (1),
MILAFLMario Feliciano, C3000.000
MILAFLJoey Wiemer, OF4000.000
MINAFLMichael Helman, 2B2110.5002 BB (2),
NYMAFLBrett Baty, 3B4020.7142B (1), BB (2),
NYYAFLAustin Wells, C3010.200
NYYAFLAndres Chaparro, 3B2000.000BB (1),
OAKAFLJeremy Eierman, SS5120.400BB (1),
OAKAFLLogan Davidson, SS2220.400
2 2B (2), 3 BB (4),
PHIAFLSimon Muzziotti, CF4100.000BB (1),
PHIAFLBryson Stott, SS3112.6002B (2), 2 BB (5),
PITAFLJi-Hwan Bae, SS2412.500
HR (1), 3 BB (3),
PITAFLCanaan Smith-Njigba, LF1000.250
SDAFLChandler Seagle, C3000.000
SDAFLMatt Batten, 2B5221.444
SEAAFLCade Marlowe, LF5112.1002B (1), SB (1),
SEAAFLZach DeLoach, CF4000.125BB (2),
SFAFLHunter Bishop, OF2000.000
SFAFLMarco Luciano, SS3000.143
SFAFLWill Wilson, SS4111.250
STLAFLNolan Gorman, 3B5120.429
STLAFLJuan Yepez, 1B4121.286
2B (1), HR (1), BB (1), E (1),
STLAFLBrendan Donovan, 3B5000.000
STLAFLLars Nootbaar, RF5234.429
2 HR (2), BB (2),
TBAFLHeriberto Hernandez, C2001.000
TEXAFLEzequiel Duran, 2B3000.000E (1),
TORAFLLeonardo Jimenez, 2B1000.000
WASAFLDrew Millas, C3000.000
WASAFLDonovan Casey, RF4000.111
Brett Baty (Photo By Jim Mcisaac Getty Images)

Prospect Report: Brett Baty Stays Hot For Mets

Baty crushed a home run, Nate Pearson pitched two scoreless innings and more.


STLAFLJordan Hicks, RHP2.0122139.00
ATLAFLIndigo Diaz, RHP1.04330227.00
ATLAFLVictor Vodnik, RHP3.07662418.00L (0-1)
ATLAFLWilliam Woods, RHP3.0322326.00
BALAFLNick Vespi, LHP1.2000020.00W (1-0)
CHCAFLRyan Jensen, RHP1.13444127.00
CINAFLEddy Demurias, RHP1.0100220.00
CLEAFLAaron Pinto, RHP0.056610L (0-1)
CLEAFLMatt Turner, LHP0.043310
COLAFLMatt Dennis, RHP3.0111023.00L (0-1)
COLAFLReagan Todd, LHP1.0000010.00
CWSAFLJ.B. Olson, RHP2.1322007.71
DETAFLChavez Fernander, RHP1.0000010.00
KCAFLStephen Woods, RHP1.2200130.00
LAAAFLNathan Burns, RHP1.0000110.00W (1-0)
LAAAFLZach Linginfelter, RHP1.2020210.00
LADAFLJeff Belge, LHP1.01222218.00
MIAAFLJosh Simpson, LHP2.0000120.00
MILAFLJustin Jarvis, RHP3.0200200.00
MINAFLKody Funderburk, LHP2.06441218.00
MINAFLCody Laweryson, RHP2.1000260.00
OAKAFLPedro Santos, RHP2.0211224.50
SDAFLJesse Scholtens, RHP2.0000030.00
CLEAFLDamon Casetta-Stubbs, RHP1.1000430.00
SFAFLR.J. Dabovich, RHP1.0000120.00
MINAFLEvan Sisk, LHP1.1100200.00
STLAFLJake Walsh, RHP1.0211119.00Sv (1)
TEXAFLEudrys Manon, RHP1.1100010.00Sv (1)
TEXAFLOwen White, RHP5.0200250.00W (1-0)
TORAFLGraham Spraker, RHP2.0000130.00
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