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Three-Year Lefty-Righty Splits For Each MLB Park

Matt Eddy -

Most major league ballparks affect righthanded and lefthanded batters differently, so teams cannot necessarily rely on an overall park factor when searching for players most ideally suited for playing 81 games at home each year. Here you'll find righty/lefty hitting averages for all 30 parks during the past three seasons.

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Home Parks Affect Fortunes Of Talented Youngsters

Matt Eddy -

A handful of top prospects, including Jesus Montero, Jarrod Parker and Yonder Alonso, will feel the effects of switching home venues after recent trades set them up in new ballparks. Also, find out which major league parks are most friendly or unfriendly when it comes to home runs and other safe hits by both lefthanded and righthanded batters.

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Rays Have Great Expectations For 2012

Marc Topkin -Premium Content

Executive vice president Andrew Friedman passed on opportunities to leave town. Manager Joe Maddon extended his contract. Starters Wade Davis and Jeff Niemann are both—surprisingly—still there, as is center fielder B.J. Upton, along with the rest of the core of their squad. But there is something very new, and very different, in Rays camp this year: Expectations.

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Trade Lets Yonder Alonso Go Home To First

Tom Krasovic -Premium Content

If anyone asks Yonder Alonso what part of his European vacation last December was the most memorable, the answer won't be the sights and tastes of Spain or the soccer match played by his favorite futbol team, Real Madrid. No, the No. 1 scrapbook moment was the phone call informing Alonso he'd been traded to the Padres.

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Our Pre-Season Projection Of The Field Of 64

Aaron Fitt -

The Southeastern Conference is on a roll. SEC teams have won the last three national championships, and the league looks as strong as ever heading into 2012, with six teams in the top 11 of our preseason rankings, and seven in the Top 25. So it's no surprise that SEC projects to lead all conferences with nine regional bids in our preseason Field of 64 projection.

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