2019 Cincinnati Reds Top 10 Prospects Chat

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Dan (Dallas, TX): 

    I find it a bit surprising that Ibandel Isabel missed this list, especially considering the breakout year he had. Would it be fair to speculate that he’s basically a two-outcome prospect (homer or strikeout)?

Justin Coleman: Pretty much. Big time power, not much else going on. He is fine around the bag at first base. He will be a top 30 guy anyway.

Chad (Cincy): 

    Has Siri’s stock dropped for you since this time last year, or was it more the guys on this list passing him by?

Justin Coleman: His stock hasn’t dropped. He is a quality player who can do some different things for a team. As you said, it’s mostly just the farm system getting stronger.

Ben (St Louis): 

    What do you think of Josiah Gray, and is his upside that of a future rotation piece?

Justin Coleman: I like Gray a lot. Fastball is up to 97 or so with a future 55 slider. Control is solid, so I can see the ceiling as somewhere near a mid rotation type.

Carlos (Cleveland, OH): 

    Are you still bullish on T.J. Friedl at this point, or has his star dimmed for you?

Justin Coleman: He is pretty athletic and you can plug him in at all 3 OF spots. He grinds it out on the field, and profiles more as a 4th OF type going forward.

Ben (CA): 

    Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. It’s always appreciated. Was Jose Garcia close to making the top 10? He gets a mulligan for last year I’m guessing but what would you like to see from him this season to establish himself as a top prospect?

Justin Coleman: Thank you for the questions, always happy to chat. Jose Garcia was pretty close. The guy is young and they challenged him with an aggressive assignment this season. Defense is excellent, bat just needs some time to progress.

Greene vs. Trammell (How Close?): 

    Thanks for chatting with us today Justin. You have Hunter Greene 2nd and Taylor Trammell 3rd. I’ve also seen them flipped in other rankings. How close is the gap between them? My guess is Greene got the nod due to once in a generation type of an athlete for a pitcher and his plus-plus fastball. Trammell’s tools are pretty enticing as well, especially if the industry consensus is now he can stick at CF.

Justin Coleman: You are welcome! Good question. The gap is very close in my opinion. Greene has serious stuff, and Trammell is the toolsy OF with a good track record. Couldn’t go wrong with either one if you ask me.

Harrison (RR, TX): 

    How is James Marinan’s stock?

Justin Coleman: It’s positive. As with any young starter there is some risk, but it’s a good arm and frame.

J.P. (Springfield, IL): 

    Thanks for chatting. Once he’s back to 100%, and is determined to be Major League ready, which position do you believe suits Senzel best?

Justin Coleman: There is reason to believe in his versatility. I would say the bat fits at third, but he is very athletic and can handle multiple positions.

Scott (Toledo): 

    What is the ceiling on Jose Siri? ETA 2020? Regular or 4th Of ?

Justin Coleman: He has a good combination of power, speed and defense in his arsenal. High floor and ceiling type of guy for me. Profile reads more as everyday OF.

Andrew (Charleston, WV): 

    Will the Reds risk having Senzel’s debut turn out similar to Scott Kingery’s if they constantly move him around the field? Would a fixed position help him concentrate offense?

Justin Coleman: What is good for one case isn’t always for the other. Each situation is different. The bat is advanced, so the Reds will have some options with regards to where they want him to play considering his versatility.

RedsFanTN (Tennessee): 

    Why isn’t Josiah Gray in the top 10 list? He really impressed me on that Greeneville team

Justin Coleman: He just missed it. I agree, impressive arm. If anything, this is further proof that the system is very solid.

Alex (SF): 

    Jeter Downs is ranked #7 but his stats compare pretty similarly to Taylor Trammell through his first 1.5 years of pro ball. He has shown a patient approach, at least average power, and a knack to steal bases playing up his average speed. Why was he ranked #7 instead of #5 right behind India?

Justin Coleman: I think the bat will be there, just depends upon positional value and track record from a list standpoint. He fits a bit better at second base for me. Trammell has a longer track record, plus Stephenson-Long-Santillan are very good prospects as well.

John (NJ): 

    Thanks for the chat and Happy Holidays! What’s your ultimate ceiling for Mike Siani? His 13 long balls in 184 at bats with rookie-level Greenville is nothing to sneeze at considering he hit .284 and swiped 6 bags in 46 games. Can he be an all-star caliber player down the road, or do you envision a 4th outfielder ceiling?

