2022 Arizona Fall League: Salt River Rafters

The Arizona Fall League will begin its 2022 campaign on Oct. 3, the first day of six weeks of games in Phoenix. Preliminary rosters were announced today. While there are likely to be changes between now and Opening Day, this is the first version of the Salt River club, with prospects from the Diamondbacks, Rockies, Cardinals, Tigers and Blue Jays.

Top 100 Prospects: Jordan Walker, OF, Cardinals (7); Jordan Lawlar, SS, D-backs (11); Zac Veen, OF, Rockies (27); Masyn Winn, SS, Cardinals (57); Tink Hence, RHP, Cardinals (58).

Intriguing Prospects: D-backs infielder Deyvison De Los Santos is the youngest player on the preliminary rosters and is on the cusp of a spot in the Top 100 thanks to a strong season that has propelled him all the way to Double-A at age 19. He’s got massive power that has helped him club 22 homers so far this season, most among any teenager in the sport … Tigers infielder Colt Keith was making huge waves before an injury cut short his season. A strong Fall League campaign will reinforce his prospect stock … Blue Jays righthander Hagen Danner is a converted catcher who pitched just 3.2 innings this year before landing on the injured list on April 27 … Rockies infielder Warming Bernabel was extremely impressive at both Class A levels thanks to a combination of contact and impact that led to 14 home runs coupled with a strikeout rate of just 13.6%.

Position   Birthdate Organization
P Jack Anderson 11/23/99 DET
P Kyle Backhus 1/31/98 ARI
P J.B. Bukauskas * 10/11/96 ARI
P Blair Calvo 2/27/96 COL
P Hagen Danner* 9/30/98 TOR
P Jackson Goddard 12/12/96 ARI
P Tink Hence 8/6/02 STL
P Stephen Jones 7/30/97 COL
P Peter Lambert* 4/18/97 COL
P Kyle Leahy 6/4/99 STL
P Ryan Loutos 1/29/99 STL
P Andrew Magno 4/30/98 DET
P Tyler Mattison 9/5/99 DET
P Chad Patrick 8/14/98 ARI
P Connor Thomas 5/29/98 STL
P Anders Tolhurst 9/13/99 TOR
P Joey Wentz * 10/6/97 DET
C Dillon Dingler # 9/17/98 DET
C Braxton Fulford 12/9/98 COL
C Cooper Hummel * 11/28/94 ARI
C Pedro Pages 9/17/98 STL
INF Addison Barger 10/12/99 TOR
INF Warming Bernabel 6/6/02 COL
INF Deyvison de los Santos 6/21/03 ARI
INF Colt Keith 8/14/01 DET
INF Grant Lavigne 8/27/99 COL
INF Jordan Lawlar 7/17/02 ARI
INF Tanner Morris 9/13/97 TOR
INF Masyn Winn 3/21/02 STL
INF Gage Workman 10/24/99 DET
OF Mike Antico # 2/16/98 STL
OF Zach Britton 9/9/98 TOR
OF Parker Meadows 11/2/99 DET
OF Zac Veen 12/12/01 COL
OF Jordan Walker 5/22/02 STL

*indicates a player on a team’s 40-man roster
#indicates a player on an AFL team’s taxi squad

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