2019 Holiday Gear Guide: Baseball Gifts

Whether you give or receive, every item in the 2019 Gear Guide offers an opportunity to turn itself into the perfect gift. But there are a couple of highlights among our off-the-field gift selection of Dugout Mugs, Topps Trading Cards, and a whole lot more!


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For when you want the feel of baseball in your hand and the taste of a beverage on your tongue, former professional player Randall Thompson created Dugout Mugs. Made from the same birch billets as professional bats, the drilled-out barrel of a bat has turned a bat into a mug.

The company started out with the signature Dugout Mug product and still 80 percent of the business centers around the mug, although they have also created wine glasses in the shape of mini baseball bats and shot glasses made from the knobs of bats. The company owns a custom-made drill gun at a facility in Quebec City, Canada, that bores out the barrels, which were lathed the same as a bat. The product is then shipped to Dugout Mug’s Central Florida headquarters where the team then finishes it off, adding team and personal customization.

“I have always had a strong desire to be creative and start a business,” Thompson said. “There is a ton of work that goes into accomplishing something like this, and the same goes for your baseball career.”

Popular for gifts, the company can ship a customized product 24 hours from receiving the order. Each mug, with a lifetime guarantee, can hold a 12-ounce beverage and comes laser-engraved with team logos, player signatures or personal customization.

Dugout Mugs’ licensing agreement with MLB allows them the exclusive right to place team and league marks on Dugout Mugs products. The MLB Players Association agreement allows for player signatures on the mugs.


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While you wait for the next year of baseball to start, recap the previous year with a complete set of trading cards from Topps. The most popular holiday items from Topps, the company said, comes in the form of the collectible boxes, whether a complete All-Star set or a complete MLB set.

The Topps sets feature not only the players of the season, but a mixture of special moments, collectible cards and special-edition cards.


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For those looking for either an on-field accessory or a gift, the Nokona ShowBelts product has gained popularity across MLB. Dubbed “show belts” by pro players in reference for being ready for the show, Nokona has made personalize game belts for the lines of Bryce Harper, Manny Machado and Jose Altuve and are now customizable on the Show Belts website with a mix of ball glove leathers, buckles and colors.

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