2018 MLB International Signings Tracker

What’s listed below are international signing agreements for all 30 teams. Those signing agreements are all pending the players signing their contracts, passing their physicals and receiving approval from the commissioner’s office, the same as draft picks or major league free agents. 

Baseball America will be updating our signing agreements tracker throughout the day. A tracker of where the Top 50 prospects are signing is available here. Scouting reports for the Top 50 prospects are available here for Baseball America subscribers. 

Note that there are a few Top 50 international prospects who are still 15 and won’t be eligible to sign until they turn 16 in the next two months. 

Due to requests from players and families, we will not be publishing any signing bonus amounts for Venezuelan players at this time. 

Atlanta Braves
Francisco Floyd, ss, Dominican Republic
Carlos Paiva, of, Venezuela

Arizona D-backs 
Alvin Guzman, of, Dominican Republic (No. 12 prospect) 
Abraham Calzadilla, rhp, Venezuela (No. 22 prospect) 
Diomedes Sierra, lhp, Dominican Republic (No. 44 prospect)
Jefferson Espinal, of, Dominican Republic
Dairon Cuevas, ss, Dominican Republic — $100,000 signing bonus
Luis Rubio, ss, Venezuela
Ricardo Caldera, c, Venezuela
Mauricio Bascunan, rhp, Venezuela
Edward Romero, ss, Panama
Asdrubal Martinez, of, Venezuela
Ronald Roman, lhp, Dominican Republic
Carlos Telleria, rhp, Dominican Republic
Mario Mendez, of, Dominican Republic
Teofilo Mendez, ss, Dominican Republic — $300,000 signing bonus
Daniel Torres, ss, Venezuela
Angel Colina, c, Venezuela
Cristian Estrella, of, Dominican Republic
Aderlyn Silverio, rhp, Dominican Republic
Jose Bohorquez, rhp, Venezuela
Learsi Delgado, ss, Venezuela

Baltimore Orioles
Moises Ramirez, ss, Dominican Republic
Isaac Bellony, of, Dominican Republic

Boston Red Sox 
Eduardo Lopez, of, Dominican Republic (No. 20 prospect) — $1.15 million signing bonus
Eduardo Vaughan, of, Panama — $550,000 signing bonus
Claudio Ochoa, rhp, Venezuela 
Naysbel Marcano, c, Venezuela 
Elio Prado, of, Venezuela 
Carlos Reyes, rhp, Dominican Republic — $180,000 signing bonus
Bryan Gonzalez, of, Dominican Republic. — $500,000 signing bonus
Gabriel Jackson, rhp, Dominican Republic
Alixandri Alvarez, ss, Venezuela
Efren Diaz, rhp, Venezuela
Wikelman Gonzalez, rhp, Venezuela
Luis Talavera, rhp, Venezuela
Andy Pena, c, Venezuela
Imanol Contreras, ss, Dominican Republic
Angel Bastardo, rhp, Venezuela
Albert Feliz, of, Dominican Republic — $400,000 signing bonus
Alex Zapete, 3b, Dominican Republic
Giancarlos Santana, of, Dominican Republic
Axel James, ss, Dominican Republic
Eddinson Paulino, ss, Dominican Republic
Andres Ortuno, rhp, Venezuela
Noelberth Romero, ss, Venezuela
Brainer Bonaci, ss, Venezuela 

Chicago Cubs
Richard Gallardo, rhp, Venezuela (No. 6 prospect) 
Jose Lopez, of, Dominican Republic (No. 27 prospect) 
Rafael Morel, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 46 prospect) — $850,000 signing bonus
Joel Machado, lhp, Venezuela (No. 47 prospect)
Yohendrick Pinango, of, Venezuela

Chicago White Sox 
Luis Pineda, c, Venezuela 
Anthony Espinoza, ss, Venezuela 
Bryan Ramos, 3b, Cuba — $300,000 signing bonus
Alberto Lemay Bernal, 1B, Cuba — $250,000 signing bonus
Harold Diaz, ss, Cuba

