2018 Midwest League Top 20 Prospects

Image credit: Hunter Greene (Photo by Dave Arnold)

Steve (Dayton): 

    Our team in Dayton had two players make the list. Deep league and all with a bunch of teams. Did anyone else get talked about, like Stuart Fairchild or Hendrik Clementina?

Justin Coleman: These are two to keep an eye on moving forward, no question. Yes, both of those guys were in consideration for this list. Fairchild is a quality all around OF, gap to gap hitter with very good strike zone recognition. Clementina has got some power and is learning how to pull the ball. On defensive he made some strides, especially with regards to his footwork.

Tim (SLC): 

    What’s the difference between Austin Beck and MacKenzie Gore? Two high school kids that put up worse numbers than you would’ve liked to see in their full season pro debuts, but Gore is #2, riding his pre-draft pedigree and Beck is 21 (or worse) after hitting .296. As an A’s fan, I’m not sold on Beck panning out necessarily, but he just seems overlooked.

Justin Coleman: I think the answer you are looking for has to do with Beck’s hit tool. Not sure if he will hit enough, although he can go get it in the outfield. Gore has the higher upside of a front line starter type, and his stock is still quality even after his blister issue.

Christopher (Rhode Island): 

    How does Luis Campusano compare to the top catchers in the minors? Does he have the potential to be an above average regular?

Justin Coleman: Glad you brought this guy up. I think the potential is there. He sits behind Ronaldo Hernandez and Hendrik Clementina on the list of catchers in this league. His swing is more strength-oriented and he needs to sync up the upper and lower half of his body moving forward. He is a great catcher with excellent throwing ability and certainly shuts down the running game. Have to figure thats a good starting point!

Noel (Portland): 

    Can you shed some light as to why Montero is ranked above Jones? Both guys had good years, but Montero has a shaky glove and Jones kind of did it all, imo…

Justin Coleman: You make some good points! Jones is a quality all around player with a gap-to-gap approach, but Montero’s bat is special with an excellent approach to hitting and power.

Chris (New London): 

    How great a duo is Patino and Gore?

Justin Coleman: Hmm.. pretty great! I think Gore is obviously more well known and has higher upside, but don’t sleep on Patino. He was up to 98 with a three pitch mix, all power stuff with a developing 55/60 change-up.

Jonesy (San Marcos): 

    Fastball that can reach upper 90s and a plus curveball, any love for Bryan Abreu?

Justin Coleman: Yes sir! He was certainly nasty, excellent two pitch mix. An arm to watch, possibly bullpen role.

Johnny (Chicago): 

    Congratulations on your new job. Where would Nolan Gorman have ranked had he qualified? Can you compare him and Montero?

Justin Coleman: Thank you! I appreciate it. Great group here and I’m excited to be a part of the community. Good question. If I had to put him on the list, I’d slot him in towards the back end. Gorman is two years younger and strikes out a bit more than Montero, but both are good prospects at the position.

Page (Seattle): 

    Why did Gore have so few innings? Is he still a top prospect? Blisters really an issue that will impede his career?

Justin Coleman: Still a top prospect. Little blister issue in ST, something they have worked on to manage over the season.

Rod (Northville, MI): 

    Would Wenceel Perez have gotten top 20 consideration if he had spent more time in the Midwest League?

Justin Coleman: I don’t think so. If this was a top 30 list and he spent more time in the MWL, probably. Good athlete with plus arm strength, contact oriented bat that hits better from the left side.

Tommy (Houston): 

    No Graterol? I was under the impression that he is a top 100 prospect, easy. But he didn’t make the top 20 Midwest prospect list. Is the Midwest the deepest in terms of prospects of all the leagues?

Justin Coleman: Excellent pitching prospect but didn’t qualify. Great stuff, fastball in the upper 90’s. SL and CB are developing, viewed as a future starter. Not sure if it is the deepest in terms of prospects, but the list is outstanding if you ask me.

DH (PA): 

    Do you suppose Ronaldo Hernandez will stay at catcher? Is his bat far enough ahead so that it may be tough to wait for the glove?

Justin Coleman: I think so. He has it all, excellent athlete with big power and a great arm. Bat is there, glove is coming along nicely. Someone to be excited about!

Steve (Tampa): 

    Is it time for the Rays McKay to just focus on pitching? Quality LHPs are tougher to find than first basemen, and he’s clearly much more advanced on the mound.

Justin Coleman: You make a good argument. Not necessarily time yet, though. Probably worth it to see what else you can get out of the bat over the coming seasons.

DH (PA): 

    Does Vidal Brujan have a chance to take over at 2B for Rays when he’s ready? Or is he going to be pushed to another position or utility duty because they have so many middle infielders.

Justin Coleman: Bruji! Tools are there, he is fun to watch. He can handle 2nd base full time, but is athletic enough to move around. Depends on the context of the big league club at the time of his call up.

Elliot (Youngstown OH): 

    No. 19 is not a very impressive rating for Nolan Jones; I know there were plenty of very big names in the Midwest League, but that sills disappoints since he’s the top position player left in the Indians’ system. He was no worse at Lynchburg. Does he project as the Indians better than average 3rd baseman of the future? Or will be line up behind Yandy [No Homers] Diaz?

Justin Coleman: Don’t be disappointed! This is a really good prospect. He is an above average defender who will stick at third and make good, hard contact with some power. Remember, this list is pretty deep!

Ryan (Arizona): 

    I’m a little surprised to not see Jazz Chisholm listed. Did he not have enough at bats to qualify? Thank you!

Justin Coleman: He qualified and was in consideration. Toolsy with some power, pushed off the top 20 considering how deep this list is.

Ryan (Detroit): 

    Do you think Moises Gomez can be an everyday guy? Carlos Gomez mold?

Justin Coleman: Gomez has plus power with a feel for hitting. Defense isn’t good enough to be in CF, though. Best fit is LF.

Mick (St. Louis): 

    Any love for Osvaldo Hernandez or Nick Margevicius? Both performed well.

Justin Coleman: Hernandez pitched very well with quality stuff. Super stingy pitcher, keeps things under control.

Gary (Northern California): 

    Any of the members of the Great Lakes team close to making the top 20?

Justin Coleman: Not really. Considered Starling Heredia but he had a down year.

Jeisson Rosario (San Diego): 

    Why don’t you love me? 🙁

Justin Coleman: How dare you question my love for Rosie! Fits in CF, defense and speed are above average. Bat to ball ability is good.

Gene (Michigan): 

    Did any West Michigan players receive top 20 consideration other than Manning?

Justin Coleman: Perez is interesting. Clemens and Deatherage were in consideration as well.

Justin Coleman: That is all for today. Thanks for the questions! Have a good one- JC

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