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Preseason JUCO Top 50 Draft Prospects

After consulting with college coaches and scouts, here is the Baseball America Top 50 Junior College Draft Prospects heading into the 2018 season. This list is not as loaded at the top as it was in 2017 when Brendan Little and Jacob Pearson gave the junior college ranks a pair of potential first round picks. Little (27th pick overall to the Cubs) and Pearson (28th overall to the Blue Jays) did become first rounders. It’s much less likely that anyone on this list will hear their name called on the first day of the draft.

But this is a list with plenty of power, some athleticism and lots of velocity.

Top 50 JUCO Draft Prospects 
1. Josh Breaux, RHP/C, McLennan (Texas) JC 
Breaux ranked No. 301 on last year’s BA500 draft rankings. He has legitimate power potential as well as one of the best arms in college baseball. McLennan plans to use him as a closer this year, taking advantage of his 94-97 mph fastball–he struck out eight batters in just three innings in the Cape Cod League. He handles velocity well, but there are concerns about his ability to make contact to take advantage of his plus power. 
2. Trey Dillard, RHP, San Jacinto (Texas) JC 
Dillard ranked No. 327 on last year’s BA500 ranking of the country’s top draft prospects thanks to an excellent 91-94 mph fastball that has touched as high as 96. He’s improved his high 70s breaking ball, but needs to show his control has caught up to his stuff. 
3. Spencer Smith, C, Harford (Md.) JC 
Smith ranked No. 158 on last year’s BA500 draft rankings. He was slated to go to East Carolina, but transferred to Harford before spring semester, giving a further power boost to one of the best lineup of power hitters in junior college baseball. Smith has plus or better raw power and should be able to stay behind the plate defensively. 
4. Hunter Wolfe, SS, Walters State (Tenn.) JC 
A 12th-round pick of the Pirates last year, Wolfe opted to return to Walters State for his redshirt sophomore season. He hit .393/.458/.655 last year. He has above-average speed, an above-average arm and at least average power potential. 
5. Jason Rackers, RHP, Jefferson (Mo.) JC 
Rackers could climb draft lists with a strong spring, as he has plenty of stuff with a 90-94 mph fastball now and plenty of upside thanks to a strong frame. 
6. Korry Howell, SS, Kirkwood (Iowa) JC 
A 19th-round pick of the Royals last season, Howell is a speedy shortstop who hit .394 last season. He’s committed to Iowa if he doesn’t sign this year. 
7. Shane Kelso, RHP, Feather River (Calif.) JC 
Control has always been Kelso’s problem, but he showed improved ability to locate his mid-90s fastball during fall ball. 
8. Robbie Peto, RHP, State JC of Florida 
Scouts will be watching the North Carolina transfer closely this spring. He has plenty of potential with a 90-94 mph fastball and a promising breaking ball, but he didn’t get to pitch much in the fall because of injuries. 
9. Ryan McDonald, RHP, JC of Southern Nevada 
A transfer from West Virginia who is a UNLV commit, McDonald mixes a pair of quality offspeed offerings with a low-90s fastball and solid feel for pitching. 
10. Tyler Keysor, RHP, East Florida State JC 
Our No. 1 prospect in the Florida Collegiate League last summer, Keysor is a Miami signee with a low-90s fastball that can touch 95. His low-80s changeup has some late movement and he mixes in a high-70s curveball with promising break. 
11. Lucas Krull, LHP, Jefferson (Mo.) CC 
12. Tristen Bayless, LHP, McLennan (Texas) JC 
13. Aldrich DeJongh, OF, Hillsborough (Fla.) JC 
14. Herbert Iser, C, San Jacinto (Texas) JC 
15. Clayton Keyes, OF, Central Arizona JC 
16. Blake Rivera, RHP, Wallace-Hanceville 
17. Oraj Anu, OF, Wallace-Dothan (Ala.) JC 
18. Gunner Halter, RHP, Seminole State (Okla.) JC 
19. Michael Berglund, C, Cisco (Texas) JC 
20. Hunter Perdue, RHP, State JC of Florida 
21. Tanner Myatt, RHP, Florence-Darlington (S.C.) JC 
22. Will Freeman, RHP, Jones County (Miss.) JC 
23. Andrew Eyster, OF, Santa Fe (N.M.) JC 
24. Pat Doudican, LHP, Polk State (Fla.) JC 
25. Sergio Macias, 3B/RHP, San Jacinto (Texas) JC 
26. Indigo Diaz, RHP, Iowa Western JC 
27. Darius Vines, RHP, Yavapai (Ariz.) JC 
28. Logan Gragg, RHP, Connors State (Okla.) JC 
29. Mitchell Walters, RHP, Weatherford (Texas) JC 
30. Saul Garza, C, Howard (Texas) JC 
31. Isaac Greer, RHP, North Iowa Area CC 
32. Brandon Young, RHP, Howard (Texas) JC 
33. Trey Riley, RHP, Logan (Ill.) JC 
34. Max Guzman, C/1B, Chipola (Fla.) JC 
35. Gabe Austin, C, Florence-Darlington (S.C.) JC 
36. Koren Thompson, LHP, Wabash Valley (Ill.) JC 
37. Nick Iverson, RHP, Central Ariz. JC 
38. C.J. Alexander, 3B, State JC of Florida 
39. Duncan Pence, 3B, Walters State (Tenn.) JC 
40. Joey Demasi, SS, Georgia Highlands JC 
41. Ryan McKay, RHP, Howard (Texas) JC 
42. Jake Vander Wal, OF, Central Ariz. JC 
43. Chavez Fernander, RHP, Polk State (Fla.) JC 
44. Harrison Hawkins, 3B/OF, Florence-Darlington (S.C.) JC 
45. Isiah Blaylock, RHP, JC of Southern Nevada 
46. Alex Isola, C, Yavapai (Ariz.) JC 
47. Alerick Soularie, OF, San Jacinto (Texas) JC 
48. Joey O’Brien, RHP, JC of Southern Nevada 
49. Nate Brown, RHP, Madison Area Tech (Wisc.) JC 
50. Austin Bodrato, OF/RHP, Santa Fe (Fla.) CC