Cincinnati Reds
Esmil Torres, ss, Dominican Republic
Roberto Ross, rhp, Dominican Republic
Ilvin Fernandez, ss, Dominican Republic
Elli de la Cruz, ss, Dominican Republic
Fraudy Rodriguez, c, Dominican Republic
Wilmer Alcantara, of, Dominican Republic

Cleveland Indians 
Gabriel Rodriguez, ss, Venezuela (No. 8 prospect) 
Junior Sanquintin, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 21 prospect) — $1.25 million signing bonus
Angel Martinez, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 39 prospect) — $500,000 signing bonus
Jesus Lara, ss, Venezuela 
Sterling Romero, of, Dominican Republic — $650,000
Luis Ostos, of, Venezuela
Dayan Frias, ss, Colombia

Colorado Rockies 
Juan Guerrero, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 19 prospect) — $650,000 signing bonus
Warming Bernabel, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 33 prospect) — $900,000 signing bonus
Ronald Pereira, rhp, Venezuela

Pedro Mota, ss, Dominican Republic  — $900,000 signing bonus
Michael James, ss, Dominican Republic — $350,000 signing bonus
Jairo Custodio, of, Dominican Republic — $150,000 signing bonus
Aiverson Rodriguez, ss, Venezuela
Robert Mendoza, c, Venezuela
Gabriel Barbosa, rhp, Brazil

Detroit Tigers 
Jose de la Cruz, of, Dominican Republic (No. 17 prospect) — $1.8 million signing bonus
Adinso Reyes, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 38 prospect) — $1.4 million signing bonus
Rolando Sirit, rhp, Venezuela 
Geury Estevez, ss, Dominican Republic
Yoan Bravo, ss, Venezuela
Angel Cruz, ss, Dominican Republic. $500,000 signing bonuse
Juan Polanco, rhp, Dominican Republic
Lester Benitez, of, Cubac
Alexis Ulloa, ss, Venezuela

Houston Astros 
Miguel Palma, c, Venezuela 
Tomas Ramirez, of, Dominican Republic – $250,000 signing bonus
Johangel Ramirez, rhp, Venezuela
Yohander Martinez, ss, Venezuela
Cristian Gonzalez, ss, Dominican Republic —  $300,000 signing bonus
Reimy Beltre, rhp, Dominican Republic — $135,000 signing bonus
Omar Diaz, of, Dominican Republic
Danny Subero, rhp, Venezuela
Ayendy Ortiz, ss, Dominican Republic
Carlos Calderon, rhp, Dominican Republic
Daniel Pacheco, rhp, Venezuela
Frank Perez, of, Cuba
Jairo Jose, of, Dominican Republic
Jesus Liranzo, of, Dominican Republic — $300,000 signing bonus
Ricardo Balogh, ss, Dominican Republic — $300,000 signing bonus

Kansas City Royals 
Omar Florentino, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 18 prospect) — $750,000 signing bonus
Wilmin Candelario, ss, Dominican Republic — $850,000 signing bonus
Fraicy Breton, lhp, Dominican Republic
Jaswel de los Santos, of, Dominican Republic — $350,000 signing bonus
Jose Freites, of, Venezuela
Dionmy Salon, c, Venezuela
Kaito Yuki, rhp, Japan
Pablo Mujica, lhp, Venezuela

Los Angeles Angels
Daniel Rojas, rhp, Venezuela
Jean Luis Puntiel, ss, Dominican Republic
Gabriel Hernandez, rhp, Venezuela
Darwin Moreno, cf, Venezuela
Luis Nunez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Roelis Taveras, lhp, Dominican Republic

Los Angeles Dodgers 
Diego Cartaya, c, Venezuela (No. 3 prospect) 
Jerming Rosario, rhp, Dominican Republic (No. 23 prospect) — $600,000 signing bonus
Alex DeJesus, 3b, Dominican Republic — $500,000 signing bonus
Miguel Droz, ss, Venezuela
Ender Avendaño, ss, Venezuela
Jeremi Rodriguez, rhp, Venezuela
Rafael Tua, rhp, Venezuela
Luis Carlos Izturis, ss, Venezuela
Gregory Pereira, of, Venezuela
Darwin Arainamo, of, Venezuela
Horacio Andujar, rhp, Dominican Republic
Raidel Chacon, rhp, Cuba
Eli Moron, rhp, Colombia
Cristian Peralta, lhp, Dominican Republic
Samuel Ruben, rhp, Dominican Republic
Juan de la Cruz, rhp, Dominican Republic

