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2022 Holiday Prospect Quiz Answer Key

Here are the answers for our 2022 Holidays Prospect Quiz.

Just To Get Warmed Up

Player A: Aroldis Chapman.

Player B: Alex Bregman. OK, we were a little light on our power projection for him.

Baseball America Reader Level

Player C: Julio Rodriguez. This is a report from the 2022 Prospect Handbook, but it's already coming true.

Player D: Justin Verlander. The Tigers are very glad they worked out the deal to sign him.

Player E: Dustin Pedroia. His performance carried through to the majors as well.

Player F: David Ortiz. He did end up being typecast as a DH. The Red Sox didn't care.

Player G: Albert Pujols. It was hard to temper expectations for a player who was this good this quickly.

Hardcore BA reader level

Player H: Curtis Granderson.

Player I: Chipper Jones. We predicted he'd be a .300 hitter with 25-30 home runs a year. From 1995-2012 Jones hit .303 with 26 home runs a year. He averaged 30 home runs per 162 games.

Player J: Ryan Howard. Howard remains a reminder that not all draft year slumps are signs of future problems.

Player K: Rocco Baldelli

Player L: Billy Hamilton. He stole 155 bases the next year in the minors for the all-time MiLB record.

Player M: Adrian Gonzalez.

Player N: Mark Buehrle.

Player O: Victor Martinez.

Player P: Joakim Soria.

You should work at BA level

Player Q: Chris Snelling. Snelling remains one of the great what-could-have-been's of the 21st century. Injuries ruined his career.

Player R: Jeremy Reed. Yes, this is a tough one as he never lived up to those expectations in the majors, but for a hard-core prospect nut, the .373 batting average is a useful clue.

Player S: Rafael Furcal. He made the switch to shortstop stick. His arm strength ended up being more than "well above-average."

Player T: Carlos Quentin. He was a master of getting on-base by getting plunked.


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