It’s likely that more than 100 junior college players will be drafted come June. Here are 150 additional names to watch, listed in alphabetical order. Some of these will leap up draft lists with strong springs. Others will head to Division I programs next year (or in some cases for current freshman for the 2020 season). And some will struggle and will not be heard from again. But since most junior college players who are drafted are picked in the 11th round and beyond, there is a lot of understandable draft volatility.

Other Names To Watch
Alec Aleywine, 1B/LHP, Gulf Coast (Fla.) State JC 
Justin Alintoff, RHP, Indian River (Fla.) JC 
Edmond Americaan, OF, Chipola (Fla.) JC 
Jacinto Arredondo, RHP, Wallace-Dothan (Ala.) JC 
Zach Attianese, LHP, State JC of Florida 
Bryce Ball, 1B, North Iowa Area CC 
Alec Barger, RHP, Polk State (Fla.) JC 
Carson Bartels, INF/C, Heartland (Ill.) CC 
Austin Bates, C, Chipola (Fla.) JC 
Joe Bath, C, Feather River (Calif.) JC 
Brock Bell, RHP, State JC of Florida 
Denny Bentley, LHP, Howard (Texas) JC 
Jonathan Beymer, RHP, Wabash Valley (Ill.) JC 
Brandon Bossard, SS, Heartland (Ill.) CC 
Austin Bradford, RHP, LSU-Eunice JC 
Chad Bryant, RHP, Pensacola State (Fla.) JC 
Carter Bridge, OF, Heartland (Ill.) CC 
Jeremy Brierie, RHP, Wabash Valley (Ill.) JC 
Jackson Bronke, RHP, Heartland (Ill.) CC 
Noah Bryant, RHP, Georgia Highlands JC 
Jonny Butler, OF, Heartland (Ill.) CC 
Ryan Calhoun, 1B/OF, Harford (Md.) JC 
George Callil, SS, McLennan (Texas) JC 
Miguel Cazares, SS, Ohlone (Calif.) JC 
Sean Chandler, RHP, Iowa Western JC 
Ian Churchill, LHP, Santa Barbara City (Calif.) JC 
Casey Cobb, RHP, Chattahoochee Valley (Ala.) JC 
Garrett Cobb, RHP, Cisco (Texas) JC 
Christian Coipel, OF, Palm Beach State (Fla.) JC 
Jean Correa, C, Alvin (Texas) JC 
Tom Costello, LHP, Yavapai (Ariz.) JC 
Josh Crouch, C, State JC of Florida 
A.J. Curtis, 1B, Ohlone (Calif.) JC 
R.J. Dabovich, RHP, Central Ariz. JC 
Cordell Dunn, C, Grayson (Texas) JC 
Trevor Edior, OF, Yavapai (Ariz.) JC 
Keavon Edwards, OF, Cowley County (Kan.) JC 
Jase Embry, RHP, McLennan (Texas) JC 
Doug Facendo, C, Howard (Texas) JC 
Cross Factor, 3B, Cowley County (Kan.) JC 
Ryan Fernandez, RHP, Hillsborough (Fla.) JC 
Dylan Flint, OF, Patrick Henry (Va.) CC 
Taylor Floyd, RHP, Grayson (Texas) JC 