Miami Marlins
Jhonny Melenciano, of, Dominican Republic
Raul Campos, inf, Cuba
Ene Leon, c, Venezuela
Erick Carrasco, lhp, Dominican Republic
Isaac De Leon, ss, Dominican Republic
Breidy Encarnacion, rhp, Dominican Republic
Luis Lopez, rhp, Panama
Jorge Mercedes, rhp, Dominican Republic
Cristhian Rodriguez, ss, Venezuela
Yoelvis Sanchez, cf, Dominican Republic

Milwaukee Brewers 
Eduarqui Fernandez, of, Dominican Republic (No. 28 prospect) — $1.1 million signing bonus
Branlyn Jaraba, 3b, Colombia (No. 41 prospect) — $1.1 million signing bonus
Eduardo Garcia, ss, Venezuela (No. 49 prospect)
Erys Bautista, of, Dominican Republic — $500,000 signing bonus
Carlos Roa, ss, Venezuela
Jhonnys Cabrera, c, Venezuela
Abner Uribe, rhp, Dominican Republic
Bryan Nino, of, Colombia
Angel Bautista, ss, Dominican Republic
Jose Espiritu, rhp, Dominican Republic 
Rafael Martinez, cf, Venezuela
Mario Perez, rhp, Mexico
Joneiker Ponce De Leon, ss, Venezuela

Minnesota Twins 
Misael Urbina, of, Venezuela (No. 10 prospect)
Jesus Medina, rhp, Venezuela
Moises Causado, rhp, Venezuela
Jorge Mesa, ss, Dominican Republic
Hector Acevedo, c, Dominican Republic

New York Mets 
Francisco Alvarez, c, Venezuela (No. 9 prospect) 
Freddy Valdez, of, Dominican Republic (No. 29 prospect) — $1.4 million signing bonus
Mario Paiva, of, Venezuela
Bradley Encarnacion, ss, Dominican Republic
Brandon Sanchez, lhp, Venezuela
Jhon Franco, rhp, Venezuela
Jhonny Ventura, of, Venezuela
Luis Castillo, ss, Dominican Republic
Javier Atencio, lhp, Venezuela

New York Yankees 
Osiel Rodriguez, rhp, Cuba (No. 5 prospect) 
Antonio Gomez, c, Venezuela (No. 14 prospect) 
Denny Larrondo, rhp, Cuba (No. 43 prospect) — $550,000 signing bonus
Agustin Ramirez, c, Dominican Republic (No. 48 prospect) 
Mauro Bonifacio, of, Dominican Republic
Juan Carela, rhp, Dominican Republic — $335,000 signing bonus
Maikol Escotto, ss, Dominican Republic — $350,000 signing bonus
Marcos Cabrera, ss, Dominican Republic
Dayro Perez, ss, Dominican Republic
Rafael Severino, rhp, Yankees
Kevyn Camacho, c, Venezuela
Miguel Vargas, lhp, Venezuela
Jesus Rodriguez, c, Venezuela
Kevin Alcantara, of, Dominican Republic (No. 15 prospect) 
Jose Colmenares, ss, Venezuela
Christopher Familia, of, Dominican Republic
Nicolas Garcia, c, Dominican Republic
D’Vaughn Knowles, of, Bahamas
Starling Perez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Ignacio Radney, rhp, Dominican Republic
Tyrone Yulie, rhp, Dominican Republic
Alexander Vargas, ss, Cuba
Jose Chambuco, rhp, Venezuela

