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Danny (Richmond VA): 

    Thanks for the good chat. Re: Daz Cameron, it seems like his stock has risen steadily since coming over from the Houston system. Is that due to his own on maturation, different player development strategies with Detroit, or maybe both? Thanks!

Justin Coleman: Good question! I think Daz has certainly moved in the right direction. He has the skills, and is 21 years old. I think maturation is probably the key here. The more reps a toolsy OF like that gets, the better.

Frank (Indianapolis, IN): 

    Even though you don’t get a vote, how many of your top 10 do you believe are worthy of making BA’s top 100 prospects list?

Justin Coleman: Mize and Manning would be there. Not sure about the other guys at this moment. Those lists depend heavily upon context league-wide, as you know.

Sam (San Francisco): 

    Which catching prospect are you higher on between Rogers and Greiner, and why?

Justin Coleman: I would say Rogers. Better defender and has some feel for pitch framing. Still feel like he has some more pop in the bat as well.

Mike (Cleveland, OH): 

    Did newly acquired Logan Shore make any sort of case for your top ten? What was the general consensus of him?

Justin Coleman: No he did not. Nice pick up by DET, though. Profiles as a back-end starter or bullpen type. FB is OK, CH is his out pitch.

J.P. (Springfield, IL): 

    Besides a killer name (no pun intended) and plus power, what else does Brock Deatherage bring to the table for you? Will we see him in your top 30 when the Handbook comes out?

Justin Coleman: It is a pretty cool name! He is a gamer type, runs well and plays quality defense. He can do a bit of everything in some respects.

J.P. (Springfield, IL): 

    Was Kyle Funkhouser in the 11-15 range, and what is the ceiling for a healthy version of him?

Justin Coleman: Funk is average-ish across the board and has to mix his pitches well. FB can reach up to 95 mph. Fits more as a back-end starter type.

Ben (CA): 

    Thanks for chatting with us. The reports consistently describe Paredes as having excellent barrel control and having a great hit tool. But he’s a career .270 hitter in the minors. That seems low for a player with his profile. Is that due to him being young at each level or is something else at play?

Justin Coleman: You are welcome! Age is certainly at play, he is young for Double-A and has shown a good feel for hitting. Still has some growing to do, but the hit tool is trending positively.

Ryan (Detroit): 

    Austin Meadows found himself in the Top 100 multiple years. Do you see Parker having the same kind of future?

Justin Coleman: Lots of risk with Parker, but he is one to watch in the coming seasons. Athletic, young CF type with some pop sounds like a good starting point to me.

Jason (Detroit): 

    The Tigers have a plethora of talent up the middle including Parades, where does Alcantara, Lugo and Wenceel Perez fit in – in terms of rankings?

Justin Coleman: It’s a pretty good group. Alcantara is an excellent defender who plays with confidence. Willi Castro should be in that cluster as well. The order for me goes– Paredes, Castro, Perez, Alcantara and finally Lugo.

Doug (Chicago): 

    Who has a better chance to stick in the rotation this year: Spencer Turnbull or Matt Hall?

Justin Coleman: I think both are bullpen guys at this point. Hall has an OK fastball and good CB. Turnbull looks like a middle relief arm.

Karl of Delaware (Georgetown, Delaware): 

    Any chance Mize gets called up to the big league Tigers at the end of 2019 in your opinion?

Justin Coleman: I wouldn’t think so. I know he is very advanced, but no real reason to rush his development.

Evan (New York): 

    How much of an immediate impact do you think Christin Stewart will have in the majors in 2019?

Justin Coleman: Well, he should hit some home runs! Not sure how much impact the other parts of his game will bring.

Rod (Michigan): 

    How concerning is Faedo’s loss of velocity? It seems there’s not much separation between his fastball and secondary pitches.

Justin Coleman: He had an uneven year, no doubt. Hit a speed bump in Double-A. It was his first year in the minors, so I’d give him some time. Still has good value.

Norm Chouinard (Connecticut): 

    Thanks for the chat. Did Wilkel Hernandez get in the top 10 discussion?

Justin Coleman: You are welcome! No, but reports were positive. Good arm for sure.

TM (MI): 

    Do Mize, Manning, Burrows, Faedo all stick in the rotation?

Justin Coleman: Mize and Manning for sure. Burrows and Faedo have the profiles for the rotation, but only time will tell.

Justin Coleman: Alright everyone, time to go. Thanks for chatting and see you next time! -JC


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