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2020 Toronto Blue Jays Instructional League Roster

The prospects in Blue Jays instructional league skew toward the lower levels, including shortstops Orelvis Martinez, Miguel Hiraldo, Otto Lopez and Leonardo Jimenez, as well as catcher Gabriel Moreno.

Righthander C.J. Van Eyk, the team's second-round pick this year, is also in camp. So are outfielder Dasan Brown, shortstop Tanner Morris and outfielder Will Robertson, all of whom are top five round picks in the 2019 draft.

Keep an eye on three members of Toronto's 2019 international signing class who have yet to make their official pro debuts but are at instructs—shortstops Estiven Machado and Rikelbin de Castro and catcher Victor Mesia—as well as another big 2019 signing from the Dominican Republic, third baseman Peniel Brito.

                                  DEVELOPMENTAL CAMP
PlayerPositionB/THeightWeightAge2019 Team(s)
Concepcion, JolfrankRHPR/R6'5''19522Bluefield (Rk)
Gaston, WilliamRHPR/R6'5''19024.3Vancouver (SA)
Harris, HobieRHPR/R6'3''20027.2Tampa (1A)
Hernandez, RoitherRHPR/R6'4''18522.5Bluefield (Rk)
Jimenez, DanyRHPR/R6'1''18226.7
New Hampshire (2A)
Maese, JustinRHPR/R6'3''19023.9GCL (Rk)
McKown, MitchRHPR/R6'4''19524.3N/A
Quinones, LuisRHPR/R6'0''20523.2Vancouver (SA)
Rees, JacksonRHPR/R6'4''21026.1Dunedin (1A)
Robbins, JimmyLHPL/L6'2''17022.7Bluefield (Rk)
Spraker, GrahamRHPR/R6'3''20025.5Buffalo (3A)
Taylor, CurtisRHPR/R6'6''24025.2Montgomery (2A)
Winckowski, JoshRHPR/R6'4''20222.2Dunedin (1A)
Bec, ChrisCR/R5'11''19024.7Dunedin (1A)
Clarke, PhilCL/R5'11''19024.5Vancouver (SA)
Gold, RyanCL/R5'11''21522.9Lansing (1F)
Moreno, GabrielCR/R5'11''16020.6Lansing (1F)
Barger, AddisonINFL/R6'0''17520.9Bluefield (Rk)
Eden, CameronINFR/R6'2''18022.5Vancouver (SA)
Hiraldo, MiguelINFR/R5'11''17020Lansing (1F)
Jimenez, LeonardoINFR/R5'11''16019.3Lansing (1F)
Large, CullenINFB/R6'1''17524.7
New Hampshire (2A)
Lopez, OttoINFR/R5'10''16022Lansing (1F)
Martinez, OrelvisINFR/R6'1''18818.8GCL (Rk)
Morris, TannerINFL/R6'2''19023Vancouver (SA)
Noda, RyanINFL/L6'3''21724.5Dunedin (1A)
Warmoth, LoganINFR/R6'0''19525
New Hampshire (2A)
Brown, DasanOFR/R6'1''18019GCL (Rk)
Robertson, WillOFL/L6'2''21522.7Vancouver (SA)
Young, ChavezOFB/R6'0''19523.1Dunedin (1A)
                                        ROOKIE CAMP
PlayerPositionB/THeightWeightAge2019 Team(s)
Casimiri, JiorgenyRHPR/R6'1''16019.2GCL (Rk)
Frasso, NickRHPR/R6'5''20021.9N/A
Mejia, BrayanRHPR/R6'2''16520.3GCL (Rk)
Palmer, TrentRHPR/R6'1''23021.5N/A
Rosario, TonyRHPR/R6'4''19222.8N/A
Tolhurst, AndersRHPR/R6'3''19021N/A
Van Eyk, CJRHPR/R6'1''19822N/A
Britton, ZachC/OFL/R6'1''20022N/A
D'Orazio, JavierCR/R6'1''17018.7GCL (Rk)
Mesia, VictorCR/R5'9''17517.7N/A
Brito, PenielINFR/R6'1''18517.7N/A
Cook, ZacharyINFL/R6'1''18522.4N/A
De Castro, RikelbinINFR/R6'0''15017.7N/A
Machado, EstivenINFB/R5'10''17018N/A
Ray, HarrisonINFR/R5'11''20022.7N/A
Masson, JCOFL/R6'4''18518.1N/A
Mueller, MackOFR/L6'3''23022.8N/A

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