Oakland Athletics 
Luis Carrasco, rhp, Venezuela
Marcos Betancourt, c, Cuba
Nelson Beltran, ss, Dominican Republic — $200,000 signing bonus
Jose Quintero, of, Colombia
Ramon Martinez, of, Dominican Republic
Brayan Buelvas, cf, Colombia
Richard Guasch, rhp, Cuba
Christopher Cruz, 3b, Dominican Republic
Ronny Santana, cf, Dominican Republic
Robin Vasquez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Roberto Garza, rhp, Mexico
Gerald Garcia, lhp, Nicaragua
Adriel Gonzalez, rhp, Panama
Jose Escorche, ss, Venezuela
Jose Gonzalez, rhp, Venezuela
Luis Martinez, rhp, Venezuela
Roger Rodriguez. rhp, Venezuela

Philadelphia Phillies 
Starlyn Castillo, rhp, Dominican Republic (No. 16 prospect) — $1.6 million signing bonus
Fernando Ortega, rhp, Dominican Republic (No. 32 prospect) 
Joalbert Angulo, lhp, Venezuela (No. 42 prospect) 
Alexeis Azuaje, ss, Venezuela 
Andrick Nava, c, Venezuela 
Javier Vina, c, Venezuela
Kervin Pichardo, ss, Dominican Republic — $100,000 signing bonus
Victor Diaz, c, Dominican Republic — $250,000 signing bonus
Jeury Corona, of, Dominican Republic
Jonathan Rivas, rhp, Venezuela
Reiberth Gil, of, Venezuela
Neyker Ibarra, lhp, Venezuelal
Wilson Gherbaz, rhp, Venezuela
Luis Vegas, rhp, Venezuela
Eiberson Castellano, rhp, Venezuela

Pittsburgh Pirates 
Sergio Campana, of, Dominican Republic (No. 35 prospect) — $500,000 signing bonus
Osvaldo Gavilan, of, Dominican Republic — $700,000 signing bonus
Adrian Mendez, lhp, Venezuela
Antonio Gonzalez, rhp, Venezuela
Orlando Chivilli, ss, Dominican Republic — $350,000 signing bonus
Juan Jerez, ss, Dominican Republic — $380,000 signing bonus
Alexander Mojica, 3b, Dominican Republic — $350,000 signing bonus

St. Louis Cardinals 
Malcom Nunez, 3b, Cuba (No. 26 prospect) — $300,000 signing bonus
Diego Velasquez, c, Venezuela
Jesus Rojas, rhp, Venezuela
Victor Villanueva, rhp, Dominican Republic

San Diego Padres 
Charlie Aquino, ss, Dominican Republic — $300,000 signing bonus
Euribel Angeles, ss, Dominian Republic — $300,000 signing bonus
Albert Fabian, of, Dominican Republic — $300,000 signing bonus
Wilmert Paula, ss, Dominican Republic — $300,000 signing bonus
Reginald Dowston, of, Dominican Republic — $300,000 signing bonus
Axcel Peralta, of, Dominican Republic — $300,000 signing bonus
Enmanuel Rodriguez, of, Dominican Republic — $300,000 signing bonus
Edwin Rojas, of, Venezuela
Jose Miguel Velez, of, Dominican Republic — $300,000 signing bonus
Justin Diaz, ss, Dominican Republic — $300,000 signing bonus
Eddyson Moreno, of, Dominican Republic. — $100,000 signing bonus
Alex Ramirez, c, Venezuela
Nerwilliam Cedeno, ss, Venezuela
Wilfredo Tovar, c, Venezuela
Eduardo Hidalgo, of, Venezuela
Victor Duarte, c, Venezuela
Jairo Iriarte, rhp, Venezuela

San Francisco Giants 
Marco Luciano, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 2 prospect) — $2.6 million signing bonus
Jairo Pomares, of, Cuba (No. 11 prospect) — $975,000 signing bonus
Luis Matos, of, Venezuela (No. 37 prospect)
Odue Civada, rhp, Venezuela/
Eduardo Jaramillo, c, Venezuela
Melvin Marte, rhp, Dominican Republic
Roberto Monegro, ss, Dominican Republic
Aaron Peniche, lhp, Dominican Republic
Victor Bericoto, cf, Venezuela
Yeiver Torrealba, 2b, Venezuela
Anthony Torres, lhp, Venezuela

