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Competitive Balance Round Order Announced

The preliminary order of Major League Baseball’s 2018 Rule 4 draft was set with the conclusion of the regular season, giving the Tigers the No. 1 pick after finishing tied with the Giants with a league-worst 98 losses. Because the Tigers had a worse record during the 2016 season, they receive the first pick, while the Giants take No. 2 and the rest of the league follows suit.

Another layer of the order was set on Thursday with the order of two competitive balance rounds, which take place after the first and second rounds, respectively. Teams that either are one of the 10 smallest markets or 10 smallest revenue pools receive a competitive balance pick. In 2017 six picks were assigned between the first and second rounds.

Picks were determined based on a formula that incorporates winning percentage and revenue. Eight additional teams received picks between the second and third rounds. In 2018, the two groups switch places, with eight teams selecting in first supplemental round and six teams selecting in the second supplemental round.

You can see the rough order of the first round, as well as the announced competitive balance rounds below, but keep in mind things will still change.

There will still be some shift in the order before the first day of the draft on June 4, 2018, as teams gain and lose picks with qualifying-offer free agent deals that take place this winter. The specifics of how draft compensation is handled under the collective bargaining agreement can be found can be found here. The top 10 picks of the first round are protected.

First Round

1. Tigers
2. Giants
3. Phillies
4. White Sox
5. Reds
6. Mets
7. Padres
8. Braves
9. Athletics
10. Pirates
11. Orioles
12. Blue Jays
13. Marlins
14. Mariners
15. Rangers
16. Rays
17. Angels
18. Royals
19. Cardinals
20. Twins
21. Brewers
22. Rockies
23. Yankees
24. Cubs
25. D-backs
26. Red Sox
27. Nationals
28. Astros
29. Indians
30. Dodgers


Supplemental First Round

31. Pirates
32. Rays
* 33. Orioles
34. Padres
35. D-backs
36. Royals
37. Indians
38. Rockies
39. Cardinals

Supplemental Second Round

70. Marlins
71. Athletics
72. Rays
73. Reds
74. Brewers
75. Twins

*Compensation for not signing Oregon State RHP Drew Rasmussen with the 31st pick of the 2017 Draft.

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