2018-19 MLB International Bonus Pools

Teams received their bonus pools for the 2018-19 international signing period, which opens on July 2. 

The bonus pools increased from the current 2017-18 signing period, the first year under the bonus pools with hard spending caps when each team received a pool allotment of either $4.75 million, $5.25 million or $5.75 million. 

Eight teams will still be in the second and final year of the penalty for exceeding their bonus pools in 2016-17, which means they won’t be able to sign any player for a bonus of more than $300,000. 

Teams are allowed to trade up for an additional 75 percent of their bonus pool allotment, with trades permitted in $250,000 increments. So a team with a $6,025,400 pool could trade for up to $10,544,450, while the teams at $4,983,500 can trade up to an $8,721,125 pool.

The Phillies have the lowest bonus pool ($3,949,000), as they lost $1 million from their pool for signing Jake Arrieta and Carlos Santana as qualifying offer free agents. They can trade up to a $6,910,750 pool.

Bonuses of $10,000 or less are exempt from the pools, as are players with who are at least 25 and have played at least six seasons in a foreign professional league. 



$6,025,400 bonus pool

Cincinnati Reds ($300K penalty)

Miami Marlins

Milwaukee Brewers

Minnesota Twins

Oakland Athletics ($300K penalty)

Tampa Bay Rays 

$5,504,500 bonus pool

Arizona Diamondbacks

Baltimore Orioles

Cleveland Indians

Colorado Rockies

Kansas City Royals

Pittsburgh Pirates

San Diego Padres ($300K penalty)

St. Louis Cardinals ($300K penalty)

$4,983,500 bonus pool

Atlanta Braves ($300K penalty)

Boston Red Sox

Chicago Cubs

Chicago White Sox ($300K penalty)

Detroit Tigers

Houston Astros ($300K penalty)

Los Angeles Angels

Los Angeles Dodgers

New York Yankees

New York Mets

Seattle Mariners

San Francisco Giants

Texas Rangers

Toronto Blue Jays

Washington Nationals ($300K penalty) 

$3,949,000 bonus pool

Philadelphia Phillies

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