Tanner Frabott, 1B, Wallace-Dothan (Ala.) JC 
Logan Freeman, RHP, McLennan (Texas) JC 
Brian Fuentes, C/3B, Wabash Valley (Ill.) JC 
Joe Gahm, RHP, Chattahoochee Valley (Ala.) JC 
Cole Ganopulos, LHP, Chattahoochee Valley (Ala.) JC 
Jonathan Gettys, LHP, Wallace-Dothan (Ala.) JC 
Nate Gillen, LHP, State JC of Florida 
Jackson Glenn, 3B, Grayson (Texas) JC 
Blake Goins, RHP, San Jacinto (Texas) JC 
Anthony Gonnella, OF, State JC of Florida 
Herbie Good, RHP, JC of Southern Nevada 
Matthew Goodheart, OF, San Jacinto (Texas) JC 
Tanner Gordon, RHP, Logan (Ill.) JC 
Kody Gratkowski, INF/OF, Wallace-Dothan (Ala.) JC 
Michael Green, OF, Florence-Darlington (S.C.) JC 
Andrew Grogan, RHP, Chipola (Fla.) JC 
Jake Guenther, OF, Sacramento City (Calif.) JC 
Zach Guth, LHP, Harford (Md.) JC 
Dominic Hamel, RHP, Yavapai (Ariz.) JC 
Bradley Hanner, RHP, Patrick Henry (Va.) CC 
Alex Hayes, RHP, Walters State (Tenn.) JC 
Cameron Hearn, OF, Georgia Highlands JC 
Blake Hearn, RHP, Hutchinson (Kan.) JC 
Brenden Heiss, RHP, John A. Logan (Ill.) JC 
Trevor Hillhouse, LHP, Wallace-Dothan (Ala.) JC 
Jacob Hilton, RHP, Central Arizona JC 
Nick Hoelfing, LHP, De Anza (Calif.) JC 
Cross Holfert, OF, Florence-Darlington (S.C.) JC 
Hagen Holmstead, 2B, Iowa Western JC 
Bailey Horn, LHP, McLennan (Texas) JC 
Cameron Horton, 1B, LSU-Eunice JC 
Kobe Hyland, SS, Iowa Western JC 
Spencer Hynes, LHP, Grayson (Texas) JC 
Cam Jabara, RHP, Orange Coast (Calif.) JC 
Austin James, SS, State JC of Florida 
Jim Jarecki, RHP, Heartland (Ill.) CC 
John Jensen, OF/IF, Santa Barbara City (Calif.) JC 
Nick Jodway, RHP/OF, Howard (Texas) JC 
Garrett Jones, INF, Patrick Henry (Va.) CC 
Austin Kelly, RHP, San Jacinto (Texas) JC 
Darin Kilfoyl, RHP, St. Johns River (Fla.) JC 
Tre Kirklin, OF, Chattahoochee Valley (Ala.) JC 
Ryan Kotulek, RHP, Cisco (Texas) JC 
Ross Kramer, RHP, Kirkwood (Iowa) JC 
Hayden Lehman, RHP, Walters State (Tenn.) JC 
Nick Lewis, OF/INF, Wallace-Dothan (Ala.) JC 
Peyton Long, RHP, Kirkwood (Iowa) JC 
Jesse Lopez, CF, Cypress (Calif.) JC 
Ricky Martinez, SS, Grayson (Texas) JC 
*Brandon McCabe, RHP, Palm Beach State (Fla.) JC 
Morgan McCullough, INF, Chipola (Fla.) JC 
Tyler McKay, RHP, Howard (Texas) JC 
Matt Mendibles, INF, Yavapai (Ariz.) JC 
Jayden Metz, RHP, Santa Barbara City (Calif.) JC 
