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2018 Colorado Rockies Instructional League Roster


The Rockies are sending four of their 10 best prospects to the Fall Instructional League this month.

3B Colton Welker (No. 5), RHP Riley Pint (No. 6), LHP Ryan Rolison (No. 7) and 1B Grant Lavigne (No. 9) are all listed on the roster.

The full roster is below.

#PITCHERS (25)POSB/TDOBAgeAcquired2018 Club
77Bird, JakeRHRR/R12/4/1995222018 - Draft (UCLA)Boise (S-A) / UCLA
50Bosiokovic, JacobRHRR/R12/21/1993242016 - Draft (Ohio St)Lancaster
80Bush, NickLHSL/L8/23/1996222018 - Draft (LSU)Boise (S-A) / LSU
66Condreay, JoelRHRL/R7/5/1996222018 - Draft (Whitworth College)Boise (S-A) / Whitworth College
33Doyle, TommyRHRR/R5/1/1996222017 - Draft (Virginia)Asheville (L-A)
94Eusebio, BreilingLHSL/L10/21/1996212014 - International Free Agent (DR)Asheville (L-A)
28Feltner, RyanRHSR/R9/2/1996222018 - Draft (Ohio St)Grand Junction (Rk) / Ohio St
43Filpo, ErisRHSR/R5/3/1998202016 - International Free Agent (DR)Grand Junction (Rk)
45Gaddis, WillRHSR/R3/12/1996222017 - Draft (Furman)Asheville (L-A)
23Garcia, AlfredoLHSL/L7/22/1999192017 - International Free Agent (VZ)Grand Junction (Rk)
90Hathcock, ColtonRHRR/R11/2/1995222017 - Draft (Memphis)Asheville (L-A)
85Johnson, BobyRHRR/R4/8/1997212018 - Draft (Bradley)Boise (S-A) / Bradley
97Kilkenny, MitchellRHSR/R3/24/1997212018 - Draft (Texas A&M)Texas A&M
30Lackey, ShelbyRHRR/R7/8/1997212018 - Draft (Pacific)Boise (S-A) / Pacific
83Lorenzini, BraxtonRHRR/R4/5/1995232018 - Free AgentAsheville (L-A)
56Martinez, AlexanderRHRR/R12/28/1996212015 - International Free Agent (DR)Grand Junction (Rk)
20McMahan, PearsonRHSL/R7/1/1996222017 - Draft (St. Johns River CC)Boise (S-A)
46Mejia, AlejandroLHSL/L7/2/1998202017 - International Free Agent (DR)Grand Junction (Rk)
99Pint, RileyRHSR/R11/6/1997202016 - Draft (St. Thomas Aquinas HS)Asheville (L-A) / Boise (S-A)
55Poulin, PJLHRR/L7/25/1996222018 - Draft (UCONN)Boise (S-A) / UCONN
89Quezada, AndrewRHSL/R6/28/1997212018 - Draft (Cal St Fullerton)Cal St Fullerton
62Rolison, RyanLHSR/L7/11/1997212018 - Draft (Mississippi)Grand Junction (Rk) / Mississippi
25Schmidt, ColtenLHRL/L11/25/1995222018 - Draft (Louisiana Lafayette)Boise (S-A) / Louisiana Lafayette
72Supple, RayneRHRS/R8/18/1997212018 - Draft (Wake Forest)Grand Junction (Rk) / Wake Forest
49Tribucher, WillLHRL/L9/23/1996212018 - Draft (Michigan)Grand Junction (Rk) / Michigan
#CATCHERS (4)POSB/TDOBAgeAcquired2018 Club
3Bernard, AustinCS/R3/14/1996222017 - Draft (Pepperdine)Asheville (L-A)
44Guevara, JavierC/1BR/R9/25/1997202015 - International Free Agent (VZ)Grand Junction (Rk)
16MacIver, WillieCR/R10/28/1996212018 - Draft (Washington)Boise (S-A) / Washington
27Motley, NicCR/R8/1/1996222017 - Draft (McLennan CC)Asheville (L-A)
#INFIELDERS (17)POSB/TDOBAgeAcquired2018 Club
31Berberet, Reese3B/1BR/R11/1/1997202018 - Draft (Long Beach CC)Grand Junction (Rk) / Long Beach CC
13Boswell, BretINFL/R10/4/1994232017 - Draft (Texas)Lancaster (H-A) / Asheville (L-A)
40Castilla, Marco1BL/L3/12/199622N/AArizona Christian
6Cresto, JohnINFR/R12/15/1996212018 - Draft (Santa Clara)Grand Junction (Rk) / Santa Clara
10Czinege, ToddUTILR/R7/28/1994242017 - Draft (Villanova)Asheville (L-A) / Grand Junction (Rk)
98Datres, KyleINFR/R1/5/1996222018 - Draft (North Carolina)Boise (S-A) / North Carolina
88Diaz, EddyINFR/R2/14/2000182017 - International Free Agent (Cuba)DSL Colorado (Rk)
26Jacobs, TreyINFL/R5/13/1997212018 - Free AgentBoise (S-A) / UNC Pembroke
24Lavigne, Grant1BL/R8/27/1999192018 - Draft (Bedford HS)Grand Junction (Rk) / Bedford HS
95Metz, RobbieINFR/R7/29/1996222018 - Draft (George Washington)George Washington
1Montes, CocoINFR/R10/7/1996212018 - Draft (South Florida)Grand Junction (Rk) / South Florida
34Navarro, CristopherSS/2BR/R06/14/1999192016 - International Free Agent (DR)Grand Junction (Rk)
15Stovall, HunterUTILR/R9/5/1996222018 - Draft (Mississippi St)Grand Junction (Rk) / Mississippi St
5Trejo, AlanINFR/R5/30/1996222017 - Draft (San Diego St)Lancaster (H-A)
12Vavra, TerrinSS/2BL/R5/12/1997212018 - Draft (Minnesota)Boise (S-A) / Minnesota
22Vilade, RyanSS/3BR/R2/18/1999192017 - Draft (Stillwater HS)Asheville (L-A)
3Welker, Colton3BR/R10/9/1997202016 - Draft (Stoneman-Douglas HS)Lancaster (H-A)
 # OUTFIELDERS (9)POSB/TDOBAge as ofAcquired2018 Club
4Decolati, NikoOFR/R8/12/1997212018 - Draft (Loyola Marymount)Grand Junction (Rk) / Loyola Marymount
7Golden, CaseyOFR/R9/1/1994242017 - Draft (UNC Wilmington)Asheville (L-A)
29Golsan, WillOFR/R3/6/1996222018 - Draft (Mississippi)Grand Junction (Rk) / Mississippi
21Harris, CadeOFL/R5/27/1997212018 - Draft (Oklahoma)Boise (S-A) / Oklahoma
8Hearn, MattOFL/R2/29/1996222018 - Free AgentAsheville (L-A) / Boise (S-A)
96Mendoza, ShaelOFL/R10/15/1996212016 - International Free Agent (DR)Asheville (L-A)
11Montano, DanielOFL/R03/31/1999192016 - International Free Agent (VZ)Grand Junction (Rk) / DSL Colorado (Rk)
18Morgan, LukeOFR/R5/13/1996222018 - Draft (College of Charleston)Boise (S-A) / College of Charleston
91Pena, YolkiOFL/L3/30/2000182017 -International Free Agent (DR)DSL Colorado (Rk)

Notes From The Coast: Ryan Rolison Thrives Away From Lancaster

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