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2020 Oakland Athletics Instructional League Roster

The A's are bringing some of their top young prospects to instructional league this fall, including 2020 first-round pick Tyler Soderstrom and top international signee Robert Puason.

Soderstrom leads a trio of first-round picks on the roster, joining shortstop Logan Davidson and outfielder Austin Beck. Beck is the only one who was not part of the A's 60-man player pool and did not play at the alternate camp site this year.

Notably, the A's instructional league roster does not include outfielder Lazaro Armenteros, who signed with the A's for $3 million in 2016 but hit .222 and led the minor leagues with 227 strikeouts at high Class A Stockton last year.

Oakland Athletics Instructional League Roster
RHPDane Acker6-32004/1/1999
2020 Draft (4th round)
RHPTyler Baum6-22041/14/1998
2019 Draft (2nd round)
RHPReid Birlingmair5-1120611/13/1996
2018 Draft (28th round)
RHPMarshall Cantillo6-12203/28/20012017 FA
RHPAlexis Cedano5-1120311/12/19972018 FA
RHPWandisson Charles6-52539/7/19962015 FA
RHPBryce Conley6-42078/22/1994
2018 Draft (22nd round)
RHPJeff Criswell6-42253/10/1999
2020 Draft (2nd round)
RHPJose Dicochea6-21823/21/2001
2019 Draft (8th round)
RHPParker Dunshee6-02152/12/1995
2017 Draft (7th round)
RHPStevie Emanuels6-52151/30/1999
2020 Draft (5th round)
RHPBrady Feigl6-423111/27/1995
2018 Draft (5th round)
LHPGerald Garcia6-220010/21/20012018 FA
RHPJames Gonzalez6-22299/15/20002019 FA
RHPDiego Granado6-12001/13/19972019 FA
RHPRichard Guasch6-22014/10/19982018 FA
RHPBrian Howard6-92174/25/1995
2017 Draft (8th round)
LHPJared Koenig6-52381/24/19942020 FA
RHPAiden McIntyre6-52448/27/1995
2018 Draft (22nd round)
RHPColin Peluse6-32356/11/1998
2019 Draft (9th round)
RHPLeudeny Pineda6-01991/29/1996
2018 Draft (26th round)
RHPYehizon Sanchez6-215911/16/02002019 FA
RHPPedro Santos6-42171/7/20002018 FA
RHPGus Varland6-021211/6/1996
2018 Draft (14th round)
RHPJack Weisenburger6-323510/8/1997
2019 Draft (20th round)
CMarcos Betancourt5-101791/17/20012018 FA
CKyle McCann6-221812/2/1997
2019 Draft (4th round)
CDrew Millas6-11971/15/1998
2019 Draft (7th round)
CTyler Soderstrom6-220011/24/2001
2020 Draft (1st round)
CWilliam Simoneit6-422510/14/19962020 FA
CCooper Uhl5-1018510/19/19972020 FA
IFNick Allen5-817510/8/1998
2017 Draft (3rd round)
IFJonah Bride5-1020212/27/1995
2018 Draft (23rd round)
IFLawrence Butler6-32247/10/2000
2018 Draft (6th round)
IFLogan Davidson6-318512/26/1997
2019 Draft (1st round)
IFJordan Diaz5-92098/13/20002016 FA
IFJeremy Eierman6-12089/10/19962018 (CBB)
IFJalen Greer6-21807/19/2001
2019 Draft (5th round)
IFJhoan Paulino6-11766/11/20012017 FA
IFRobert Puason6-31659/11/20022019 FA
OFDanny Bautista6-11989/20/20002017 FA
OFAustin Beck6-020311/21/1998
2017 Draft (1st round)
OFBrayan Buelvas5-111726/8/20022018 FA
OFGreg Deichmann6-22125/31/1995
2017 Draft (2nd round)
OFMichael Guldberg6-01756/22/1999
2020 Draft (3rd round)
OFLester Madden6-01961/19/19992018 FA

Tyler Soderstrom (Photo By David Durochik Diamond Images Via Getty Images)

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The sweet-swinging A's prospect leads the minors in extra-base hits.

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