Seattle Mariners 
Noelvi Marte, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 4 prospect)  — $1.55 million signing bonus
Asdrubal Bueno, ss, Venezuela 
Gabriel Moncada, of, Venezuela 
David Morillo, rhp, Venezuela
Jose Luis Chevalier, ss, Dominican Republic
Carlos Fernandez, ss, Panama
Jose Aquino, lhp, Dominican Republic
Jonathan Clase, of, Dominican Republic
Adbiel Medina, rhp, Panama
Wilton Perez, rhp, Dominican Republic

Tampa Bay Rays 
Alejandro Pie, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 13 prospect) 
Ryson Polonius, ss, Curacao (No. 30 prospect) 
Rainer Polonius, ss, Curacao (No. 31 prospect) 
Estanli Castillo, of, Dominican Republic (No. 40 prospect) — $350,000 signing bonus
Daury del Rosario, SS, Dominican Republic (No. 50 international prospect)
Justino Dominguez, rhp, Dominican Republic 
Brayan Dum, lhp, Venezuela
Anthony Molina, rhp, Venezuela
Jose Gonzalez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Daniel Gonzalez, lhp, Venezuela
Felix Salguera, c, Venezuela

Texas Rangers 
Jose Rodriguez, c, Venezuela (No. 36 prospect) 
Luisangel Acuna, ss, Venezuela 
Junior Paniagua, ss, Dominican Republic — $300,000 signing bonus
Leandro Gonzalez, of, Venezuela
Arthur Sabino, rhp, Brazil
Frankely Hurtado, ss, Dominican Republic
Abel Noguera, c,  Venezuela
Luis Zambrano, ss, Venezuela
Joiquer Guacare, ss, Venezuela
Jhoinner Arguinzones, c, Venezuela
Johan Lopez, of, Venezuela
Hamilton Sarabia, rhp, Colombia
Williams Hernandez, rhp, Venezuela

Toronto Blue Jays 
Orelvis Martinez, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 7 prospect) — $3.5 million signing bonus
Javier D’Orazio, c, Venezuela 
Amell Brazoban, of, Dominican Republic
Wilfrann Astudillo, ss, Venezuela
Gary David, c, Venezuela
Leonel Callez, ss, Venezuela
Jorman Gonzalez, rhp, Venezuela
Wilgenis Alvarado, lhp, Venezuela
Javier Perdomo, lhp, Venezuela
Michael Arias, ss, Dominican Republic
Juanfer Castro, rhp, Dominican Republic
Francisco Fajardo, utility, Dominican Republic
Jose Garcia, RHP, Dominican Republic
Gustavo Gutierrez, 2B, Venezuela
Pedro Guzman, RHP, Dominican Republic
Yeison Jimenez, OF, Dominican Republic
Abner King, OF, Dominican Republic
Yunior Lara, RHP, Dominican Republic
Juan Martinez, RHP, Dominican Republic
Soenni Martinez, LHP, Dominican Republic
Bejardi Meza, RHP, Nicaragua
Adrian Montero, infielder, Panama
Daniel Oliva, OF, Dominica Republic
Yaifer Perdomo, LHP, Venezuela
Juan Pizarro, OF, Colombia
Junior Ramos, C, Dominican Republic
Emmanuel Sanchez, SS, Dominican Republic
Julian Valdez, RHP, Dominican Republic

Washington Nationals 
Jeremy de la Rosa, of, Dominican Republic — $300,000 signing bonus
Yeuri Amparov, of, Dominican Republic — $300,000 signing bonus
Jeisel Acosta, c, Dominican Republic
Jose Atencio, rhp, Venezuela
Edwin Mercedes, c, Dominican Republic — $300,000 signing bonus
Jose Mercedes, rhp, Dominican Republic
Kevin Rios, rhp, Panama
Isan Louis Castillo, ss, Dominican Republic
Daniel Cotes, cf, Dominican Republic
Raymi Gomez, cf, Dominican Republic
Bernardo Hiraldo, rhp, Dominican Republic
Luis Jimenez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Daniel Marte, cf, Dominican Republic
Erick Tejada, inf, Dominican Republic
Jose Cedeno, rhp, Panama
Kevin Rodriguez, rhp, Panama
Delkis Basanta, cf, Venezuela
Yoander Rivera, ss, Venezuela

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