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2020 Chicago Cubs Instructional League Roster

The Cubs invited 53 players to their instructional league, but a lot of the team's top prospects are missing. That's not counting their Nos. 1 and 3 prospects—lefty Brailyn Marquez and catcher Miguel Amaya—who are on the 40-man roster. Brennen Davis, their No. 2 prospect, is also not on the roster.

Beyond that trio, some of the system's best pitching prospects, including righthanders Kohl Franklin, Chris Clarke, Ryan Jensen and Riley Thompson are not on the roster. Sources with the Cubs indicate that some of the organization's pitchers accumulated their required innings through a virtual training program.

Four of the Cubs' five 2020 draft picks are here, too. The lone exception is lefty reliever Burl Carraway.

The group also includes righthander Jerrick Suiter, who a pitcher in college at Texas Christian before spending the bulk of his career as a hitter in the Pirates organization. Suiter, 27, pitched 1.2 innings for Altoona in 2019, so moving back to the mound could give him second life as a prospect.

Abbott, CoryRHPR/R6'12109/20/1995
Correa, DanisRHPR/R5'111508/26/1999
Depperman, BradRHPR/R6'01956/15/1996
Espinoza, ManuelRHPR/R5'1115011/17/2000
Gallardo, RichardRHPR/R6'11809/6/2001
Gonzalez, JoseRHPR/R6'217312/5/1997
Hodge, PorterRHPR/R6'42302/21/2001
Hudson, BryanLHPL/L6'82205/8/1997
Jaramillo, GabrielRHPR/R6'117611/3/1998
Kobos, ScottLHPL/L6'21858/3/1997
Leeper, BenRHPR/R6'01956/15/1997
Little, LukeLHPL/L6'82208/30/2000
Machado, JoelLHPL/L6'11602/9/2002
Megill, TrevorRHPL/R6'823512/5/1993
Moreno, ErlingRHPR/R6'31801/13/1997
Moreno, KoenRHPR/R6'21708/1/2001
Nunez, EduarnielRHPR/R6'21706/7/1999
Reid, BaileyRHPR/R6'21957/3/1998
Remy, PeytonRHPL/R6'21708/20/1996
Sanders, CamRHPR/R6'217512/9/1996
Schlaffer, TylerRHPR/R6'11605/24/2001
Suiter, JerrickRHPR/R6'32403/4/1993
Aliendo, PabloCR/R6'01705/29/2001
Balego, CamCR/R5'112056/12/1995
Hearn, EthanCL/R5'102008/31/2000
Quintero, RonnierCL/R5'1017511/13/2002
Windham, BryceCL/R6'11909/25/1996
Howard, EdINFR/R6'21851/28/2002
Made, KevinINFR/R5'101609/10/2002
Mervis, MattINFL/R6'42254/16/1998
Morel, ChristopherINFR/R5'111456/24/1999
Morel, RafaelINFR/R6'017011/22/2001
Pertuz, FabianINFR/R6'01569/1/2000
Rivas, AlfonsoINFL/L5'111909/13/1996
Strumpf, ChaseINFR/R6'11703/8/1998
Vazquez, LuisINFR/R6'116510/10/1999
Verdugo, LuisINFR/R6'016010/12/2000
Weber, AndyINFL/R6'11907/25/1997
Americaan, EdmondOFL/L6'11703/26/1997
Nwogu, JordanOFR/R6'32303/10/1999
Perlaza, YonathanOFS/R5'1117011/10/1998
Pinango, YohendrickOFL/L5'111705/7/2002
Roederer, ColeOFL/L6'01809/24/1999
Stevens, FelixOFR/R6'42257/30/1999
Velazquez, NelsonOFR/R6'019012/26/1998
Wetzel, JacobOFL/L5'112153/26/2000
Young, Jared1BL/R6'21857/9/1995
Miguel Amaya Buck Davidson MLB Photos Via Getty Images

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