Zackary Miller, OF, Georgia Highlands JC 
Matt Mitchell, LHP, JC of Southern Nevada 
Reid Morgan, RHP, San Jacinto (Texas) JC 
Bobby Morgensen, OF, Hutchinson (Kan.) JC 
MacKenzie Muller, 1B/OF, Cisco (Texas) JC 
Andrew Nardi, LHP, Moorpark (Calif.) JC 
Evan Odum, RHP, Florence-Darlington (S.C.) JC 
Jared Padget, LHP, Chipola (Fla.) JC 
Braydon Parr, SS, Harford (Md.) JC 
Samuel Peralta, LHP, Palm Beach (Fla.) State 
Paul Perez, LHP, Wabash Valley (Ill.) JC 
Hunter Phillips, RHP, Chattahoochee Valley (Ala.) JC 
Beau Phillips, SS, Delta (Calif.) JC 
Zachairre Phillips, LHP, Grayson (Texas) JC 
Jaree Pledger, OF, Georgia Highlands JC 
Kaden Polcovich, SS/2B, Northwest Florida State JC 
Mark Potter, RHP, Central Florida CC 
Mitch Price, RHP, Heartland (Ill.) CC 
Luis Quinones, RHP, San Jacinto (Texas) JC 
Chase Ragsdale, OF, Harford (Md.) JC 
Brennen Reback, OF, Central Ariz. JC 
Tyler Reichenborn, OF, Iowa Western JC 
Jacob Richard, OF, LSU-Eunice JC 
Eric Rodriguez, C, Wallace-Dothan (Ala.) JC 
Kevin Rolon, SS, Cowley County (Kan.) JC 
Jason Rooks, OF, Chattahoochee Valley (Ala.) JC 
Grady Ryan, OF, De Anza (Calif.) JC 
Zach Scott, OF/3B, Polk State (Fla.) JC 
Matt Sellers, RHP, Hillsborough (Fla.) JC 
Jaren Shelby, OF, State JC of Florida 
Josh Sidney, RHP, Palomar (Calif.) JC 
Tyriece Silas, OF, San Jacinto (Texas) JC 
Luke Smith, RHP, Parkland (Ill.) JC 
Malik Spratling, OF, Gulf Coast (Fla.) State JC 
Tyler Spring, RHP, Jones County (Miss.) JC 
Sam Stewart, RHP, Jefferson (Mo.) CC 
Jonathan Stroman, RHP, Yavapai (Ariz.) JC 
Andrew Swanson, OF, Dyersburg (Tenn.) JC 
Truman Thomas, RHP, Harford (Md.) JC 
Over Torres, OF, Yavapai (Ariz.) JC 
Cameron Touchette, OF, Logan (Ill.) JC 
Tre Turner, OF, Alvin (Texas) JC 
Brett Vansant, RHP, Santa Barbara City (Calif.) JC 
Carlos Viera, MIF, Yavapai (Ariz.) JC 
Braxton Webb, LHP, Grayson (Texas) JC 
Ladarius Williams, 1B, Dyersburg (Tenn.) JC 
Brandon Williamson, LHP, North Iowa Area CC 
Matt Willrodt, RHP, Cisco (Texas) JC 
Ethan Winesburgh, OF, Patrick Henry (Va.) CC 
Keaton Winn, RHP, Iowa Central JC 
Rankin Woley, INF, Chattahoochee Valley (Ala.) JC 
Matt Wong, OF, JC of Southern Nevada

* Will miss season recovering from Tommy John surgery

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