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2024 MLB Top 100 Players


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Ranking the top 100 players in the major leagues.

Through the years, Baseball America has evaluated the potential for thousands of young players and graded their scouting tools. 

But until now we had never carried that exercise through to major league players.

This year we sorted all MLB players by their role grades and assessed their traditional scouting tools on the 20-80 scale. Players are ranked by projected 2024 impact. 

Explaining Role Grades

BA grades translate to the following major league roles. All MLB 100 players are graded 55 or higher. 

75-80Franchise playerNo. 1 starter
65-70Perennial all-starNo. 2 starter
60Occasional all-starNo. 3 starterMLB best reliever
55First-division regularNo. 3/4 starterElite closer
50Solid-average regularNo. 4 starterElite set-up reliever
45Second-division/PlatoonNo. 5 starterMiddle reliever
40ReserveSpot starterLow-leverage RP

Top 100 MLB Prospects

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Explaining Tools Grades

The following terms are used interchangeably with 20-80 scouting grades for players’ tools. 

20 Poor

30 Well below-average

40 Below-average

45 Fringe-average

50 Average

55 Above-average

60 Plus

70 Double-plus

80 Elite

The majority of tools grades in MLB fall between 45 and 55, though for the best of the best, the median value is closer to 60.

The MLB 100 order was determined by Carlos Collazo, Matt Eddy, Geoff Pontes and Dylan White. Eddy wrote the capsules. 

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