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2018 Draft Top 200 College Hitters Statistical Analysis

Here's a look at how the Top 200 college hitters in the 2018 draft class stacked up statistically. All stats are updated through the end of the regular season, but NCAA regionals stats (and NJCAA World Series stats) are not included.

Admittedly, these statistics are not always an apples to apples comparison. The competition levels vary widely, as there are Division I, Division II and Division III players included as well as junior college players. But it is still a useful look at each pitcher's statistical resume. For the color coding, players in the top third or bottom third of a category are coded with green for the top third and red for players in the bottom third. Relievers with less than 50 innings were not eligible to rank in the statistical comparisons.

3Nick Madrigal, SS/2B, Oregon State.395.459.563.1683.7%8.9%.39867.5
5Joey Bart, C, Georgia Tech.359.471.632.27320.6%15.1%.41717.0
6Jonathan India, 3B, Florida.362.502.723.36118.9%18.9%.39814.6
7Alec Bohm, 3B, Wichita State.339.436.625.28610.5%14.7%.33016.6
11Travis Swaggerty, OF, South Alabama.296.455.526.23013.7%19.5%.30721.3
26Jeremy Eierman, SS, Missouri State.292.383.533.24118.1%10.1%.32524.8
27Trevor Larnach, OF, Oregon State.324.447.637.31319.8%15.8%.35314.9
29Greyson Jenista, OF/1B, Wichita State.309.446.475.16615.7%19.2%.34429.0
32Steele Walker, OF, Oklahoma.352.441.606.25418.9%12.2%.40119.5
33Jake McCarthy, OF, Virginia.329.414.415.0869.0%10.0%.355
42Nico Hoerner, SS/2B, Stanford.349.396.498.1498.8%7.9%.371120.0
46Seth Beer, 1B/OF, Clemson.316.471.656.34011.2%18.8%.28613.8
48Jameson Hannah, OF, Dallas Baptist.360.444.555.19512.6%12.6%.39946.2
50Griffin Conine, OF, Duke.277.402.585.30825.5%15.5%.32215.9
51Tristan Pompey, OF, Kentucky.335.448.557.22221.0%14.7%.42032.0
63Cadyn Grenier, SS, Oregon State.335.420.477.14216.0%10.0%.39767.3
66Zach Watson, OF, Louisiana State.304.359.470.16618.1%5.5%.35539.7
67Tyler Frank, SS/2B, Florida Atlantic.315.459.586.27111.7%18.1%.32421.6
68Luken Baker, 1B/DH, Texas Christian.319.443.575.25612.9%17.1%.31015.6
77Kyler Murray, OF, Oklahoma.296.398.556.26024.8%12.4%.36522.6
78Cal Raleigh, C, Florida State.330.455.593.26314.5%18.5%.35321.2
82DaShawn Keirsey, OF, Utah.386.440.609.22314.2%6.7%.44056.3
90Gage Canning, OF, Arizona State.369.426.648.27920.5%9.1%.44629.2
93Kyle Isbel, OF, Nevada-Las Vegas.357.441.643.28615.2%12.1%.38620.1
102Jeremy Pena, SS, Maine.308.393.469.16117.0%10.9%.36149.4
105Alex McKenna, OF, Cal Poly.339.424.506.16714.1%9.8%.38855.2
123Alfonso Rivas, OF/1B, Arizona.347.429.533.18614.3%10.5%.38438.0
124Josh Stowers, OF, Louisville.341.470.572.23113.0%17.1%.36929.9
128Grant Koch, C, Arkansas.257.376.415.15817.1%15.7%.28030.0
134Jake Mangum, OF, Mississippi State.353.432.475.1228.4%8.4%.386273.0
139Antoine Duplantis, OF, Louisiana State.337.385.455.11810.2%7.0%.367142.0
142Richie Palacios, SS, Towson.301.457.515.2146.3%20.5%.29531.8
149D.J. Artis, OF, Liberty.292.458.457.16517.0%18.0%.35972.3
153Nick Dunn, 2B, Maryland.330.419.561.2317.5%12.6%.31925.4
158Grant Little, OF, Texas Tech.378.477.675.29711.6%14.3%.39021.5
159Ryan Olenek, OF/2B, Mississippi.359.395.475.1166.4%3.2%.37083.3
160Brett Kinneman, OF, North Carolina State.279.394.607.32823.1%15.9%.30815.5
163Grant Witherspoon, OF, Tulane.330.436.587.25713.2%14.7%.35222.8
165Jimmy Herron, OF, Duke.296.416.440.1449.0%14.2%.31366.8
170Jarren Duran, 2B, Long Beach State.302.380.392.09012.6%8.3%.346126.5
174Bren Spillane, 1B/OF, Illinois.389.498.903.51426.0%16.4%.4599.5
176Jawuan Harris, OF, Rutgers.246.375.387.14126.7%15.9%.34488.0
177Carlos Cortes, OF, South Carolina.244.369.507.26311.6%15.7%.21516.6
180Kyle Datres, 3B, North Carolina.339.430.487.14812.1%11.0%.37454.6
181Niko Decolati, 3B/OF, Loyola Marymount.271.367.444.17324.8%9.5%.35240.3
182Johnny Aiello, 3B, Wake Forest.231.346.389.15830.3%9.6%.31129.0
186Nick Meyer, C, Cal Poly.344.408.428.0847.7%7.3%.378
189Robert Neustrom, OF, Iowa.311.386.538.22714.1%10.4%.32521.9
191Nick Fortes, C/1B, Mississippi.320.435.527.2078.7%15.9%.31325.1
194Brandon Lockridge, OF, Troy.303.427.455.15214.2%12.5%.354144.0
198J.J. Schwarz, 1B/C, Florida.325.404.601.27622.1%11.7%.37520.0
20.0Jonah Davis, OF, California.321.446.606.28531.0%11.2%.44917.3

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