4Arm Strong Pitching a New Way to Stretch Baseball Forearms

4Arm Strong founder Lee Ramage says the repetitive motion of throwing a baseball shortens the muscles below the elbow, leading to an increased risk in ligament tears–ie: Tommy John. He created what he calls a solution that allows pitchers and position players to stretch and lengthen forearm muscles without placing additional strain on their elbow.

Ted Lilly

The 4Arm Strong device clasps around the upper forearm and squeezes down on precise muscle points, in essence locking down a muscle so that when players stretch their forearm with the device engaged, they stretch the muscle only from the wrist to the device, keeping the delicate elbow out of the mix.

“A typical forearm stretch is not effective in creating enough lengthening of the forearm muscles and it can actually contribute to a future injury by tugging on the elbow attachments,” Ramage says. “This aided stretch creates the much-needed lengthening of the forearm muscle and protects the elbow from the stretch itself.”

With a tightening knob rotated at an 18-degree title able to generate tension on the forearm flexer muscles, Ramage says baseball players–among other athletes–have a variety of stretches available to them simply by adjusting the device. He says that the device creates a new point of contact that allows the right muscles to stretch and the muscles behind the device–thanks to the tilt in the knob–to actually push back toward the elbow to eliminate pressure, protecting the muscles at the point of the 4Arm Strong device.

Former Major League pitcher Dustin Molleken says he experienced forearm tightness that led to pain in his elbow. By using the 4Arm Strong he was able to get back on the mound in a matter of days and throw with no pain. Current pitchers Ted Lilly and Joe Musgrove, among others, also use the device.

Tim Newcomb covers gear and business for Baseball America. Follow him on Twitter at @tdnewcomb.

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