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2016 Rule 5 Draft Pick By Pick

Pick-by-pick selections in the 2016 Rule 5 draft. Eighteen players were selected in the MLB phase, and 57 players overall selected as 39 were taken in the Triple-A phase. a-Traded to Padres for Justin Haley and cash; b-Traded to Twins for cash, and then Padres for Diaz; c-Traded to Cubs for cash; d-Traded to Padres for player to be named or cash;

1. a-Twins, Miguel Diaz, rhp, Brewers
2. d-Reds, Luis Torrens, c, Yankees
3. Padres, Allen Cordoba, ss, Cardinals
4. Rays, Kevin Gadea, rhp, Mariners
5. Braves, Armando Rivero, rhp, Cubs
6. A's full roster
7. D-backs, Tyler Jones, rhp, Yankees
8. Phillies, full roster
9. c-Brewers, Caleb Smith, lhp, Yankees
10. b-Angels, Justin Haley, rhp, Red Sox
11. Rockies, pass
12. White Sox, Dylan Covey, rhp, Athletics
13. Pirates, Tyler Webb, lhp, Yankees
14. Marlins, pass
15. Royals, pass
16. Astros roster full
17. Yankees roster full
18. Mariners roster full
19. Cardinals, pass
20. Tigers, Daniel Stumpf, lhp, Royals
21. Giants, pass
22. Mets, roster full
23. Orioles, Aneury Tavarez, of, Red Sox
24. Blue Jays, Glenn Sparkman, rhp, Royals
25. Dodgers, full roster
26. Red Sox, Josh Rutledge, 2b, Rockies
27. Indians, Hoby Milner, lhp, Phillies
28. Nationals, pass
29. Rangers, Mike Hauschild, rhp, Astros
30. Cubs, pass

1. Reds, Stuart Turner, c, Twins
2. Padres, pass
3. D-backs, pass
4. Orioles, Anthony Santander, of, Indians
5. Blue Jays, pass
6. Indians, pass

1. Twins, pass
2. Reds, Jose Adames, rhp, Marlins
3. Padres, Trevor Frank, rhp, Indians
4. Rays, Ty Hensley, rhp, Yankees
5. Braves, Cesilio Pimentel, lhp, Pirates
6. Athletics, pass
7. Diamondbacks, Jon Fitzsimmons, rhp, Indians
8. Phillies, Jorge Flores, ss, Blue Jays
9. Brewers, Art Charles, 1b, Reds
10. Angels, Matt Williams, ss, Cardinals
11. Rockies, Anthony Bemboom, c, Angels
12. White Sox, pass
13. Pirates, pass
14. Marlins, Cal Towey, of, Angels
15. Royals, Kelvin Magallanes, rhp, Yankees
16. Astros, Eduardo De Oleo, c, Diamondbacks
17. Yankees, Jorge Saez, c, Blue Jays
18. Mariners, Paul Paez, lhp, Mets
19. Cardinals, Austin Wilson, of, Mariners
20. Tigers, Sean Donatello, rhp, Marlins
21. Giants, pass
22. Mets, pass
23. Orioles, Jefri Hernandez, rhp, Reds
24. Blue Jays, Phillip Walby, rhp, Nationals
25. Dodgers, Edward Paredes, lhp, Tigers
26. Red Sox, Harrison Cooney, rhp, Angels
27. Indians, pass
28. Nationals, pass
29. Rangers, Matt Smoral, lhp, Blue Jays
30. Cubs, Kevin Cornelius, 3b, Yankees
Second Round
1. Rays, Jairo Munoz, rhp, Phillies
2. Braves, pass
3. Diamondbacks, Grant Sides, rhp, Indians
4. Phillies, pass
5. Brewers, Matt Ramsey, rhp, Marlins
6. Angels, Adrian Almeida, lhp, Mets
7. Rockies, Pass
8. Marlins, Nick Maronde, lhp, Indians
9. Royals, pass
10. Astros, Jared Mortensen, rhp, Rays
11. Yankees, Colten Brewer, rhp, Pirates
12. Mariners, Chuck Taylor, of, Diamondbacks
13. Cardinals, pass
14. Tigers, Elvis Rubio, of, Brewers
15. Orioles, Brian Moran, lhp, Braves
16. Blue Jays, pass
17. Dodgers, Kyle Grana, rhp, Cardinals
18. Red Sox, Joshua Smith, lhp, Pirates
19. Rangers, Zack Bird, rhp, Braves
20. Cubs, pass
Third Round
1. Rays, pass
2. Diamondbacks, Daniel Lockhart, 2b, Cubs
3. Brewers, pass
4. Angels, Mario Sanjur, c, Tigers
5. Marlins, Alex Yarbrough, 2b, Angels
6. Astros, pass
7. Yankee, pass
8. Mariners, pass
9. Tigers, pass
10. Orioles, pass
11. Dodgers, pass
12. Red Sox, pass
13. Rangers, Fernando Miranda, rhp, Braves
Fourth Round
1. Angels, pass
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