Justin Coleman: Same to you! Siani has the tools to be an everyday, above-average guy. As with any prep pick, risk is a big factor in the equation.

Clayton (Galveston): 

    Who is a good comp for Taylor Trammell? Or if you’d prefer, what’s his realistic ceiling? Will he be a .280, 20-20 type with solid defense?

Justin Coleman: He certainly has the power and speed to post some 20-20 campaigns. The arm might push him off of CF long term, though.

Moe (Denver): 

    Is Hunter Greene a potential #1 starter? Or just how good can he be?

Justin Coleman: Greene has front end of the rotation stuff for sure. Big arm with the mix of pitches you like to see from a frontline starter. He adjusts well between starts, which I think will be key in determining his future role.

Angie (Houston): 

    Can you tell us more about Jonathan India? Will he hit .300? Bop 20 HRs? And where will he play? Senzel, Votto, and Suarez will all be in the infield, too, so where does that leave India?

Justin Coleman: I think his bat is good enough for the .280 20-HR range, perhaps even better. He is well rounded as a player and mature. India is athletic enough to play some second base in my opinion. Very talented group of guys you listed, and a good problem to have.

Clint (Otwell, Indiana): 

    Is Rylan Thomas a real prospect?

Justin Coleman: Really raw but has some serious power. Hands work at the corner infield spots. Should be interesting to see what he does next season.

Doug (Chicago): 

    What are your thoughts on Mariel Bautista? Breakout potential?

Justin Coleman: Yes, i think there is breakout potential there. Risky profile but has very good power and is a sound defender who probably moves to RF permanently in the future. Bautista has a loose, athletic body with some projection there. Doesn’t walk a lot, but the overall tool package is exciting.

Zac (NYC): 

    Is there any hope left for Chris Okey as a prospect? How big a year is 2019?

Justin Coleman: Catchers often need time for the bat to come around. Okey is a solid defender who handles a pitching staff well. The offense will obviously be the biggest question, as neither his hit or power projects as average.

Matt (Cincy): 

    Taylor Trammell had another nice year at the notoriously pitcher friendly FSL. However, he hasn’t really displayed the in game power that he shows during BP. What are scouts thoughts on his future tools at this point? Is 55 hit / 55 power the consensus? Do you think both tools could tick up to 60 at full maturity?

Justin Coleman: It’s possible that both tools end up as future 60’s. Way I see it, the hit is probably ahead of the power (60/55).

Andy (Chicago): 

    Thank you for chatting with us today. Jeter Downs seems to do it all except hitting for a high average so far. With his advanced approach and patience, do you think he’ll eventually hit closer to .300 than .260? If his average ticks up closer to .300, along with his patience and base stealing ability, do scouts seem me as a potential major breakout prospect?

Justin Coleman: Thanks for the question. I view him in the .265-.285 range as a hitter, but it’s tough to say since he just completed Low-A. While he does have very good on-base skills, the bigger question remains his future value defensively and how that affects the overall profile.

Andrew (Charleston, WV): 

    If Trammell cannot stick in CF does that further create a logjam in the corners for Senzel, or is Senzel destined for 2B when Gennett leaves?

Justin Coleman: Trammell is more of a corner guy, and Senzel stays on the infield at third.

Jacob Heatherly (At the gym): 

    Was I an overdraft? What do I need to improve on most, and will I be in your top 30?

Justin Coleman: Top 30 guy, sure. Nothing wrong with drafting a physical prep lefty who has a future plus curveball. The control needs to improve big time moving forward.

Zac (NYC): 

    What guy outside the top 10 do you think has the best chance to make a leap in 2019?

Justin Coleman: Jose Garcia has the contact ability to make a jump, coupled with the good defense at SS. Another guy I would say is Mariel Bautista- very toolsy.

Leo (Dayton): 

    The Reds have had a terrible time developing even average MLB starting pitching, is there any effort being made to change their approach to player development?

Justin Coleman: I think they have added to the system with pretty good young arms over the past few seasons, which is a step in the right direction.

Jim (Cincy, OH): 

    Whats your take on TJ Friedl? Stats, scouting, size etc give him a 4th OF comp, but the eye test says more IMO. Center Field with speed, and a knack for hitting… Every day regular in his future?

Justin Coleman: He plays above the tools and helps a club win. I think he has good value in that 4th OF type of role.

Justin Coleman: Alright everyone, thanks for chatting! Have a great holiday season! — Justin C.

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