2020 International Signing Preview: Prospects To Know Part 5

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The Major League Baseball season is on hold, but the top prospects have established themselves for the upcoming international signing period that opens on July 2.

We have previewed several of the top 2020 international prospects already (see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4). Here’s another group of top players to watch for 2020 with reports, video and where they’re all expected to sign.

Fraidel Liriano, SS, Dominican Republic


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Liriano, who trains with Javier Rodriguez, is expected to sign with the Rangers for a bonus that will likely be around $1.5 million. His swing has some length, but he has strong hands and quick wrists, producing whippy bat speed. That should give him a chance to hit for power, and scouts highest on Liriano liked his bat-to-ball skills despite the unorthodox swing. Liriano has a strong arm for the left side of the infield, though he will need to smooth out his defense and might end up at second or third base.

Yeferson Tineo, SS, Dominican Republic


The Braves can’t sign anyone for more than $10,000 during the current 2019-20 international signing period and their pool for 2020-21 will be slashed by 50 percent. Their big signing on July 2 this year is expected to be Tineo, a Dominican shortstop who trains with Eddy Fontana and looks to be in line for around $1 million. Tineo is a slender shortstop who doesn’t have the physicality of some of the other players in the class, but his game instincts and acumen stick out in all facets of the game. He has soft hands, a quick exchange and a good internal clock at shortstop. He’s a switch-hitter with a smooth swing, though he needs to get stronger to be able to drive the ball with more impact.

Angel Genao, SS, Dominican Republic

Genao is a lean, switch-hitting shortstop with a calm, easy stroke from both sides of the plate. He’s an offensive-oriented shortstop who has shown advanced feel for hitting for his age, with a hit-over-power profile. Genao trains with Aldo Marrero and is expected to sign with the Indians for a bonus around $1 million.

Gregory Barrios, SS, Venezuela

Barrios is a 6-foot shortstop with secure hands and a fundamentally sound game in the field, with strong all-around baseball instincts. He’s a switch-hitter who has a sharp eye for the strike zone, making frequent contact from both sides of the plate and doubles power. Barrios trains at the Gold Prospect Academy and is expected to sign with the Brewers.

Samuel Zavala, OF, Venezuela


The Padres are expected to sign Zavala, a lefthanded corner outfielder with a lot of hitter-ish qualities. He has performed well in amateur games in Venezuela, showing good rhythm and bat path, using his hands well with the ability to hit to all fields. Zavala trains with Henderson Martinez.

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