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2018 Arizona Diamondbacks Instructional League Roster


The Diamondbacks Instructional League roster is live and it's heavy on recent draft picks and international signings.

One prospect from the team's midseason top 10 -- Kristian Robinson -- will participate, as will Geraldo Perdomo, who is an infielder to watch in their system.

A full look at the roster is below.

23RHPAlvarez, Jhosmer1st2017 Int'l FA
34RHPAraujo, Juan4th2014 Int'l FA
36RHPBaldwin, Erin1st2018 Draft (20)
22RHPCardenas, Antonio2nd2016 Int'l FA
38RHPFrancis, Harrison2nd2017 Draft (4)
13RHPFrias, Luis3rd2015 Int'l FA
35LHPGelabert, Michel1st2018 Int'l FA
30RHPGoddard, Jackson1st2018 Draft (3)
21RHPGreen, Josh1st2018 Draft (14)
26LHPHolton, Tyler1st2018 Draft (9)
10RHPKelly, Levi1st2018 Draft (8)
28RHPLarrison, Ethan1st2018 Draft (16)
32RHPLewis, Justin1st2018 Draft (12)
16RHPMercer, Matt1st2018 Draft (5)
19RHPMiller, Ryan1st2018 Draft (6)
18RHPMoths, Travis1st2018 Draft (7)
19RHPOlivero, Deyni3rd2015 Int'l FA
41RHPPimentel, Chester4th2014 Int'l FA
14RHPStout, Kyler1st2018 Draft (18)
31RHPTabor, Matt2nd2017 Draft (3)
18RHPTineo, Marcos2nd2017 Int'l FA
11RHPToelken, Andy1st2018 Draft (19)
15RHPValdez, Alex1st2017 Int'l FA
29RHPWeiss, Ryan1st2018 Draft (4)
12RHPYoshikawa, Shumpei1st2018 Int'l FA
52C/1BAlmond, Zac2nd2017 Draft (35)
5CAndueza, Axel2nd2016 Int'l FA
7CDalesandro, Nick1st2018 Draft (10)
9CGutierrez, Sergio1st2017 Int'l FA
34CMartinez, Sandy2nd2016 Int'l FA
2CValbuena, Luvin3rd2015 Int'l FA
2IFAlexander, Blaze1st2018 Draft (11)
13IFCaballero, Jose2nd2017 Draft (7)
173BCastillo, Neyfy1st2018 Int'l FA
321BJimenez, Rafael2nd2016 Int'l FA
253BKennedy, Buddy2nd2017 Draft (5)
301BMartinez, Francis5th2013 Int'l FA
9SSPeguero, Liover1st2017 Int'l FA
12SSPerdomo, Geraldo2nd2016 Int'l FA
1IFRuiz, Roman1st2017 Int'l FA
431BShannon, Zach1st2018 Draft (15)
8IFTolbert, LT1st2018 Draft (13)
27C/1BYerzy, Andy3rd2016 Draft (2)
24OFBarrosa, Jorge1st2017 Int'l FA
6OFDiaz, Eduardo3rd2015 Int'l FA
14OFGuzman, Alvin1st2018 Int'l FA
11OFHolmes, Tre2nd2017 Draft (11)
3OFMarriaga, Jesus3rd2016 Int'l FA
31OFMcCarthy, Jake1st2018 Draft (CB)
16OFPatino, Wilderd1st2017 Int'l FA
10OFRobinson, Kristian1st2017 Int'l FA
3OFThomas, Alek1st2018 Draft (2)

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